RMS: Chapter 38

Chapter 38

At the same time, Chen Yuan’s cold gaze was directed at Tang Xiao, and if one’s eyes could make people feel really real chill, there was no doubt that Chen Yuan could scare his opponents into not moving with his gaze alone. However, Tang Xiao was already familiar with this kind of murderous gaze and would not be hurt in the slightest.

It was not the first time the two rivals had met, the both of them even sat at the same table a few months ago talking about the sky and shaking hands. Yet, like how sunny days did not last forever and raining today, they both probably wanted to shoot each other and rain blood.

“Mr Chen, long time no see.” Tang Xiao took the lead, having practiced a thick skin. In the face of his love rival, the man looked like a refined gentleman, elegant and civilized.

His eyes fell on the pretty man beside Chen Yuan, “A new favourite? Mr. Chen is truly blessed.” A few curt words full of impact, simultaneously throwing a pot of dirty water at Chen Yuan.

With anger vaguely dancing in his eyes, Chen Yuan glanced indifferently at Tang Xiao who was smiling, and his eyes turned to Su Bai, the fire underneath those eyes burning intensely.

“I missed you so much.”

“Really? I missed you too.” Master Su smiled lightly, the depths of his eyes as calm as a pool of water in an ancient well.

Taking a step forward, Chen Yuan reached out to push Tang Xiao, who had his arm around Master Su’s waist. The latter raised his hand against Chen Yuan, who then swung a fist across which forced Tang Xiao to let go of Su Bai to deal with Chen Yuan’s overly fast attacks.

As two of the big bosses suddenly fought, most of the guests were standing by and plainly watching, but the Chen family members were anxious and did not know what to do. Whether it was Tang Xiao or Chen Yuan, they were not people they could afford to offend, but this was a spiritual hall after all, so how could they suddenly get into a fight?

Su Bai touched his own face. He never knew a day would come when two men would fight over him. Should he now smoke a cigarette and drink a glass of wine, lift a chair and sit down to watch the show? Or should he pretend to be surprised and shout, “Stop fighting, stop fighting!”, but in truth he wanted to say, “Beat him to death!”

Then, he felt that someone had been silently watching him. Master Su looked over following the line of sight, and his eyes fell on a pretty man, his thin lips slightly pursed, “Little Hai, when you see the benefactor who raised you, don’t you want to say hello?”

The man’s eyes suddenly widened, staring deadly at Su Bai as if he had seen a ghost, opening his mouth to say something, but not a single word came out in the end.

Impossible, impossible…

Su Bai was already dead, how could he come back to life? This person merely looks like Su Bai, or perhaps he had been secretly trained by someone to speak in Su Bai’s tone of voice, he’s not Su Bai, no!

Nonetheless, Xiao Hai, who had merely followed Chen Yuan along because he was curious about Su Mo, felt his heart beat faster, as nervous and uneasy as if he was standing in front of Su Bai, Master Su.

“That’s enough, you two!” Master Su coldly bellowed, striding up and pushing the two fighting men apart on both sides. Now was not the time to play boxing matches.

Tang Xiao pulled his tie, and the bodyguard beside him immediately stepped forward to straighten his suit. The advantage of good quality clothing was as such; after patting the dust, it was still straight and elegant.

On Chen Yuan’s side, he also quickly regained his indifference. Xiao Hai, as an afterthought, went forward to check if Chen Yuan was injured, but the latter pushed him away with a slight nonchalance.

“Still so ill-behaved, did I ask you to get into a fight?” Master Su glanced at Chen Yuan.

“Master Su, I’m sorry.” In front of everyone, he lowered his head.

Xiao Hai secretly clenched his fists. Again, the exact same cold tone, the exact same condescending attitude, before it was Su Bai, who was it now?

His Big Brother Chen, why should he be humiliated like this?

“Who do you think you are to speak to Brother Chen like that?” With a cold grunt, he could not hold back any longer and stood up, his impulse coming from defending Chen Yuan and half from his attempt to break away from the gaze of the man named Su Mo. He was definitely not afraid, how could he be?

“Well said, I would also like to know who you think you are to interrupt when Chen Yuan and I are talking?” With a cold laugh, Su Bai suddenly stepped forward unpredictably and slapped the man on the face.

“How dare you hit- Ah!”

Before he could finish his sentence there was another slap. One slap was not enough, and Master Su kicked Xiao Hai in the stomach without mercy. The latter fell to the ground in a mess, yet his gaze was fierce and steady as he stared at Su Bai.

“Xiao Hai.” Chen Yuan gave a slight glance at Xiao Hai who had fallen to the ground with a few hints of warning.

“Brother Chen, he’s not Su Bai at all.” Clutching his stomach, Xiao Hai bit his lower lip hard, his body shaking with anger and a little indignation.

“Xiao Hai!” Chen Yuan repeated in a stern voice.

