RMS: Chapter 32

Chapter 32

[The following chapter may not be suitable for average viewing: Sexual content, Mentions of sexual acts]

The time was 10.30pm, neither Su Bai nor Tang Xiao had the habit of going to bed too early, men who were used to being in control were always preparing their forces where others could not see them.

As it was, Tang Xiao was leaning against the left side of the bed frame with his bath towel around his lower body, looking at emails from the leaders of various branches in his mercenary organization on his mobile phone. Master Su was leaning against the right side in his bathrobe, also fiddling with his mobile phone. Thanks to the development of high technology, a small mobile phone was often enough for them to handle most of their work.

“How many times have you been in love?” The most convenient part of being a big boss is having a group of minions under your hands who do the work for you. After issuing a few orders into his phone, Master Su was idling with nothing to do. As the person being chased after and as someone who was hardly interested in T’s private life, one would occasionally gossip once one was idle.

“A real relationship?” Tang Xiao made a label on the unread emails, and the phone turned off. He thought about it and said, “Maybe one… two … three … “

Master Su raised his eyebrows, Tang Xiao looked just under thirty years old, yet seemed to be so experienced in love? When he was thirty he was busy running around, cutting down enemies, opening up frontiers, every day his mind was thinking about who he was going to take out today and whose business he was going to swallow tomorrow. Even if he saw a beautiful and handsome man it was a conditioned scheme, sending this pretty woman or that handsome man to so and so to rot his body and mind, or send subliminal messages.

Seeing Master Su’s face go cold, Tang Xiao raised the corner of his mouth, “It’s my first time now.”

Trying to tease me? Putting his phone on the bedside table, Su Bai put down his pillow and laid down on the bed, hooking his finger towards the other man: “Massage.”

“It’s not considered a violation, is it?” A certain person asked worriedly.


The bed mattress shifted gently, and Tang Xiao came from one side to where Su Bai was. Bending his fingers and with both hands he gently placed them between the man’s neck and massaged with appropriate force and a wonderful technique.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked with a soft laugh.

“It does feel good to have the mysterious T massage me.” Enjoying himself in body and soul, Master Su closed his eyes and rested his head on his hands, so comfortable that his voice softened.

“I could massage you every night before bed.”

Here we go again with the Tang-style brand of sugar-coated bombs.

“I’d like you a little better if you’d keep your mouth shut.”

With a certain master giving the word, Cannonball Tang could only meekly keep his mouth shut and concentrate on massaging for a certain person. Slightly stiff at the neck, it seemed that he has been dealing with things in the study room a lot lately, someone will probably soon be out of luck.

The man’s back had very beautiful, supple and elastic muscles, and the strange sensation of being pricked by a needle point went straight from his fingertips to his heart.

His eyes dimmed a few degrees, but thanks to his strong restraint, Tang Xiao scrupulously refrained from showing a hint of nastiness during the entire massage. Though, the temperature in the room kept rising inexplicably.

“That’s enough.” Master Su felt a little hot.

Tang Xiao moved to the side, laying on the pillow looking at a certain man who had pulled up the quilt and was ready to sleep.

“Master Su, I haven’t touched a single person since I met you.”

Su Bai’s eyelid jumped as he reached out to the switch and with a flick of his hand, the room was a peaceful pitch black.

“I didn’t force you to keep yourself for me.” Not an ounce of emotion.

Rolling up the covers, he closed his eyes and went to sleep; he was the jade-faced Master Su Bai Su, not some ignorant seventeen-year-old girl.

The darkness came down with the night, but what remained unchanged was the constant was the rising temperature. Blazing fire clenched the undulating chest, the pulse like a heavy muffled drumbeat beating down one by one. The heavy panting was silently amplified to the extreme in the silent and dull space, pure and thick hormones filled the whole room.

“Get out if you’re unsatisfied!”

Master Su was only a man of shallow lust, but not an impotent or diseased man. The desire that had been building up for months had been lurking peacefully in his heart, yet there was a man beside him who was actually… masturbating next to him!

“I didn’t touch a single hair on your head.” A certain person had no shame in dealing with a tough-minded master. Someone who in addition to throwing out fragrant bait from the front also had to attack wildly from the flanks; a decent man, an infatuated person, these were facades all made for outsiders to see.

Doing anything for the goal, they were just the same kind of people. Those who could climb to the top of the pyramid would have had an indomitable heart, the so-called morality and law in their eyes were just as dog shit.

“Has anyone ever said that you’re shameless.”

“Coming from Master Su’s mouth I would take it as a compliment.” His skin was as thick as a wall.

“You’re T!” Master Su made sure to remind someone to watch his image.

“T’s just a man, not an ascetic defender. If you need help, I’m happy to serve.” A pair of eyes darkened a few shades of dark blue flashed with intense desire.

