RMS: Chapter 35

Chapter 35

[The following chapter contains materials that may be uncomfortable for some readers: Violence, Slight mentions of rape]

Two men in civilian clothes stepped down from the black car parked at the curb, and the two walked into the coffee shop in a seemingly casual manner before stopping at the table next to Su Bai’s.

“Second Young Master, please come with us.” One of the black dogs stood next to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu’s face changed slightly, his expression a little strained. He and Su Mo had come out without anyone with them, so do they escape? But what about Su Mo? That’s right, he could draw these people away.

“Second Young Master is advised not to act rashly, the eldest Young Master asked us to bring a message to you; if you don’t want those things to be made public then come home.” The black dog barked twice more.

“I’ll go with you.” Chen Yu looked across at the man who was leisurely drinking his coffee, “Don’t make things difficult for my friend.”

“Don’t worry, Second Young Master, Eldest Young Master has instructed us to treat Mr. Tang’s friend well.” The other black dog gestured towards Su Bai in an inviting gesture, “Mr. Su, please.”

Putting down his coffee cup, Master Su stood up with his pestle on the table and sighed softly, “What a pity, Little Fish, I was planning to go see Mission Impossible 4 with you, but it looks like we’ll have to wait for another time.”



“I’m sorry, I’ve dragged you into this.” Bowing his head, Chen Yu said with great guilt.

“Silly boy, your idiot big brother didn’t just come for you.” The feeling of his wrists being locked was not good at all, Su Bai took a look around: four walls and a door, bright incandescent lamps hanging from the ceiling as the only source of light in the room. There was not even a window for ventilation.

The dull, musty smell of the chamber made them a little nauseous, but fortunately they were only handcuffed to a large, clean-looking bed, with Chen Yu on the left and Su Bai on the right.

They had been brought here with black cloth bags over their heads, and all their communication devices had been searched and confiscated. To be precise, they were now kidnapped, for the first time in his life, Master Su had been kidnapped.

“What should we do now?” Chen Yu was a little worried.

Whether it was Song Chuyun or Tang Xiao, it would probably be hours before they found out that the two of them were missing, not to mention that they did not know where they were now. They did not know what Chen Tianhe was up to, and the chances of waiting to be rescued seemed a bit slim. Even if they were rescued, they did not know how many days it would take.

“Wait.” A word was spat out stingily.

Without making the two of them wait too long, the only door in the room was quickly pulled open from the outside and in came two black dogs in an aggressive manner, with Chen Tianhe following behind.

Hands spread out to either side, Chen Tianhe smiled brightly, “Welcome to my humble abode.”

“Chen Tianhe’s way of welcoming guests is indeed warm and unique.” Leaning casually against the bed, Su Bai did not look the least bit self-conscious as a kidnapped person.

This calm and collected look made Chen Tianhe smile, he narrowed his eyes and glanced at the cold-faced Chen Yu, “Look at you looking well, did you get fucked good by Song Chuyun in bed, huh? You’re born to be a fucking whore, piece of shit just like your mother, don’t think that you really are a person just because you’ve served Song Chuyun comfortably.”

“Don’t you dare insult my mother!”

“Still the same as before, barking like a dog after getting scolded twice, why can’t you learn?” With two cold laughs, Chen Tianhe walked over in Chen Yu’s direction.

Chen Yu glared at the man who was getting closer to him in annoyance, but his body involuntarily stiffened.

“Young Master Chen is really a disgrace, only bullying people who are easy. I like Little Fish very much, if you bully him into tears, I will be angry.” There was a strong tone of disdain in his voice.

Chen Tianhe, who was still a few steps away from walking in front of Chen Yu, took a step and looked sideways at Master Su, who was sitting at the other end of the bed.

“Although Chen Yu is youthfully delicious, he is ultimately a bit young. I now understand why President Tang would treasure you so much, Mr. Su gets more and more tasty the more you look.”

“I know I’m attractive, Young Master Chen need not remind me.” Su Bai inadvertently glanced at the open iron door of the room.

“Oh, Mr. Su, despite the comfort of a quick mouth and tongue, Tianhe will definitely treat Mr. Su well later. I just don’t know if Mr. Su will still be as relaxed and comfortable as he is now or will he cry and beg for mercy later on.” Nastily sticking out his tongue and licking his lips, Chen Tianhe walked around the bed towards Su Bai.

“Chen Tianhe, you will regret it if you dare to touch Su Mo, Tang Xiao will not let you off!”

Chen Tianhe glared at Chen Yu, “Instead of worrying about others, you should worry about yourself, I’ll see if that guy Song Chuyun still wants you after you’ve been royally played by others!”

“Chen Tianhe, instead of reminding Chen Yu, I think you should worry about yourself.” Sitting with some butt ache, Su Bai shifted his position slightly.

“Oh, Tang Xiao treasures you that much, with you in my hands would he still dare to act rashly?”


“Su Mo, don’t play tricks on me.” Chen Tianhe frowned.

