RMS: Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“Brother Chen.” Xiao Hai walked in.

The room was decorated with several glass water jars, pieces of flower soil soaked in them, a corner piled with flowers of various colours. Wearing an apron, Chen Yuan had scissors in one hand with white gloves, picking the leaves and trimming them with the other. The trimmed flower branches were meditatively inserted into the soil.

Softening his voice, Xiao Hai walked over to Chen Yuan and half-crouched down, “Brother Chen, sending flowers to that Su Mo again?”


“You haven’t even sent me a single flower, Brother Chen.” There was a somewhat discontented grunt.

Chen Yuan casually picked up a flower and handed it to Xiao Hai, a purple tulip. Xiao Hai took it and held it in his hand, his head tilted and leaning on the man’s lap, “I checked Su Mo’s profile, he’s just an ordinary university teacher, are you sure he’s Master Su, Brother Chen?”

He did not think much about it, Su Bai was definitely dead.

“Maybe he’s just a pawn deliberately cultivated by Tang Xiao, dressed up as Master Su to deliberately approach you with bad intentions.” Nosing close to the flowers and sniffing them, Xiao Hai looked up at the expressionless man who was concentrating on pruning the flower branches, “Brother Chen, if you like Su Mo, just take him away.”

As long as it was someone Chen Yuan liked, it did not matter if Chen Yuan took him back or imprisoned him, as long as the man was happy,

But if the other party threatened Chen Yuan in the slightest, he would do whatever it took to remove them, just like Su Bai. As a matter of fact, he did not hate nor detest Master Su; the man had saved him from the brink of death, and he thanked Master Su for saving his life and raising him, but one did not live to repay favours.

If he had not inadvertently searched for the list of names of all the people who had supported Chen Yuan during his captivity that Master Su had taken down, he would not have taken the cruel step of planting a bomb on the plane.

The things that Chen Yuan would not have done, the actions the man did not want to take, let him do it for him.

Chen Yuan put the last flower in place, looked around to check that there was nothing wrong, then started to wrap the flower clay in pretty wrapping paper. He waited until it was done before speaking faintly, “Don’t get involved in Su Mo’s affairs, is there any news from Simon?”

Not too happy, Xiao Hai shook his head and said, “He’s hidden too deep, there’s not much news yet, but he’s a man who wouldn’t come to Hong Kong for no reason. Brother Chen, you have to be careful.”

“If he wanted to kill me he wouldn’t have waited until now to do it.” Getting up, he patted his trousers and headed in the direction of the bedroom.

Xiao Hai followed behind, “Next month is the quarterly family meeting, after Master Su’s plane accident some of them have temporarily settled down, but I recently inquired about some bad news, that the headquarters of the mercenary organisation T sent out a message claiming they had taken over a mission set by Master Su.”

“What kind of mission?” Walking into the bedroom, Chen Yuan began to take off the clothes on his body.

Xiao Hai took over the man’s clothes and said with a frown, “Organisation T’s information security is one of the best in the world, it’s a bit difficult to break through the other side’s defenses. This time, the mission was personally taken over by T, the supreme commander of that mercenary organization, Brother Chen, should we send someone to make contact with Organization T first?”

Master Su was a nuisance when he was alive, he had not expect that he was still causing them a series of problems even after death. All of a sudden Organization T was openly announcing they had accepted a mission before Master Su’s death, this was something that no one had expected at all.

Chen Yuan had not heard Master Su mention this matter, and Xiao Hai had searched a lot of places and found no connection between Master Su and T’s people. However, an international mercenary organization would not claim to have accepted a mission from a big shot out of nothing. No matter what the mission was, the news would definitely affect the meeting to be held at the Su family headquarters next month.

Stripping off the clothes on his body, Chen Yuan left a message before walking into the bathroom, “Verify the news as soon as possible.”

“Brother Chen…” Putting away the dirty clothes stained with branches and leaves and flower mud, Xiao Hai pushed open the bathroom door and walked in. The steaming room had a man rinsing his body under the shower — a lean body with bullet marks and scars — hot water running down the spine and clattering the floor.

Chen Yuan turned back and glanced at Xiao Hai as he walked over, hot water splashing down on his hair and clothes as he crouched down in front of Chen Yuan.



“I’ve always been very curious about one thing.”

“There’s more than one thing you’re curious about.” Master Su said dully.

“But this matter is perhaps a little sensitive for you.” Crossing his hands on his chest, Tang Xiao leaned against the door of the room.

“To show the sincerity of our cooperation, you may ask.” Putting on his jacket and looking in the mirror, he saw that he was handsome, elegant and handsome, not at all “old”.

“Chen Yuan is a very tolerant man, and I can understand his sudden defection to take you by surprise, but I’m curious to know how it was possible you’d remain at the mercy of others for the year you were out of power.”

Pulling at his collar, Master Su merely shook his shoulders at this sensitive question and turned to face the large statue standing in the doorway, “I’ll tell you after I leave Hong Kong.”

Walking over to Tang Xiao, he pointed his finger to the side, “Coming through.”

“I want to kiss you.”

The corners of Master Su’s mouth hooked into a gentle smile as he kicked a foot between Tang Xiao’s legs, who immediately dodged to the side, a cold sweat running down his spine.

