RMS: Chapter 30

Chapter 30

As the day darkened, the night life of Hong Kong became charming.

“President Chen has only invited Mr. Su.” Glade, who was ordered to stay downstairs waiting for Su Bai’s appointment, was staring at Ye Ziwu coldly.

Different from his usual playful demeanour, Ye Ziwu’s gaze was burning, yet under the attention of the other party, he stayed calm and composed. He turned back and smiled at Master Su, “Mr. Su, it seems that you can only spend dinner with me tonight.”

“I won’t go up without him.” Su Bai stood beside Ye Ziwu.

Glade glanced at the man invited by Chen Yuan to dinner. At first, he thought the man was just someone who looked a little similar to Master Su, but Su Mo knowing someone as difficult as Ye Ziwu was unexpected.

“Please wait a minute.”

Glade turned and walked a few steps, taking out his phone and spoke a few words before hanging up. He soon came back and looked at Su Bai, “President Chen will come down to pick you up right away.” His tone still stiff, but his attitude had turned more respectful.

Without letting Su Bai and Ye Ziwu wait too long, Chen Yuan personally came to the downstairs of the hotel after only a minute, but he did not go directly to Su Bai.

Chen Yuan gave Glade a slap, “Did you forget what I told you? Let me know immediately when Master Su arrives!”

Glade received the slap publicly in silence. Su Bai glanced at him for a moment. If it were ordinary people, they would have been unwilling, especially when Chen Yuan addressed a man who merely resembled Master Su, “Master Su”.

After apologizing, Glade stood aside in a straight pose without any anger or unwillingness in his eyes. Su Bai noted down silently, this man is difficult to deal with and must be removed.

“You are here.” Chen Yuan’s face was gentle and had careful smile, as if the Chen Yuan who had just been angry and hit someone was just an illusion.

Su Bai just laughed lightly, with Ye Ziwu beside him the less he talked, the better. Chen Yuan was not blind. After looking at Su Bai affectionately for a moment, he reluctantly looked at the Interpol standing next to Master Su like a bodyguard.

Ye Ziwu looked at the boss of the Su family coldly, but the other party only spared him a momentary glance.

Chen Yuan personally took Su Bai upstairs, with Ye Ziwu naturally following him to the hotel floor.

The whole floor was empty. It was obvious Chen Yuan spent a large sum to book the whole place. Facing Ye Ziwu, Chen Yuan pointed to the table closest to the elevator door in the floor. His attitude was cold, “Officer ye, please stop your steps.”

The eyes of the two men clashed, as if invisible shadow of swords were flying around.

“Ye, please wait for me here.” Not interested in watching a staring contest between two youngsters, Su Bai was a little hungry.

Since Master Su had spoken his piece, Ye Ziwu said nothing more. He chose a seat where he could see Master Su and Chen Yuan eating in clear view before sitting down.

“Will you be taking Su Mo home later?” Asked Chen Yuan.


Chen Yuan summoned the waiter, “Pour a glass of water for this gentleman.” Then alcohol was not an option.

Ye Ziwu had no objection.



In terms of gaining the trust of people’s hearts, Mr. Su had always adhered to Zhang Juzheng’s sentence, “What you like, I will too. What you hate, I will also. You and I united, we are no different from each other”.

To get a person’s heart is to give in to his favors. One of the worst things Master Su did was to think that Chen Yuan and he were the same heart. He thought that Chen Yuan wanted his love like a father, brother and teacher.

“Master Su, come back with me.”

As soon as he took his seat, Chen Yuan opened his mouth directly.

When Tang Xiao was threatened by the direct confession at the ball and the subsequent flowers, Chen Yuan felt not just threat, but fear; a fear of losing Su Bai, a fear that he could no longer stay around Su Bai. The thought consumed every inch of his heart every day like a huge devouring insect.

Master Su took a sip of the red wine at hand and nodded, “It’s my favorite taste.”

“Chen Yuan remembers everything about Master Su.”

Remembers the time when Master Su gets up and takes a bath every day, remembers the weather he likes to go out in, what he likes to eat in summer, and how he never touches anything in winter…

He remembered it all, firmly in his heart, even clearer than Su Bai himself.

The white gloves had been taken off when he saw Su Bai, holding a knife and fork in each hand. Chen Yuan bowed his head and carefully cut the steak until it was all neat pieces, replacing the steak in front of Su Bai that had not been cut.

“You are the student I am most proud of.” A long sigh.

“Master…” The knife and fork in his hand almost fell onto the table. Chen Yuan looked at Su Bai and kept his gaze.

He was used to such hot eyes. In the three years since Lin Fan had died, Chen Yuan looked at him with more heat and more presumptuously. At that time, it was not that it did not occur to him that Chen Yuan had different feelings for himself, but he assumed it was too ridiculous. A child raised by himself would have regarded himself as a father at most. How could it be feelings of love between lovers?

Until he was sent to the island by Chen Yuan and put under house arrest under the name of convalescence, until Chen Yuan held him carefully for the first time, until he was reborn and stood at the reception of the party, when Chen Yuan indirectly confessed to him.

“You still know I’m your master?”

