RMS: Chapter 39

Chapter 39

[ The following chapter contains descriptions of sexual nature, viewer discretion is advised. ]

Su Bai did not say anything, his gaze colliding with Tang Xiao’s and squinted his eyes as if white hot flames were in his vision. The man suddenly reached out to Tang Xiao and pressed him down for a hard kiss, igniting the fuse to the most dangerous bomb of explosions. Almost at the same time, Tang Xiao tightly circled the man in the seat with an iron grip.

Intense heat emanated from hard-breathing chests, and their cold, wet, thin shirts were about to be dried by the fierce heat of each other’s elevation. Outside the window, cold rain poured. Inside the car, the stifling air was a frenzy.

As if to vent all the anger suppressed in his heart on this kiss, Su Bai reached out to hold his opponent’s head to tighten his desperate attack. Tang Xiao opened his mouth to let the man vent his anger with his lips and tongue. The tightly pressed chests bursting out in a spark of friction; rampant and fierce kisses biting fiercely through the lips.

Scarlet pervaded the lips and tongue, the rusty scent of blood was like a powerful catalyst awakening the most primitive thirst and madness in the men’s heart. This kiss was more like vicious bites and full of aggression.

Having never experienced such a crazy and intense moment, his head blank and only wanting the man in front of him, Tang Xiao finally could not help but seize Su Bai’s right to initiate the attack. Getting up from his lowered position, he pressed his body forward onto the man’s body with undeniable domination.

There was a crisp tearing sound, and Su Bai’s shirt suffered a tragic end of shredding. The crumbling buttons scrambled to the carriage floor and bounced off, with Tang Xiao’s hot hands in direct contact of Su Bai’s body. Master Su felt like he was being electrocuted as he tightly clutched the shoulders of the man pressed against him. The fingers gripped so hard that they instantly made ten red marks that cut into Tang Xiao’s back.

The black windows were flying past one steel building after another, connecting into a monotonous patch of black, white and grey.

Inside the car, it was unclear whether it was sweat or rain dripping down his cheeks, sliding down to the neck where the knot of his throat slid up and down, soaking the man’s heart beneath his fiery chest.

It was as high as the storm outside the car, and there was no hiding from the love of two men; like fire, like guns, like war.

“Hah– ” When the kiss ended, Su Bai could no longer maintain his usual elegance and calmness. His black hair was messy and drenched along with his torn clothes, his long-abstinent body about to explode under the other’s hot touch. This extremity had already exceeded Su Bai’s imagination.

He did not even know that kissing someone could make him want to spew molten lava like a volcano. The strange and over-stimulating sensation did not make him feel resistant or want to retreat, but rather like a mountain that he could not help but climb, he enjoyed the momentary weakness and pleasure of standing at the top.

Staying true to his lust and occasional indulgence.

When Tang Xiao’s teeth bit into his chest with a tinge of roughness, the somewhat dull pain and stimulation brought an indescribable noise of enjoyment, and the man could not help but grunt softly.

The man he had idolized at first sight when he was young; the man he had once thought he would never be able to touch; the man who had been so powerful and inviolable; was now beneath him.

He could feel the man’s accelerating heartbeat and rising body temperature. Master Su, Su Bai, the man of legends, was alive beneath him, without his usual calmness and pinprick of arrogance, in a state of ecstasy and limpness under his touch.

At this moment, this unbeatable man was his, and his alone.

This body, beautifully tinted with lust. Those eyes, always as calm as an ancient well, were coloured with a mist of scarlet. All for him, for him alone to see.

Was this taking advantage of a situation? No, it was merely grasping at every opportunity. This was the only way to get this man, the man who had driven him madly out of his senses.

“Let me love you.”

He kissed the man’s forehead, his brow, the tip of his nose, passionately and reverently.

“Su Bai, I love you.”

People say that nine out of ten words spoken in the swell of love-lust are faked, but Tang Xiao’s love words came like an accelerated bullet that shot into Su Bai’s chest. Strong and powerful, much like Tang Xiao himself who always vaguely carried the domineering style of being strong and not allowing others to refuse.