Master Su smiled gently, “I dare not, I’m just reminding Young Master Chen that it’s actually the right choice for you to kidnap me, apart from being able to use me to threaten Tang Xiao, in fact Young Master Chen can also use me to threaten others.”

Chen Tianhe stretched his gaze, “What does Mr. Su mean?”

Outside the open iron door, another man in black came in, one of those who had “invited” Su Bai and Chen Yu, and closed the door behind him.

Chen Tianhe glanced back and saw that it was one of his own men, so he did not pay much attention.

“Recently, there’s a man called Chen Yuan who sends me flowers every day, and it’s quite a coincidence that he has the same surname as Young Master Chen. Not sure if Young Master has heard of such a man before? If you need money, you can use me to threaten him and see if he really likes me or not. Perhaps he may even be willingly to send you billions just to release me.”

Chen Yuan? How could Chen Tianhe not hear of this name, as early as the day after Chen Yuan arrived in Hong Kong, he had already paid a personal visit in the hopes of cooperating with the other party, but in the end, he had not even seen the man.

Chen Tianhe’s face looked a little dark, and his facial muscles began to stiffen.

“Ah, yes!” Master Su looked as if he suddenly remembered, “You can also go to Ye Ziwu, that kid said he was an Interpol officer, it seems that his position is also not too low. He and I have some friendship, if you use me to threaten Ye Zi, in the future, Young Master Chen can definitely get a pass from the Interpol when it comes to international smuggling.”

“Oh, Mr Su is really well-connected and charming.” A smile was held up weakly.

Offending a Tang Xiao would at least give him a solid position in the Chen family. Besides, Tang Xiao was just a businessman who did not have much power in Hong Kong, so he was not afraid of what the other side could do to him.

But if there is really Chen Yuan and Ye Ziwu as Su Mo said, not mentioning his position in the Su family, Chen Tianhe was sure that he would not live until tomorrow morning, even if he let Su Mo go now ……

Chen Tianhe sucked in a breath, his chest began to ache with soreness, even if he let Su Mo go those lunatics would definitely not let him go.

“Young Master doesn’t believe me? A phone call is all you need to check, if you do not know the phone numbers I can tell you.” Master Su said with great enthusiasm.

Damn it! How did those bastards investigate Su Mo before, what with the ordinary university teacher, weak character and easy bullying, what with being dumped by a rich kid and jumping into the sea to commit suicide?!

Look at this eloquent man in front of him now, not a single characteristic matched the information from the investigation at all.

“It’s not necessary.” Chen Tianhe’s chest rose and fell as he looked deeply at the calm and collected Su Bai and sneered, “So far no one knows that I kidnapped you.”

“So?” Master Su raised his eyebrows.

“Even if I kill you, no one will know it was me.”

“That’s right, much like how even if I killed you, no one would know it was me.” A cold smile hung at the corner of his mouth, elegant in the extreme.

Suddenly sensing a whiff of danger, Chen Tianhe frowned and shouted sternly, “What do you mean?!”

“What do you mean? You’ll know soon enough.”

Bang bang-

The sound of two people falling heavily to the ground in quick succession.

Without looking back, Chen Tianhe lunged fiercely towards Su Bai. It was commendable to be able to decide what action to make in a moment of crisis. However, the person Chen Tianhe lunged at was not a lamb to be slaughtered by him, but precisely the worst possible target for a kidnapping.

“Bang!” The silenced pistol was muffled, and a bullet struck Chen Tianhe’s kneecap with unerring accuracy.

“Ah…!” A pig-like scream followed.

Before Chen Tianhe’s hand could touch a piece of Su Bai’s clothes, he had already received a vicious kick from Master Su on his face, and the bridge of his nose made a crisp cracking sound, blood immediately gushing out like a spring. The man was now a wretched and ridiculous mess.

Master Su smiled and looked at the dumbfounded Chen Yu, “Little fish, don’t you think he looks like a fountain?”

The liquid spurting out was not water, but blood alright? Chen Yu was still in the dumbfounded and out of his senses, and just nodded at Su Bai’s words. Then, he watched as Chen Tianhe struggled to take out his gun from the inside of his clothes, but before he could hold it steady he was shot twice by the man in black, and Chen Tianhe’s one hand was completely ruined.

The man in black who shot him walked over with solid steps, casually pulling off the mask and wig covering his face, revealing a pure European cold face with beautiful golden hair that shone like gold in the light.

Before helping Su Bai unlock the handcuffs, Simon put on his gloves; Master Su had a strange habit of not liking people to touch him without washing their hands after shooting him.

After that Simon went back to unlocking Chen Yu’s handcuffs.

“Thanks.” The expressionless look on the other party gave Chen Yu a feeling of fear in his heart, and he hurriedly ran and stood beside Su Bai.

“Simon, you’re scaring my little fish.” Rubbing his somewhat sore wrist, Master Su said jokingly.

“I’m sorry, Teacher.” A serious apology, bending over and bowing his head.

“Teacher was joking with you.” Forget it, Simon didn’t have half a sense of humor in his head.

