RMS: Chapter 33

Chapter 33

[The following chapter may not be suitable for average viewing: Sexual content, Descriptions of sexual activities. Read after ellipsis if you want to skip the spicy!]

With the intense stimulation from being wrapped in a moist and hot mouth, his fingers clenched deep into the slightly wet hair of the man creeping between his legs. The intense recklessness rampages through the air around him, the flexible soft tongue stirring back and forth pleasingly. This body was so sensitive that Su Bai wanted to kill someone.

How long had Su Mo been an abstinent guardian? His body was a sensitive mess, it was almost like a field that had not been tilled for ten years had accumulated a full load of fertilizer; all it needed was to be seeded and the ground would immediately break out.

The tactful gentle rubbing of Tang Xiao’s teeth made Master Su unable to resist tilting up to let out a deep breath. Even as the cold air was pouring into his lungs, it turned into a fiery smoke that disturbed his sanity in an instant.

Only a man knew a man best, and only a strong man knew how to please another strong man.

Master Su had to admit that Tang Xiao’s “service” made him feel very comfortable and enjoyable. It was not only the physical beauty, but also the spiritual pleasure and satisfaction of being served by a strong man who was no weaker than himself.

It was the difference between trampling an ant to death with your own hands and conquering a tiger.

Fingers combed through the man’s hair, the air was thick with the smell of vitriol, the anxious sultry heat of gunpowder tainted with nitrous smoke, and all it took was the rubbing of a match to set the air on fire in an instant.

“Hah… ah…” The enjoyment caused the man to raise his head slightly and let out a soft sigh, the other man was clearly a masterful flirt, but it was also clear that Tang Xiao was not good at servicing others. His initial movements were slightly cautious and aggressively exploratory, the constant bold attempts gave Su Bai the illusion that he was about to be engulfed.

The hand gripping Tang Xiao’s hair suddenly pushed harder, the two legs next to his head suddenly clenched and the warm, soft skin of his inner thighs rubbed against his ear. As a man Tang Xiao knew Su Bai was about to come, seeing his hands clasped the sheets even harder with the overly frightening stimulation pushing Su Bai to the top of his frenzy.

“Mmn ah…” A whimper, and half of his body tensed as if a string had been pulled taut. The aftershock of a long arrow released shook the bowstring for a long time.

Tang Xiao gave out a breath. He was forced to follow the rules set by Su Bai throughout the process, not touching a single hair on the man except in that area. A pity the sheets beneath him lost its original shape from the grip.

Su Bai closed his eyes and rested for a moment, waiting for his body to drop back down from the peak, his chest still rising and falling. A little sultry, he pulled maliciously at the collar of his shirt, his legs maintaining its original position, slightly sweaty hair against his cheeks, a bead of sweat dripping silently down onto the sheets.

The man who had just experienced stimulation peak was filled with palpitating sensuality and laziness, what could be more torturous than now?

Tang Xiao’s head was in a tizzy, with countless bombs threatening to explode inside. Smoke filling the air, and the urge to rush up and crush this man’s body like a tsunami of madness sweeping over his sanity.

“Ever served anyone else before?” Fingers propped on his forehead, his breathing subsided.

“Who could make T. bow down in his service?” Who else but you would dare to bear that service.

“Don’t expect me to help you. Keep your eyes in line, or I’ll think you’re trying to eat me.” With a sneer, he glanced at Tang Xiao’s tent that had swelled up again.

“Not going to give it a try? I’m a gentle and considerate bed partner.” His eyes glanced between Su Bai’s open legs. Ah no way, his eyes were about to spit fire.

Pulling the sheet over his lower body, Su Bai lifted his leg and kicked Tang Xiao in the face. You could not expect much strength from a man who had just done ‘that’, Tang Xiao’s head tilted slightly to avoid having his fragile nose stepped on, and the clean, slippery sole of the man’s foot stepped unceremoniously on the side of his face.

Luckily, it did not hurt very much.

Tang Xiao slightly turned his jaw, his warm lips rubbing over the sensitive sole of the man’s foot.

It was like a small amount of electricity surged through, with a few itchy tingles that made Su Bai quickly withdraw his leg. His eyes sternly cut Tang Xiao, a move that was not very intimidating especially when it came to after an orgasm, other than making the heart itch.