“I didn’t make you not love me.” As the other man’s teeth nibbled lightly on his waist and thigh, Su Bai took a light breath and his slender, long fingers combed through Tang Xiao’s black hair.

The palms that roamed his body were hot and slightly rough, the calluses on his palms always brought a strange feeling of affection when they rubbed against his body, pressing hard without losing tenderness. Each kiss and touch seemed to pour fervor into Su Bai’s body, making the other man feel the love he had incorporated into his bones.

Tang Xiao kissed his body hard and deep, picking on sensitive areas; the knot of his throat, his chest, the inside of his legs. A sophisticated but not annoying flirting technique that was really about to kill Master Su.

“Is that what you do with every single one of them?” It was something so intense it could kill a man in his bed.

The hand restlessly wrapped around the man’s supple waist and circled around Su Bai’s hips. Tang Xiao’s body moved up to maintain a front position with Master Su, and the deep blue under his eyes became more and more obvious. The sea was deep and mysterious, beneath the calm was already the harbinger of a storm raging.

Gently licking the man’s ear, smoothly taking in the round earlobe and biting it several times, Tang Xiao’s voice was low and hoarse, “Only for you, just for you.”

A deep sigh, absolutely from the bottom of his heart.

Gripping his hand around the man’s waist with force, Tang Xiao moved his hand downward, he had long ago made up his mind that today he must break through Su Bai’s defenses to become someone who had an intimate relationship with the other party, otherwise the next time… if there really was a next time.

Master Su’s defenses was too strong. Even if the current Su Bai has long since adjusted his psychology to no longer bother with the days when he was imprisoned by Chen Yuan, it did not mean that this sensitive man would open his arms to welcome your hot kisses at any time. Su Bai was like a big dangerous cat, the minute you came closer to him, there was an immediate retreat to the darkness where he kept a close eye on you.

Now Su Bai was at his most vulnerable, a rare moment of sadness flowing. It was just the two of them at the moment, and a rare chance when he was gradually gaining the other man’s trust.

“Mmmh…” Su Bai’s body trembled slightly, and his body went limp in Tang Xiao’s hands, his gaze began to coalesce after a brief period of laxity. Before Su Bai could completely wake up from the tide of love that had not yet faded, Tang Xiao had already violated the rules of the game to take the leading attack.

“Tang Xiao–!” Taking a breath of cold air, his body suddenly tensed up, and Master Su viciously shouted out to the man who was bullying him, his own hands burning bright red marks on the villain’s back as if taking revenge.

The fiery stinging pain on his back was a constant reminder for Tang Xiao to hold on to his last shred of sanity. Yet, the slightly pained muffled grunt from the man with his legs wrapped around his waist beneath him poured over his flames like gasoline, and he endured Su Bai’s vengeful, vicious grip on his back, waiting for the other man’s mind and body to slowly accept him.

“Do you feel that? My fire, and my obsession with you.” A small smile pulled at the corners of his mouth as Tang Xiao’s hands tightened around the man, the two bodies full of testosterone pressed against each other. The rate of their breathing and the speed of their heartbeats had unconsciously began to move towards a unified pace which gave them the illusion of becoming one and the same person.

“You’re a fucking bastard!” All the blood in his body seemed to be concentrated in that spot, and the burning sensation that followed the dull pain made it hard to ignore the thing in his body.

“So do you like this bastard?” Patience was about to burst and sweat kept dripping down his forehead.

What could he do now? Tell Tang Xiao to get out immediately? It was a torment to do this kind of thing halfway.

“You better make me comfortable, or I’ll definitely make your old partner explode.” Forget it, just think of it as an indulgence just once.

Tang Xiao gritted his teeth, holding the man’s waist with one hand, the other kept stroking Su Bai’s arm and shoulder up and down trying to relax the other party’s tense body. He had really never had to treat someone so carefully and tenderly, but if the person was Su Bai, then this man deserved more tender and meticulous treatment from him.

