RMS: Chapter 36

Chapter 36

At the dark of night, Su Bai left the room after a talk with Chen Yu, closing the door and turning around to see a tall, handsome statue standing outside.

“He’s asleep?”

“Yeah.” After drinking a glass of milk with sleeping pills added to it.

“Chen Tianhe is dead.” A straight statement.

Although Su Bai returned as calm and collected as when he went out in the morning, Chen Yu, who was clearly a little distracted next to him, had shown otherwise.

Suddenly going shopping at the mall and deliberately taking Chen Yu with him without a single bodyguard around, if not foolish and arrogant, was clearly a trap for someone to jump off into, and Chen Tianhe, who had been pushed to the edge of the cliff by the critical situation, would have acted without regard whether it was a trap or not. Not mentioning the fact that a “Su Mo” and “Chen Yu” did not look like they had any power from appearance alone.

Unbeknownst to him, one of the most dangerous men in the world was the gentle looking Mr. Su.

Everyone knew that Master Su Bai was not easy to deal with, like a bright, sharp blade that made people automatically retreat. However, sheathed with a plain, ordinary cover, once you mistakenly thought that the blade would not hurt, brutal cuts were all that were as a result.

“He will die from internal family strife. Have Chen San push Chen Yu to the seat two days later.” A certain master sort of admitted it outright, giving an order in the process.

“So soon?” Chen Tianhe’s death was expected by Tang Xiao, and confirming this fact with his own ears would not surprise him much, but just how much power did Su Bai hide? Without a word he had resolved Chen Tianhe and gave an ending to the Chen family’s internal strife.

“To the omnipotent T, this should be a mere trifle in the district.” He offered a pretty smile.

“Just for your word, it’ll be absolutely done.” Since when did T, who thought deeply about every decision, get all hot and bothered just for a man’s word? Like the mentality of a male in the animal world, shaking his pretty feathers and showing off his abilities to gain the affection of a female.

From the first day he came into contact with Su Bai, Tang Xiao found himself more and more fascinated with this man, this jade-faced Yan Lo had so many colours in him, smart, proud, cunning, ruthless, cruel and sometimes a little nerdy… Every time he peeled back a layer of his opponent’s face he would find that there was a more intriguing and fascinating layer behind it.

The obsession to get this man swelled and spread day by day, even if at any cost he would get Su Bai.

“See you tomorrow.” With a wave of his hand, Master Su prepared to go to bed.

Tang Xiao strode after him, grabbing the man’s arm with a low voice, “Su Bai, you can actually trust me a little more.”

“Tang Xiao, don’t you feel that your request has gone a little too far?” The man turned around to meet the compelling gaze that came straight from Tang Xiao, his thin lips pursed as he sneered, “Don’t think that just because we had that little intimate relationship that you can try to control me, even without your help I can still get everything I want. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t try to challenge my bottom line.”

The bottom of his eyes coalesced with gloom, Tang Xiao tightened his grip on Su Bai’s arm and did not let go, his tone serious and with a rare moment of anger, “Then I will also return this to you, Master Su: I have never taken myself too seriously, nor do I feel that I am omnipotent. Likewise, you are also a human being, a person who can get hurt and make mistakes and even die. Just because you can survive once does not mean that you can die and come back again the next time!”


Without giving the other party any room to retort, Tang Xiao said in a stern voice, “Has anyone ever said that you are simply a man who is capricious and arrogant to the extreme? After being betrayed just once, is it impossible to trust anyone again?”

“Did you eat gunpowder?” He gave a slight glance at the man.

“Do you know that Chen Tianhe’s men were seen by Chen Yuan’s people when they took you away today? Once Chen Yuan senses your plan, do you think that madman will not touch you just because he is concerned about Ye Ziwu or me?” Tang Xiao sometimes really wanted to bite Su Bai hard on the face.

“Then thank you for helping me with those troubles.” The latter’s eyes dimmed for a few moments, and Su Bai was coldly embraced into Tang Xiao’s arms with great force, chest hitting chest, bringing a great vibration to the heart.

Tightly embracing the body radiating heat in his arms, Tang Xiao sighed in a deep voice, “I now understand why Chen Yuan locked you up on an island, a heartless and dangerous person like you really makes me want to do the same.”

Put you in a safe place where only he could get to.

“Don’t throw a tantrum like a child, Chen Yuan has my people with him too. I’m not that careless in what I do.” That being said, Tang Xiao still helped keep the danger to a minimum.

Faced with this tough, handsome and powerful man, Su Bai knew in his own heart that he was somewhat resistant to him. He had never met a man like Tang Xiao before; his confessions and passions, and the way he looked at him made him feel uneasy, his pulse racing and his heart beating faster.