The latter chuckled lightly and licked his lips.

“You’re a waste of talent if you don’t go into third-rate films.” What a nice compliment.

Tang Xiao sat on the edge of the bed and fished out a cigarette and lit it, the faint bitterness of the cigarette mixed with the taste in his mouth brought a strong wave of depravity, he looked back at Su Bai, “Want a cigarette?”

“Don’t smoke on my bed.” A refusal.

With a bitter smile, Tang Xiao extinguished his cigarette and casually took a bath towel. He wrapped up his lower body and got off the bed in the direction of the bathroom, after taking two steps he stopped again and turned back to ask, “Does this count as us dating?”

“At best, we’re conversing.”

“Master Su, you taste good.”

Master Su grabbed a pillow and threw it at Tang Xiao, “Get away!”

Tang Xiao quickly went to the bathroom to extinguish his flames. He was afraid he would break down if he looked at the man any longer, and although he had an intimate encounter this time, he would have to fight for a kiss next time.

The two men spent the rest of the night in peace, after having had a “big fight” on the bed.

Tang Xiao was used to waking up early, his biological clock waking him from his slumber at the usual time.

He did not lack a bed partner, but he had never let anyone spend the night in his bed, and there was no one else who could sleep close to him at this time except for Master Su, who nearly drove him crazy last night.

The bed was large enough for two men to live in separate corners without touching each other, but it was clear that Master Su was not someone who would stay in the same position all night until dawn.

The latter’s head was leaning on his shoulder, body next to his, arm to arm, legs to legs. His sleeping face was serene and calm, even at a time when one is most defenseless this man maintained a calm and collected presence.

There was a slight tremor on his shoulder, and although Su Bai was the first to cross the “38” line, Tang Xiao chose to close his eyes and pretend to sleep.

The two of them tacitly agreed not to mention the crazy indulgence they had last night.



Yesterday, Tang Xiao and Chen San had just exchanged words, but today Chen San arrogantly invited Tang Xiao to go to an internal meeting of the Chen family.

Before the meeting even started, the faction of patriarchs led by Chen San argued with Chen Tianhe’s faction, and someone from Chen Tianhe’s faction was the first to take issue; this is after all an internal matter of the Chen family, what are you Chen San waiting to bring an outsider here for?

A pawn from Chen San’s faction immediately jumped out and shouted back for his master. The smuggled goods shipped to the mainland a few days ago were all running smoothly in our hands, how come they went wrong under your hands?

The crowd argued with each other, one moment saying that the other party had colluded with the police, and the other saying that the other party had hidden a spy causing the news to leak out, and finally it was only when Old Chen slapped the table in anger that they stopped.

“Brother Chen, it’s five billion, not a mere fifty dollars hitting the waters. According to the rules of the family, you investigate at the matter, all the brothers are watching.” A group of subordinates at the bottom said all the hard words for him, Chen San came out to make a summary.

As outsiders, Tang Xiao and Su Bai sat aside to drink tea and watch the drama, exchanging glances every now and then. The family’s internal war ended with Chen San’s victory. Chen Tianhe’s misfortune was not only in his hands, but also in the hands of Song Chuyun, who was responsible for the sales channel.

Chen San’s side was arrogantly carrying a Tang Xiao who was more powerful than the Song family in the Asian region, as if they has an ace in their hand. His back was straight when he spoke, and there was already a suspicion of pressure with every hand in the air.

The old Chen stifled his voice and did not say a word. Without the 500 billion bill, he could only punish Chen Tianhe and temporarily cutting his son’s power, otherwise the group of people under the Chen family would not be convinced. Many people had already secretly calculated which side they should join, a colourless and odourless smoke filling the Chen family.

The meeting was over for the time being, Chen San as well as a group of patriarchs were left by Old Chen’s order to discuss in private, Tang Xiao and Su Bai were having tea and resting in the waiting room when Chen Tianhe walked over.

“Mr Tang, everyone talked well at the auction reception, Chen San is old and it’s really a bit unwise for you to work with him.” He was so used to being arrogant in this part of Hong Kong that he was bold enough to use this tone of voice to speak to Tang Xiao.

Master Su twisted his head to speak to Tang Xiao, “This tea tastes good.”

“If you like it, I’ll have someone buy it for you later.” President Tang said gently, and Chen Tianhe, who was completely ignored on the side, was an embarrassed mess.