“Thank you Teacher!”

Chen Yu stood to the side completely embarrassed, Su Mo was so posh and this blonde haired, blue eyed foreigner was so obedient.

Su Bai casually sat on the edge of the bed and reached over towards Simon, who immediately handed over a cigarette, lighter waiting.

Chen Tianhe was panting heavily, like a gasping fish waiting to be slaughtered while struggling on the floor. Those gunshot wounds could not kill him, but they were enough to make him hurt like hell.

“Oh, look at my memory, I actually just left out one more person, Simon D is also available if you use me as a threat.” Exhaling a puff of smoke, the man looked indifferently at Chen Tianhe who was struggling in pain in front of him.

“Who the hell are you?!”

How could Simon D, a top international assassin, take orders from an ordinary university teacher? No, this man was not a university teacher at all.

“I especially like to see a person who is on the brink of death. The question of who I am is something you can go and ask Hades.” With a cruel smile, Su Bai flicked the ashes of his cigarette.

Master Su did not have the habit of talking nonsense with a dying man, he turned his head to look at Chen Yu who had been staring at Chen Tianhe, “Little Fish, tell me, what do you want to do with him?”

“You can’t kill me-” Chen Tianhe, who was on the border of death, looked hideously at Chen Yu and hissed madly, “Chen Yu, I’m your brother, you can’t let him kill me!”

“Brother?” Like hearing an extremely ridiculous joke, Chen Yu could not help but laugh, so angry that he wanted to laugh out his lungs out.

Would an older brother rape his own brother? Would there be a brother who would send his own brother to someone else’s bed?

“Chen Tianhe, I don’t have a brother like you.”

Master Su gave Simon a glance, who handed the silenced gun to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu took the gun and slowly aimed the muzzle at Chen Tianhe who was lying on the ground, “You have this day too, scum like you should have died long ago.”

Chen Tianhe roared like a mad dog, “Chen Yu you dog- miscegenated, whore-bred bitch-“

Bang- !

There was a dull gunshot and the chamber fell silent.

“As I said, there is a first time for everything.” Su Bai held Chen Yu’s hand and pressed the trigger, he really could not stand Chen Tianhe’s noisy voice.

“I killed him, I killed Chen Tianhe…” Chen Yu’s hand was slightly shaking, Simon’s sharp eyes took the gun back from Chen Yu’s grasp; it would be bad if he accidentally triggered the gun and it went off.

“Okay, don’t look.” Reaching out and covering Chen Yu’s eyes, Su Bai pulled the man around so as to not to look at the dead Chen Tianhe. Chen Yu just had some psychological trauma from his first killing, he would be fine after a few days rest.

Master Su pulled Chen Yu out of the room, this was one of Chen Tianhe’s villas in the suburbs, the men guarding Chen Tianhe outside had long since been taken care of by Simon, these straggling pieces of rubbish Simon would take care of later.

“Have some wine, you’ll feel better.” Su Bai found two glasses and opened a bottle of wine.

Two or three men in black were collapsed in the living room, Chen Yu shrunk in a corner of the sofa in shock, his eyes not daring to look towards them sprawled on the floor, and fixed straight on Su Bai, he looked at Su Bai wherever he went.

Su Bai sat down casually and handed a glass of wine to Chen Yu, taking a small sip himself, not looking at the corpses around him. Su Bai’s nonchalant attitude infected Chen Yu, who gradually calmed down after a few sips of wine with his hands not shaking as much as they had just been.

Simon walked out in silence, his face expressionless as he dragged the corpses away from the living room.

“I’m so useless.” Compared to Simon and Su Bai’s composure, Chen Yu felt really useless.

“Don’t bring down yourself so much, if you can be calm enough to shoot someone for the first time you’re not a normal person.” Thinking about it this way, Master Su suddenly realized that none of the people around him and himself were actually normal, all a bunch of extremely dangerous people.

“Su Mo, have you… killed someone before?” The other way to dissipate tension besides drinking was to talk to distract oneself, and Chen Yu’s mind was now a mess.

Master Su puffed on his cigarette and took another sip of wine, glancing at Simon who had dragged the last body away before finally looking at the man sitting next to him, “Yeah, but I don’t like killing people.”

Chen Yu nodded vigorously, no one would like killing.

“The blood is too dirty.” There were not many people worthy of his hands, Master Su added, “Little Fish, remember to wash your hands when you get back.”

Chen Yu nodded hard again, after all he had been through, Su Bai was now his idol.

“Su Mo, what should we do now?” That Mr Simon had killed so many people, and Chen Tianhe was also dead.

“Feel better?”

“Much better.” He answered truthfully.

“Then let’s go.” Su Bai stood up from the sofa.

Chen Yu froze and asked hesitantly, “Then these…”

“Nothing has happened, we watched Mission Impossible 4 together this afternoon, now we’re going to dinner, then you’ll come to my place to chat, and stay for the night if it’s too late.”

As for here, Simon will take care of that.

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