This was like an air-raid siren blaring for Master Su, who had always been used to little feelings and cold sensations. He only wanted to maintain a cooperative relationship, but the other man tried to cross the line of collaborators and invaded his heart time and again. Su Bai had to admit that he was a little flustered, so much so that he sometimes deliberately stayed away from Tang Xiao.

His rationality told him that it was wrong to stay away from a partner, but it also told him that Tang Xiao would mess with his principles.

“You always have so many excuses.” Tang Xiao sighed, he was just angry that the other party kept evading and hiding. Su Bai was like an impenetrable bunker that refused to open a single crack in the door even when he was banging his head against it.

“You’re the one who makes me lose my rationale a little.” A rare confession.

Su Bai’s remark flattered Tang Xiao. What had this heartless man said, that he had made him lose his mind? By the time he had enough of recalling the words, the man had long since left.

Clasping his hands to his chest, Tang Xiao laughed out loud.

“Holy shit holy crap! Why don’t you just poke me blind in the eye, Tang Big Boss! You’re so fucking meaty and fucking disgusting, like a high school brat falling in love right now! No way, that must not be the T I know who just flashed that idiotic smile, the world is crazy!” Wrapped up in flamboyant leopard print pajamas and getting up in the middle of the night for a drink, Tang Ka topped it off with a bird’s nest haircut.

Tang Xiao gripped his fists, his bones making a crunching sound, “It’s been a long time since we’ve had a sparring session.”

Tang Ka immediately covered his mouth and a muffled voice slipped through his fingers, “I was sleepwalking, I didn’t see anything, I’m leaving!” He turned around and was about to bolt. What a joke, the last time he had a few sparring sessions with Tang Xiao it almost disfigured him.

Grabbing Tang Ka’s shoulder with one hand, Tang Ka dragged the man straight into his room.

Slamming the door shut with force, the Tang Ka began to undress.

“What do you want?! Although you are my cousin and my superior, don’t come to me if your desires are unmet! I’m not interested in sex with you, and even less interested in men!” Immediately, he covered his chest with his hands in a funny manner, “I only love E cups!”

Tang Xiao simply ignored Tang Ka, tossed his coat aside and sat down on the sofa.

“How did it go?”

“Simon’s hard to track down, we can’t find him.” Disheveled, he collapsed on the sofa.

“I’m not asking you that.” Boss Tang glared at his drowsy cousin, “Did I ask you to find Simon?”

“Relax, relax. HQ has sent out the message that you’ve accepted the mission before Su Bai’s death, but Boss, did you really take on that jade-faced Yama’s mission?” Tang Ka was immediately energized, his eyes shining with the fire of gossip within.

“I did receive it.” The current Su Mo was also considered Su Bai.

“What kind of mission is it anyway?” He asked in passing, only after he finished did he realize that he had violated the organization’s taboo, he quickly covered his mouth and shook his head, “Pretend I didn’t ask!”

A hint of evil flashed in his eyes, and Tang Xiao raised his lips and smiled, “You’re part of this mission, so there’s no harm in telling you.”

“You personally took the mission and it’s connected to the Su family, why does that sound overly exciting? Boss, I’d rather stay in Hong Kong and guard the southeast for you!” He climbed up and prepared to bolt.

“That’s an order.”

Very well, pressuring with his position, Tang Ka shrank back down again in the dust.

“If you succeed in this mission, your year-end bonus will be doubled including paid leave, and you won’t be missing out on all kinds of allowances.”

Immediately, a certain Ka slapped his chest in a martyr’s manner, “Boss, if you have any tasks, just leave them to me! I will definitely do my best to fulfill the orders given by the organization, and never disgrace the team!”

“Half a month later we leave Hong Kong for London, and the mission is to fully protect the safety of Su Bai’s designated successor, Su Mo, and help Su Mo take over Su Bai’s seat.”

Tang Ka jumped up with excitement, “Boss, isn’t this going against Chen Yuan?!” That famous European madman right?!

“Not willing to accept? You can refuse the mission.” Legs crossed, he looked at the man in good humor.

“You won’t meet such a fierce mission a few times in your life, I accept! I promise to assist the organization with the mission!” Raising his right hand in faith, he muttered in his heart that he might still have the chance to meet Simon.

The next day, news of Chen Tianhe’s death quickly spread to the Chen family, which was in chaos. Then, bad news came in the afternoon that the goods had been taken away by Chen Yuan. Old Chen could not withstand the blows and fell ill in bed. Chen San stepped forward to maintain the situation and pushed Chen Yu to the top, who returned to the Chen family.

When Song Chuyun went to the Chen family to ask for his man, the Chen family was reluctant to release him. The relationship between the Song and Chen family completely collapsed, and Song Chuyun threatened to take revenge on the Chen family and Tang Xiao for breaking their word.

Tang Xiao became the Chen family’s biggest partner, introducing them to new sources of smuggled goods and taking over from the Song family to pave the way for the Chen family in the mainland.

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