Clenching his fist, Chen Tianhe gave a dry laugh, “What do you mean by that, Mr Tang?”

“This teacup looks pretty too.”

“The antiques of the Tang Dynasty are indeed nice, there is an antique auction in two days, I heard that an even more exquisite tea set is also in the auction ranks, I’ll get it for you.” Mr Tang continued to sweet talk.

“That’s very expensive.”

“If you like it, it’s worth it even if it’s expensive.”

Being in the Chen family, being the current successor of the Chen family yet being completely ignored by the two guests and not giving any face. Chen Tianhe laughed coldly in anger, “It seems that Mr. Tang is planning to ignore me to the end, I hope that Mr. Tang will not regret it, this is Hong Kong, not your territory.”

A few of Chen San’s men nearby stared at Chen Tianhe’s every move, Chen Tianhe glanced at a few of Chen San’s lapdogs and gave Su Bai a fierce stare before leaving.

“Look, it’s all because you overacted, he must think I’m your soft underbelly, he’ll definitely find someone to deal with me later.” Taking a sip of tea, he hummed on slowly.

“I’m acting in character.”

“You’re horny, I know that.”

“He won’t necessarily go after you, it won’t do him any good to offend me.” Tang Xiao smiled, Master Su had a good opinion of him.

Su Bai looked askance at Lord Tang, “Dogs will jump over walls when they’re desperate.”

What was more, as far as he knew, Chen Tianhe’s favorite thing to do was to smugly grab others’ weaknesses and threaten them. If it could not be done openly, pull the kettle out of the fire, but was the trick of pulling the kettle out of the fire something anybody could do?

“I’ll send extra men to protect you.” Tang Xiao was somewhat uneasy.

Nonchalantly, Su Bai cast a contemptuous look at Tang Xiao, “Don’t let your people come and spoil my business, if Chen Tianhe is really in over his head let him come.”

Crossing his legs, Master Su took a sip of his large Red Robe, a cold glint in his eyes, “I’ll let him have no return.”

“Ye Ziwu is not easy to deal with, don’t let him get suspicious of you.” An appropriate reminder.

With a cold glance, Master Su resisted the urge to smash his teacup on Tang Xiao face, “No need for you to remind me.”

Tang Xiao meekly shut his mouth, he spoke out of habit for a moment and had forgotten that in front of him was the incredibly confident jade-faced Yan Lo.

“Ye Zi invited me to Lyon, France.” A soft sigh, “What a good boy.”

“Want to visit the T’s headquarters?” Immediately an olive branch was thrown out to shake and bait.

“I’m going back to the Su family as Su Mo, and given Mr Tang’s wholehearted generosity, after much deliberation, I think we can join forces to get the most out of it.”

Very nice, this could be considered to have basically gained Master Su’s approval.

Master Su added solemnly, “Just as collaborators.”

“If Master Su doesn’t like being on the bottom, I don’t mind if you’re on top.” That was a big enough sacrifice, right?

Frowning, he glanced disgustedly at Tang Xiao’s body up and down: “Many thanks, I don’t have such heavy tastes.”

“What kind of style does Master Su like? Is it a clean and pretty youth like Lin Fan, or a cute and obedient little girl?” He was suddenly curious.

“Why does this question coming from your mouth make me feel like a perverted old man?” Remembering Ye Ziwu’s words about him being an old man again, Su Bai took a sip of tea in an unhappy mood and glared at Tang Xiao in warning, “Don’t think that just because we slept together for one night in bed, you can just ask about my affairs.”

“Master Su, I think we have a very tacit understanding.” Tang Xiao raised the corners of his mouth.

“Is that so?” Disbelief.

“Just do it once and you will know.”

As Master Su was about to splash tea on Tang Xiao’s face, the Chen family’s internal meeting happened to end, and Chen San’s appearance saved Tang Xiao. Old Chen said nothing more than some words of reassurance, and also welcomed Tang Xiao’s cooperation with them. The old man had a peaceful look on his face, with the gestures of letting go of Chen San to take over the business.

He was able to endure and had some wisdom. Wonder if Old Chen will still be as calm as he was now in a couple of days.

Master Su had a few things to look forward to.

A/N: It’s hard to get there in one step, so let’s attack little by little XDD

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