The bodyguards at the side hurriedly went forward to help Xiao Hai up, and as if a trigger setting off, Xiao Hai pushed away the people who helped him up, “Get lost! Don’t touch me, you scum!”

“Even a bitch who’s been ridden by a thousand men is now pretending to be noble?” Looking coldly at the child he had once adopted, Master Su did not mind uncovering this little viper’s old scars in front of everyone’s eyes, or rather in front of Chen Yuan, who had made Xiao Hai betray him.

His body suddenly stiffened, feeling as if countless eyes fell on him all around. Not daring to look at Chen Yuan’s expression, his chest felt hollow as if a piece had been gouged out of it alive, his whole body trembling with grief and anger, hatred, but more than anything else, horror and disbelief.

“Shut up! What are you babbling about!” Impossible, impossible, Su Bai was dead! No one knew about his past, this man was talking nonsense! Yes! This man was just talking nonsense.

Breathing heavily, Xiao Hai had no idea how terrified and uncomfortable he looked now.

Tang Xiao gave a look to his subordinates and several bodyguards started to “invite” all the guests out with the help of Chen San, who had saw what was happening. The doors closed and the only people left in the hearse were Tang Xiao and Chen Yuan’s people. It was best for the people not involved not to know what they should not know.

“Little Hai, don’t you remember Master? It doesn’t matter, I can make you remember. Back then, you committed a crime in Old Wu’s house and were bullied by a group of men. Master saw you as pitiful as a rag doll and let Old Wu spare you. You knelt down in front of me like a dog and asked me to save you, do you remember what you said then?” Su Bai spoke word by word.

Xiao Hai covered his ears and shook his head violently, “You’re talking nonsense, you’re talking nonsense!”

“Brother Chen, I didn’t, he’s talking nonsense…” He looked at Chen Yuan whose face was icy cold.

“You don’t remember again? Then let Master tell you – You said you would be good and listen to me, and as long as I saved you, you would be my dog for the rest of your life to repay me properly.” With cold eyes, he looked at the man who was already on the verge of breakdown. Master Su smiled gently, “I saved you, gave you the best school, found you the best teacher, gave you money to buy what you wanted, and even offended Old Man Wu to kill those scumbags who had fucked you back then.”

“Little Hai, do you remember me now?”

“Don’t say it, don’t say it!” With a hiss, Xiao Hai suddenly lunged at the man, Chen Yuan coldly blocked in front of Su Bai pushing Xiao Hai away.

“I pulled you out of hell, and this is how you repay me?” Leaving a final sentence, Master Su sneered and turned to leave, Tang Xiao glanced at Chen Yuan and Xiao Hai before quickly following behind Su Bai.

Just as they were leaving the house, two gunshots suddenly rang out in the room.

Su Bai’s body stiffened slightly and he walked into the heavy rain in silence, as if unaware his body was drenched. Tang Xiao accompanied the man without saying anything and several bodyguards stood guard from afar, not daring to come forward without orders.

The cold rain slid down the top of his head and onto his cheeks, looking as if he was in tears.

“Hah-” Su Bai stopped as he walked to the side of the road, his eyes not knowing where to fall, as if he was talking to himself, or maybe to Tang Xiao.

“The memory card from the crashed plane’s black box, I had someone take it to Chen Yuan two days ago. The reason was not weather at all, but a bomb planted on the plane.”

“Chen Yuan isn’t stupid, he should know who deliberately placed the bomb on the plane I was on.”

“Xiao Hai was one of the three children I adopted, Chen Yuan will bring Xiao Hai here today if he knew it was Xiao Hai who killed me. The funniest thing is that Xiao Hai actually killed me for Chen Yuan.”

“Even raising a dog for over ten years will form feelings, let alone a human being. I would rather have died back then at the hands of my enemy’s gun than the person I raised for so many years. Such nonsense reason, such bullshit love.”

The rain hit his face and the rawness of it all hurt a little. Master Su felt very funny and laughed twice, “In the end I have to clean up the mess made by the children I raised one by one.”

Tang Xiao took off his coat and draped it over the man as he took Su Bai’s hand, which was excessively cold.

“Let’s go back.”

Wrapping his arm around the man, Tang Xiao led the man to the car with the both of them drenched from the rain.

The great thing about the limo was that the passenger compartment and the driver’s seat were out of sight of each other. Tang Xiao took off his soaked clothes as he glanced over towards the other man in the seat.

The white shirt clung to his skin with an unmistakable scent. His lips were pursed, his hair drenched with the water on his face not yet dry, unexpectedly making this always powerful and dominating man look a little vulnerable.

But in the end, he was just a man of flesh and blood who can be hurt and be weak.

“I’ve heard that when a person is most vulnerable they are most easily caught. Su Bai, I want to kiss you.” With a bare upper body, Tang Xiao was half-kneeling beside the man, hands caressing Su Bai’s arms. Through the cold wet shirt, the fire under his palm was hard to ignore.

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