“Is this how you treat your loyal collaborators?” With his hands spread out, he looked at the man who had already walked out of the room.

Suddenly, Su Bai quickly turned around and grabbed Tang Xiao by the collar of his shirt with both hands and pushed him hard against the wall, coming forward in the other party’s slightly stunned gaze, their chests pressed against each other, his heartbeat synchronized in the same key in an instant, the familiar scent recalling the brief embrace that night.

A slapdash kiss fell lightly on Tang Xiao’s lips. Extremely short, yet hot enough to burn through one’s nerves.

“Sort of a reward for you accepting my mission.” A conscienceless smile, one moment a teasing kiss, and the next he turns around and goes on a date with other men.

Reaching out to touch the lips that Su Bai had kissed, Tang Xiao sighed, this was not what kissing was about.

“Sure you don’t want me to send someone to follow you?” Asked the man who had chased him to the stairway.

Master Su lifted his hand and shook it from side to side, his figure quickly disappearing at the villa entrance.



How could you come to Hong Kong and not go shopping?

In a famous shopping mall, Master Su stepped into a high-end clothing shop with empty hands, and Chen Yu trotted after him with shopping bags in both hands, “Su Mo, wait for me.”

The imposing Master Su walked into the shop and was warmly greeted by the sales lady, with Chen Yu panting and carrying a large bag just as he walked through the door.

“This one, and this one ……” Master Su casually picked a few pieces that were pleasing to the eye, twisted his head to look at Chen Yu who was already sitting on the single sofa looking like he did not want to move, and hooked his finger, “Little fish, go try on the clothes. “

“Huh?” Chen Yu blinked, “I won’t need it, you can buy for yourself.”

Yesterday, Su Mo suddenly called and asked Chen Yu to come out and accompany him to the mall. Chen Yu warily told Song Chuyun about it, and unexpectedly Song Chuyun, who had never allowed him to go out casually, agreed in one fell swoop, so fast and without hesitation that Chen Yu almost could not react.

In the end, under the eyes of Su Bai, Chen Yu had to take the pile of clothes into the fitting room and try on one outfit after another to show a certain master outside.

Drinking the coffee served in the shop and leaning back in the single sofa with his legs folded, Master Su watched as Chen Yu went in and out of the fitting room wearing different clothes. Rather than letting Chen Yu buy clothes, it was more like Master Su was idly bored watching people change clothes for fun.

“Take them all.” Throwing out words that made the sales lady smile with joy, Master Su graciously handed over the unlimited credit card signed by Tang Xiao.

Chen Yu’s face immediately went white as he looked back at the countless shopping bags piled up on one side, then at the clothes piled up at the cashier’s counter waiting to be put into the bags, and finally looked at Su Bai. Give him a break.

“Deliver them to this address for me, and those bags over there too.” Master Su’s words to the shop assistant saved Chen Yu.

“Only been shopping for a while, tired?” Looking over at Chen Yu who was sitting in his chair and did not want to get up, he could not help but laugh.

Chen Yu held his breath in his chest, you just walk in front and pick clothes at will, but I have to try on clothes and carry them for you, of course you would not get tired.

“Come on, let’s buy you a coffee.”

The two big men sat in the coffee shop, and Chen Yu stirred the caramel macchiato in his cup.

“Su Mo, I’ve listened to you these past few days to obey Song Chuyun.” He opened his mouth.

Looking out the window at the people coming and going, he casually asked, “Oh – what’s his reaction?”

“At night… he doesn’t force me much anymore and treats me better than before.” Sometimes he would even inexplicably hug him; just hugging, as if he was somehow someone worth snuggling with.

Chen Yu had some strange feelings, especially when Song Chuyun hugged him to rest after taking care of his work, full of exhaustion, that strange feeling was especially strong.

“What should I do next? Recently Song Chuyun seems to have fallen out with Chen Tianhe.” Chen Yu looked across at the man.

“You’re in love with Song Chuyun?” Taking a sip of his black coffee with milk and no sugar, Su Bai’s question made Chen Yu freeze for a moment.

Not answering Su Bai immediately, Chen Yu hesitated for a while before stammering and opening his mouth, “I don’t know, would you think I’m a bitch? Haha, others treat me a little better and I think the other person is nice.” He was stirring his coffee with his head down.

“But Song Chuyun hasn’t done you any substantial harm has he? Little fish, it’s not shameful to like someone who treats you well, on the contrary, it’s only foolish to bend against your true will.” Master Su did not mind seeking some benefits for his subordinates, Song Chuyun was a rare talent and worthy of his recruitment, the other party was a smart person and would understand what he meant.

“Mr Tang treats you well too, I mean, I’ve never seen a man as good as Mr Tang be so considerate to people, he must love you very much.” The tone of voice was envious.

Well, Tang Xiao was good with his mouth.

Master Su glanced out of the window as a black car pulled up to the side of the road, he turned his head to Chen Yu and said, “Do you know how to use a gun?”

“Yes, but I’m not good at it… ” Before he could finish his sentence Master Su cut him off.

“And have you ever killed anyone?” He gently threw out a sentence.

“No- no.”

Reaching out and patting the back of Chen Yu’s cold hand, Master Su smiled gently, “There is always a first time for everything.”

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