RMS: Chapter 37

Chapter 37

More than half a month of sunny weather finally came to an end today when a sudden gust of wind from the north-west blew the heavy clouds and pelted the air with a dusty smell, as pea-sized raindrops poured down.

A long street was lined with black cars in a solemn procession, one following the other at an even pace, rain falling on the roofs of the cars bouncing gently, wheels crushing over the sewage that had accumulated on the side of the road with a splash of water. The occasional pedestrian on the side of the road with an umbrella in hand would probably return home to gossip with his family about the triads he saw on the roadside today, and speculate about what news will be dug up in the newspapers in a couple of days.

Inside the car and outside the car, it was two worlds.

“Can Chen Yu do it? I thought you just wanted a puppet.” Inside the car, the man took a puff of his cigar and exhaled a slow puff of smoke.

“It’s rare that someone is willing to be sincere with me, Little Fish is not a complicated person at heart, that boy is a bit deadheaded. He will remember the kindness of others to him for the rest of his life; such a person is not suitable as a puppet. It’s a bit of a waste to use resources for that, not to mention that he is smart and Song Chuyun’s one weakness.”

Su Bai was a man who loved life, otherwise, he would not have set up ninety-nine separate emergency accounts around the world when the Su family was in power, along with the shadowy forces scattered around the world. There were some accounts and scattered forces that were cleaned away during the year Su Bai was imprisoned on the island by Chen Yuan, but the advantage of having a large base was that it was impossible to be wiped out in one fell swoop.

The Song family just happened to be in the area where he had cultivated his forces.

Two days ago, Su Bai had his first official contact with Song Chuyun in secret.

“This is the will that Master Su signed before he died. All the property of the Su family will be inherited by me, Su Mo.” Su Bai handed the photocopy of the will to the other party as soon as he and Song Chuyun met.

Dates could be changed indiscriminately, but the signature would not be fake no matter how the other party went about authenticating it. It actually felt quite good to sign a will for yourself.

“I’ve never heard of this before.” Song Chuyun frowned, he had naturally investigated Su Mo, and as far as he knew, Su Mo and Su Bai had only had one contact which was years ago. Master Su, who had only met Su Mo once, would give Su Mo all his possessions? And how would Master Su have known that he would die?

No matter the fact, the will did not seem to be falsified, and an ordinary university teacher could not have suddenly gone from being the “cowardly” person written in the documents to a strong and imposing being at this moment. If this will was true, it can only mean that Su Mo was pretending before this.

Obesity, jumping into the sea to commit suicide… these can also be faked?

“Your level of power is not qualified to know about this matter. Now, please give me an answer.”

Song Chuyun did not think for long as he returned the photocopy of the will to Su Bai, “I’m curious, as Chen Yuan’s rival how you were able to get the other side to take over the Chen family’s business. To disintegrate the Chen family clean in less than a month, your methods are indeed enough to make me trust you.”

This could be considered a positive answer.

Master Su also gave a gift to Song Chuyun before he left, a thick information bag containing some photos as well as a storage disk.

“Little Fish is a nice kid, don’t you dare bully him.”

As he once said, there is no better way to get a person’s heart than to throw yourself at them, but you also have to intimidate them before showing them kindness.



A car slowly pulled up outside the Chen family mansion, a large black umbrella was held up to block the rain that kept falling. Tang Xiao took the umbrella from his bodyguard and walked to the other side of the car door to pull it open. Master Su stepped out of the car and looked at the well-serviced man, his mouth came up to Tang Xiao’s ear, “Chen Yuan will also be coming over today, be careful or he might shoot and kill you. “

“If I can’t even protect myself, how am I qualified to stand by your side?” A hand intimately wrapped around Master Su’s waist as Tang Xiao deliberately drew the two closer together, clearly conveying an implication that could not be denied.

Master Su only smiled, not pushing the man holding the umbrella for him away.

Maybe people in the triads like to wear sunglasses, but even on this rainy day, everyone had dark glasses on. It was a solemn black color inside and outside the Chen family, disregarding the white colour of the funeral.

Today was the funeral day of the Chen family’s eldest son, Chen Tianhe, and the people who came were not only from Hong Kong, but even some people from the lawful side. Even if they were usually enemies who had to chop each other up, on such an occasion as today every person had to meet peacefully and nod their heads. The underground had rules of its own, no one would be stupid enough to cause trouble at someone’s funeral. It would be too humiliating and very disgraceful.

Master Su sometimes puts it all down to one word – pretend.

The more well-connected a gang family was, the more they pretended to be; posing to be highly educated, high class, aristocratic, different and even gentlemanly. The more you dissimulated to be great, the more others would think you were that great. Just like 30-year-old Su Bai wearing suits, but 40-year-old Su Bai wearing Zhongshan dress shirts while living a sophisticated life. After a certain level, the pretense of taste and mystery will convince others to push you towards the throne of godhood.

