RMS: Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Beautiful night scenery, romantic candlelight, exquisite and delicious dishes, with two men sitting at both ends of the table.

“Good taste.” Master Su gave a rare compliment.

“Thank you.” Tang Xiao raised his glass.

This was the dinner date that Su Bai promised Tang Xiao yesterday. Compared to the usual, the dining place was moved from the villa to a private courtyard that had the best view in Hong Kong. There were no Tang Ka and Anna at the table.

Su Bai liked to enjoy life. Being alive was the best thing. If matched with good wine and food, power and wealth, reputation and career, it was like a luxury house with high-quality furniture, trained servants and a lovely bed warmer. Even if you lived in a dark, damp and smelly ditch, you would have the opportunity to climb to the top of the pyramid by stepping on the garbage and bodies in the ditch as long as you live.

Except for the dead, of course. When a person dies, there was no hope or opportunity. Only a slowly decaying body is left, crawling with maggots and flies, a minute or two of compassion from those close to him, and a sneer from the enemies.

Dead, forgotten, abandoned, and not amounting to anything.

“Tomorrow, Chen Tianhe has a batch of smuggled goods worth 500 million to go by sea. Ah-Ka is ready, and once Chen Tianhe’s goods are intercepted by the customs, we can go to see Chen San.” Tang Xiao cut the tender beef on the plate.

“It’s good to be alive.” The bright red liquid in the transparent glass reflected charming colours under the light. Su Bai sighed gently and drank a whole glass of red wine with one mouthful. The liquor flowed down his throat to his stomach and rolled up. With short stinging sensations, he felt relaxed all over his body.

Tang Xiao stopped talking about “work” and got up to fill the wine glass for the man. Seeing that Su Bai had another drink, he poured the wine again.

After filling two glasses of red wine, Master Su shook the glass half-full of wine in his hand and looked at the man sitting opposite him. Through the glass dyed red by the wine, the man’s handsome and restrained face became unreal under the light and shadow.

“If you get fat, you can lose weight again; if you have no money, you can try to earn it back; even if you feel ugly, you can go for cosmetic surgery to make yourself more beautiful.” He stared at the glass. After finishing his words, he drank up the wine in the glass and there was not a drop left.

“People can live quietly, with an ordinary life, and bring a lot of money to a place where they will never meet Chen Yuan.” He smiled softly.

“If that was the case, you wouldn’t be Master Su Bai.” Tang Xiao continued to fill Su Bai’s glass with wine.

“You want to get me drunk?” This was the fourth glass of red wine.

Tang Xiao turned and took another glass and poured a cup of tequila: “Master Su, do you remember at the beginning, when you asked me why I believed that you were Su Bai rather than Su Mo?”

Without waiting for Su Bai’s answer, Tang Xiao drank half the tequila with a stern face and looked at the man opposite. “I was pushed into the water when I was a child and almost died. Later, I woke up after a coma after half a year. During that half a year, I was like a lonely ghost floating outside every day.”

“Ghost story?” Su Bai burst out laughing, he leaned forward and stared at Tang Xiao with great interest.

“Yes, ghost stories. We can make a pair of ghosts.” Tang Xiao smiled gently and pushed the remaining half cup of tequila to Su Bai. “This is the first time I have talked to someone about this, and it will probably be the only time.”

“Don’t take your heart out for me, I won’t necessarily believe you. Don’t have too much hope with me either, your disappointment will be great.” He glanced at the tequila in front of him.

Tang Xiao replaced the cut beef with the plate that Su Bai had not touched before, “Eat something, or your stomach will be uncomfortable.”

Master Su forked a piece of beef into his mouth with no hesitation and ate it. It was tender but not gamey, juicy and delicious.

Tang Xiao looked at Su Bai eating two to three pieces of beef before saying, “I’m not afraid of disappointment, not to mention failure. I’m just afraid that the Master Su who feared nothing doesn’t even have the courage to fall in love with people.”

“Don’t use provocation against me.” Holding a fork, he pointed at Tang Xiao impolitely.

“Then date with me.”

Fortunately he had swallowed the food in his mouth before Tang Xiao spoke his words, Master Su thought, otherwise he would have spat out his food. Should he praise Tang Xiao’s bluntness? Although he did not like the people around him who had many thoughts hiding inside, but sometimes straightforwardness was hard to resist.

“Since you don’t hate men, why don’t you try to date with me? Besides, the person you want to deal with is Chen Yuan. With his enthusiasm for you, if he knew that you were dating me, he would hate me to death.” Tang Xiao mixed half a glass of tequila with red wine and continued, “We will become the same glass of wine. Your troubles are as mine as we are in the same position. Even if the glass is broken, I will still be with you.”