“Alright, aren’t you getting annoyed, because I am…” His legs were getting sore.

In that case, there was no need to hold back.

A silver lightning bolt fell with a bang outside the car window, and the storm reached its wildest level at this moment, pea-sized raindrops smashing desperately to the ground in pieces.

A white mist clouded the glass of the stiflingly hot carriage.

A hand pushed heavily onto the foggy glass and made a clear hand print.

Inside the calm moving car was a madness and shaking unseen by outsiders; a satisfaction and excitement one had never felt before, a madness and trembling one had never experienced before.

Their bodies were pressed together in an uncompromising kiss, and the thrill of the clash was so intense that the tangling and struggles lasted as long as centuries. The panting and occasional curses only added to the craziness.

Neither of them could resist such a terrible indulgence, which seemed like a surreal dream, but the physical sensations were so clear and distinct that nothing could be better to understand each other this way.

Under the hard exterior was a breathtaking softness. This was Su Bai, the complete and utter Su Bai.

No longer just standing on the sidelines and unable to touch even a piece of clothing; no longer being needing to let his longing take over wildly in the night. Now being in his arms, letting him bury himself again and again while letting him convey his feelings and heat, stifling his whispers beneath his body as he moves.

Can I have you? Can I really have you once and for all?

At the last moment, he grasped the hand of the other man, clasping them together. After a stormy pillage, they climbed together to a peak they could not resist.

“Mmm…” The ten fingers tightened and Su Bai tilted his head back, his slender neck tracing an elegant trail mid-air. He was completely out of strength, and the world he saw when he opened his eyes seemed to be spinning in a dizzying circle.

Tired, so tired that he had not even an urge to lift a finger.

Gradually coming back, Master Su glanced at the man who was still tenderly kissing his shoulders and neck, his voice weak and exhausted, “You’re really a madman.”

After speaking, he did not have the energy to say one more word, even fighting a hard battle with loaded bullets was not as exhausting and thrilling as this.

Was Tang Xiao insane? The fact that he could still kiss around on him now, it was just a layer of skin, was this really something that kissable?

“If I was crazy, it would have been because of you.” Moving forward to get another kiss from the tired man, if not now when could he eat tofu like this again?

Master Su’s fragrant tofu had to be seized at every possible opportunity.

Su Bai glared at Tang Xiao, but given the unusual intimacy that had just occurred, a simple kiss was not that hard to accept. He leaned back a little on the sofa and watched Tang Xiao pick up the clothes on the floor and casually put them on for the two of them. As the clothes were just being put on, the car stopped.

When the door opened, the first thing that appeared was tight jeans, and as the man outside the car bent down a flamboyant big leopard print shirt came into view.

The rain outside had stopped and Tang Ka stared dumbfounded at the wreckage inside the car for a good five seconds before spitting out a few words, “Do you need to continue?”

Master Su did not bother to speak, and Tang Xiao gave a look to Tang Ka, who smugly hemmed and hawed twice before automatically moving away. He watched as a disheveled Boss Tang carried an equally disheveled Master Su out of the car.

“Yo, a princess hug, what a waste! Boss, don’t be too fierce as a man, be a bit more gentle!” A whistle was blown towards a certain pair.

Master Su opened his eyes slightly before closing them again; he took note of Tang Ka’s remark. Brat, you will have to pay back with interest later.

Was Tang Xiao not tired? Of course, he was tired too.

But at this moment, the “satisfied” and “dream come true” Tang Xiao did not feel tired at all. Carrying Master Su back to the room, he put warm bath water before personally cleaning up the man and returned to the bedroom.

In order to prevent Master Su from getting up tomorrow with a sore back, Tang Xiao also got essential oils and gave Su Bai a full body massage. Looking at the marks he had left on Master Su’s body, he felt his chest overflowing with satisfaction.

As for Su Bai himself, he fell asleep as soon as he was carried upstairs.

It was only after everything was done that Tang Xiao felt the exhaustion invade him with abandon, and he laid down beside Master Su pulling up the quilt and embracing the man as they slept together.

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