The mourning clad Chen San greeted him with a smile, with not a trace of sadness. How many of the people who came to the funeral today came with a sad heart? Even the main character of the funeral today was not Chen Tianhe, who was already dead.

It was just another silent social gathering, a gathering of people with their own agendas.

With the sudden and inexplicable death of the eldest son of the Chen family, there came intervention of the Chen family by the wealthy Tang Xiao. The Su family, which has always been a dominant force in Europe led by Chen Yuan, had taken over the original goods of the Chen family. Rain was coming down as both the triads and the people of justice in Hong Kong were trying to figure out why all these people are coming for the Chen family, or if the Chen family was just the beginning.

With a cheeky smile, Master Su lifted his leg and walked up the steps into the hearse. There were already quite a few people in the room, and Su Bai and his party attracted a lot of attention just as they entered.

The man with the nickname “Jade Face Yan Luo” had not only the heart and skills of a real Yan Luo, but also a beautiful face. Su Mo and young Su Bai looked seven, if not four points close in similarity. Su Mo lacked hostility and looked more quiet than Su Bai, and now in black clothes, it made his face clear, the calmness complimenting his beauty.

It goes without saying that Tang Xiao looked just as great. If no one knew better, they would have thought there was a CEO of a top company who came to attend the meeting. Even the group of bodyguards behind Tang Xiao were all civilized and neat.

The group of them walking together looked more like aristocratic gentlemen living under the lights of fine wine than gangsters. Master Su scanned his eyes and saw that there were not many people he knew. He and Tang Xiao walked up for a moment accompanied by Chen San, and Chen Yu was standing alone in the family seat.

“One bow, then another, three bows.”

Master Su bent over and muttered in his heart, “Chen Tianhe, you have not died unjustly after receiving three bows from me.”

“Family members answer the salute.” The mourner’s shouting was so subdued that it was like he sang a Beijing opera out of the solemn matter.

The black and white photo of Chen Tianhe was on the altar next to him. The old Chen, who had a stroke and was unable to speak, was sitting in a wheelchair glaring at Chen Yu with cloudy tiger eyes.

Master Su stepped forward and took Chen Yu’s hand in his and muttered something close to his ear, “Did Song explain everything to you?” It was hard to be a boss, you even had to take care of your subordinates’ love life. It was rare to have two people at once working for you, so if there was a falling out because of some conflict it was not just these two people who would suffer.

Little Fish blushed slightly and answered in an inaudible voice, “He did.”

“That’s good.” Gently patting Chen Yu’s shoulder, Su Bai glanced at the old Chen behind him who had suffered a stroke in a wheelchair.

Master Su crossed over from Chen Yu and walked over. To outsiders, it looked like he just took pity on this old man Chen who used to reign supreme and presumably said a few words of comfort to the other man.

“I am still kind to elderly, and it’s not good to let you die with unanswered questions like your son. The one who killed your son was me. By the way, be careful with who you sleep with by your side, the beauty is lovely but not if they poison you. In your next life, remember to be kinder to your own parents and your own son.”

Su Bai straightened up, and Old Chen stared at him with a pair of eyes full of cloudiness, with a deadly glare that was almost as if he wanted to tear Master Su to pieces. Yet, what could an old man who was paralyzed and could not even speak do?

“Master Su, you’re so vicious and bad.” Tang Xiao, who had watched the whole thing, moved closer to the man’s ear and exhaled a warm breath.

“Isn’t it a little too late to know I’m a wickedly bad man?”

“I like it when you’re like that.” The way he was so pleased with himself when he was being bad felt like a cat’s claw tickling Tang Xiao’s heart. He wanted to take the man who had his tail up in front of him into his arms and love him fiercely.

He gave Tang Xiao a sidelong glance, Master Su, who liked to hear good words, did not hesitate to give a charming smile.

A sudden cacophony of noise rang out in the hearse as a team of black-clad men walked in with neat and tidy steps, one man walking could bring up a gust of wind, and a group in unison could bring up a storm. If it was said that Tang Xiao and his group were aristocratic and calm, then the group led by Chen Yuan was in true mafia style. The air was suddenly filled with sternness, and everyone was compelled to stop talking.

In the quiet atmosphere, nerves were being stretched.

As expected of the best disciple I had ever raised, as expected of a Su Family disciple, killing the atmosphere with just an entrance. Master Su found himself becoming more and more open-minded, his eyes briefly resting on Chen Yuan before quickly sliding down to the foreign man walking half a step behind him, a cruel sneer wiped from the corner of his mouth flickering away.

“I suddenly want to kill someone so badly.” Master Su worded softly in Tang Xiao’s ear, his face maintaining a gentle and even what could be called an amiable faint smile.

Tang Xiao silently wrapped his arms around the man’s waist with no small amount of force.

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