Tang Xiao added with fierceness, “Chen Yuan is the one you must eradicate. On the other hand, he is my love rival. We have a common enemy.”

“Tang Xiao, don’t you think you’re crazy?” He could clearly protect himself, yet jumped into the big vat and got together with him. He did not even need to set up a trap to let Tang Xiao fall in, the other party would naturally and generously come himself.

“I always thought I was a very rational person.”

“Crazy people often don’t think they’re crazy.”

Tang Xiao changed his sitting position and smiled gently, “Other than me, including T as a bet, I confess to you that I want to get the chip from Simon, not to avenge my dead fiancee, but to avoid others from learning clues about T’s identity from the chip, so as to infer that I am T.”

The top secret of T was simply let out from Tang Xiao’s mouth. This guy was definitely the most unreasonable person Su Bai had ever met.

“If you want to make a comeback, you need the power behind you. I believe you have a good card in your hand, but if you add the triumph card of T, you will have a better chance of winning. Whether it’s Tang Xiao or T, being able to cooperate with the Su family is tantamount to a strong alliance, and I will be your most perfect partner.”

“Are you sure it’s not collaborator but a partner?” The last two words in Tang Xiao’s mouth made Su Bai raise a brow.

“Master Su, go out with me.”

Su Bai narrowed his long narrow eyes. A serious man reflected in his dark eyes. He was silent for a moment before saying, “I must be crazy to seriously consider the possibility of dating you.”



Chen Tianhe’s smuggled goods sent to the mainland were cut by the customs, halfway out of Song Chuyun’s hands before they arrived, with not a single hair left. A full 500 million goods was as gone as nothing. On the same day, the talk between Chen Tianhe and Song chuyun collapsed. There was chaos in the Chen family and accusations of each other hiding traitors.

On the third day of the incident, Tang Xiao met with Chen San with Su Bai.

The conversation was between the two big bosses and so as the “family member” of Tang Xiao, Master Su strolled around the Chen family’s mansion calmly. Enjoying the Tang Dynasty porcelain collected by Chen San, he calculated which of these antiques he would take back to play with after the Chen family arrived in his hand half a month later.

The conversation between Tang Xiao and Chen San went smoothly. Chen San warmly invited Tang Xiao to stay for dinner, and after they finished eating, Chen San took Tang Xiao for a conversation that no one else knew. Finally, he warmly offered Tang Xiao to stay for one night and go to the internal meeting of the Chen family clan tomorrow.

The decoration of the Chen family’s mansion was very classical and there were many rooms, but why were they placed into the same room?

Recently, what bothered Master Su most was not how to feed traitors bullets one by one in the future, nor how to re-sit as the boss of the Su family, but how to face Tang Xiao every day. If Chen Yuan was a downright stuffy gourd, Tang Xiao was just the opposite. The belligerent nature in the man’s bones was fully reflected in the field of love. Energetic, fearless, full of sweet talks, gentle and obedient, bombarding Su Bai like sugar-coated bombs.

Now they have to live in a room with only one super big bed?!

“There seems to be no sofa in the room.” Master Su glanced at the room. There was only one super big bed. His eyes suddenly stopped on the head of the bed drawer. What is that, lubricant?!

“Yes.” The words of the person behind him sounded normal, but Master Su felt a deep sense of joy in his tone.

“You, go out.” He pointed to the door.

“Chen San will be suspicious.” Tang Xiao smiled, “You became famous in the last auction party. Everyone knows you are my darling now.”

“Don’t you find that disgusting, with the use of ‘darling’.” Master Su pointed to the bare ground again, “You sleep here.” Then he turned around ruthlessly and went into the bathroom.

After filling the tub with hot water, Su Bai comfortably soaked in. A tall figure of a man appeared outside the frosted door of the bathroom.

“Master Su, do you want your back scrubbed?”


“Call me if you need any service.” The figure disappeared.

Soaking in the bathtub, Master Su supported his jaw in thought. Half an hour later, he came out wearing a bathrobe, while Tang Xiao had listened and had put a mattress on the floor.

However you look at it, the man who should be sitting in a boss’s chair smoking cigars should not be sitting cross legged on the floor. When he heard the sound of the bathroom door opening, Tang Xiao looked at its direction in reflex. Due to his position, his vision naturally fell on the exposed calves. He looked at the two slender legs coming towards him, and every step taken had the white robe shake slightly, Above the lower leg was a beautiful knee, above the knee… Can’t see.

Su Bai stopped, “Let’s sleep together.”

Tang Xiao’s sight moved up from that leg until he saw the smile of the man, feeling something bad was coming.

“But you can’t touch even my finger. Can you do it?”

Tang Xiao smiled bitterly, “Is this a test?”

For a normal man, it was a cruel test.

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