The actual fact was that indecent men were not scary, but indecent people with culture were to be feared. Putting away the culture, expecting a certain high-status, high IQ Tang to consciously back away was simply a fool’s dream. As someone who could not stand for being provoked, Master Su did not know admitting defeat.

Fine, if you want to play, I’ll play with you, you little brat!

The war in bed was just as much a real war, and as a man no one wanted to be defeated when it came to the ways of sex.

The pupils that had adapted to the darkness locked onto the other party with precision, the playfulness in Master Su’s eyes flickered, the corners of his mouth hooked, and Tang Xiao felt danger rise violently in an instant.

“Nice body.” His eyes explored every direction with scrutiny as he ripped the thin blanket off of Tang Xiao’s figure with a flick of his hand. His fingertips traced across the firm chest, smearing along as if igniting a fuse. The sheets emitted a crisp puffing sound as someone’s body instantly stiffened, his nervous system emitting a burst of red warnings.

Sucking in a breath of cold air, Tang Xiao narrowed his eyes to look at a certain master lying on his side, one hand supporting his head, the other hand wantonly lighting explosives on his body, all the while putting on an idle and subtly provocative face.

The worst part of this unfair game were the rules, Su Bai had only said that Tang Xiao was not allowed to touch a single hair on his body, but not that he could not touch Tang Xiao.

“Tsk, nice size.”

Despite the dimness of the room, Master Su used his gaze to accurately outline the small tent bulging beneath Tang Xiao’s black underwear. It really could not stand the teasing, a couple of casual touches and that little tent towered as if it was threatening to come out.

“Thanks for the praise, Master Su’s is also good.”

The only way to make this arrogant man look at him is to have an equal opponent. Since he had already been a gangster once, Tang Xiao did not mind continuing to be one, shameless to the end.

Two eyes fell on him, and in front of the other man, Su Bai unashamedly pushed his hand into his own pants, and now T, who had never been short of bed partners, could only comfort himself.

Tang Xiao’s words reminded Su Bai of the time he asked this man to rub his back. Anyway, they were both men, why would they become shy just because the other party took a look at their body?

This was the first time in his life that Master Su had watched a handsome male masturbate in front of himself up close and personal. Well okay, perhaps Tang Xiao was not crazy, but he must be an insane extremist.

Tang Xiao’s eyes stayed locked on Master Su, which gave the latter the illusion of being nakedly taken advantage of. The persistence, intensity, madness as well as indulgence in those eyes all deeply irritated Su Bai. Behaving so obscenely and profanely, yet his eyes were frank and honest that one would mistake him for a decent man.

Master Su was violently stabbed in the heart by this first contact with the strange gaze, and the surrounding temperature suddenly rose to an extremely frightening realm. All the reason and restraint seemed as if they would collapse and melt away in the next moment, strong androgenic hormones filled the air so that you could not resist, the other party’s dominant predatory vision bright in the darkness like the pupils of a black panther’s eyes, the madness of repressed yet frantic intent.

This intent turned into a sharp blade flashing dangerously in the darkness, flying towards Su Bai slash after slash, determined to break through layer after layer of the other’s defenses.

Su Bai’s chest tightened, the shock he felt when he was sitting on the plane with a premonition of death was not as violent as this.

Should he fight back?

But when he thought of two big men masturbating face to face, Master Su really felt ridiculous and found it comical. In terms of shamelessness, he, a well-educated old man, had really lost out completely to Tang Xiao, a fierce and savage rogue with a decent appearance and figure.

Clap clap clap.

Master Su could not help but burst into applause and exclaimed, “Mr. Tang is really no ordinary person, I’ve really underestimated you.”

“Mmmm-” A low muffled grunt, hot and salty sweat dripping down, the man covered in soaring intensity unleashed a breathtaking sensuality. His sexiness and charisma released like a fierce military weapon with strong gunfire, and his low, hoarse voice responded enthusiastically to the other man’s praise.

“I have something even more different than ordinary, would Master Su like to try it out?”

It was not that he had not slept with men before, but for one thing, he was not used to being pressed, and for another, he had no interest in pressing down a strong man, but if it was enthusiastic service offered by the other party, he would not necessarily refuse.

The most important thing was to be able to get the most out of the situation. Just as Master Su did not expect Tang Xiao to put away his arrogance, Tang Xiao did not expect the tough and ruthless Su Bai to give up just because he saw a man masturbating in front of him.

Such a man, however, made his blood boil more and more to a critical point where it was about to explode.

At this moment, Tang Xiao realized clearly that there was no one else in this world who could drive him as crazy as Su Bai.

“You understand what should be done.”

As a normal man, being aroused by desire was something that could not be denied, and being faithful to one’s desires was also a natural choice, so there was no need to feel ashamed of it.

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