Su Bai’s words were gentle, yet it hurt more than a gunshot in Chen Yuan’s heart. The man started to become flustered. Countless words wanted to be expressed, but in the end, he could only say three words clumsily, “I love you.”

I love you deeply from the first day you took me from the streets.

“Master Su, I love you.”

So, I want to be with you. Forever for my whole life.

“Love me?” Giving a sneer, Master Su looked lightly at the man sitting opposite him, “So you betrayed me, put me under house arrest and forced me? Chen Yuan, Su Bai is dead now, he died in the plane crash, with no bones nor corpse left. This is your love.”

Chen Yuan’s face was pale. The knife and fork in his hands finally fell down and hit the plate with a crisp sound.

In the distance, Ye Ziwu quickly glanced over warily and saw that Su Bai was still sitting well without calling for help. He continued to fold his hands on his chest, acting as a bodyguard.

“You truly love me, don’t you.” Smiling, he raised his glass. The scarlet wine looked like the color of blood. Taking a sip, the residual liquor stained the corners of his mouth and exuded a cruel red.

There was no need for Master Su to say anything else. He had said all he could when Chen Yuan forced him into house arrest. He scolded, beat, was sad and helpless.

He put too much trust and energy into Chen Yuan, and once placed the deepest hope on him.

It was not something a simple “I love you” or “I’m sorry” could erase. If he did not come back from the dead and sat here as Su Mo, who would Chen Yuan talk to today? A cold tombstone, or an empty grave where no bones could be found?

“Don’t leave me, Master Su, please don’t leave me.” Chen Yuan looked straight at the man in front of him, his eyes were full of insecurity and supplication.

“You betrayed me just to prevent me from leaving you? Chen Yuan, you silly child, why didn’t you tell me you liked me from the beginning?” Su Bai softened his tone a little. There did not seem to be much blame in his eyes.

“I’m afraid.”

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid once I tell you, you won’t want me anymore.”

The simple conversation of asking and answering had returned Su Bai in a trance to the time when he was still Master Su and Chen Yuan was still under him a few years ago.

Chen Yuan was not stupid, he knew that when he could not help killing Lin fan, Master Su would have more eyes on him. He knew that once Master Su found out about his abnormal love for him, he would give him up without hesitation.

When Su Bai began to reduce his power step by step three years ago, Chen Yuan could only face two choices: one was to let Master Su peel off his power and then be abandoned by Su Bai; the other was to use the strength accumulated over the past few years to completely pull Master Su down from the throne.

He just wanted to be with Master Su as long as he could, a goal so simple and direct.

“I have never loved anyone in my life. If you had told me earlier, maybe there would have been no today. Maybe we could have had another life.”

The suggestive words completely stunned Chen Yuan. An indescribable sourness, grievance and regret woven into a huge python that tightly coiled him. Tighter and tighter, until his chest was going to burst and he could not breathe.

Two lines of tears fell silently along the corners of Chen Yuan’s eyes.

However, there is no medicine of regret in this world.

“Please, please love me, just a little, a little is enough.” He stared dumbly at the person sitting opposite.

“You can make me do anything. Love me, won’t you? Master Su, I can do anything you want me to do, for you.” No matter how dangerous the person was, he was also a man of flesh and blood. Chen Yuan choked.

Su Bai stood up from his seat in silence. Chen Yuan looked up and watched the man come to him step by step. Su Bai reached out and gently wiped away the residual tears on his face.

“Maybe God wanted me to be reborn so that I could hear you say those three words to me?”

Chen Yuan’s eyes brightened, as if he suddenly saw a gate to heaven in the abyss of hell.

“Master Su, please give me a chance, let me love you well, I’ll give you everything I have, love me, love me too, okay?” Chen Yuan stretched out his hand. He wanted to touch Master Su gently, afraid that it would make the man he once lost angry.

“Okay.” Master Su stepped forward and hugged Chen Yuan’s head.

Lying in the man’s arms, the familiar feeling, the temperature and breath belonging to Master Su, was like an unreal dream, a dream Chen Yuan did not want to wake up from.

“I won’t, I won’t lock you up again. Don’t die, don’t leave me.”

At the end of the meal, Master Su only drank two mouthfuls of wine and left. Chen Yuan silently watched the man leave. Even if he wanted to keep Su Bai, there was no way. Ye Ziwu followed him like a real bodyguard.

“What did you tell him? I saw he laugh and cry like a madman. He must be mentally ill.” While driving, Ye Ziwu said.

“He just likes Master Su too much, but I think he should know I’m not Master Su now.”

“He promised to let you go?” Ye Ziwu only cared about this part.

“I promised him to visit him often in the future.”

“What?! He’s completely insane. You have to stay away from him!”

“But I think he’s very pitiful. The person he likes is dead, that feeling must be very uncomfortable.” Su Bai looked at Ye Ziwu through the reflection of the car window. The latter replied with silence when hearing his words.

Thinking of Lin fan? Master Su continued to look out of the window. The car was quiet.

“A man once told me that in every man’s heart, there will always be a special place for a special person.” Su Bai turned to look at Ye Ziwu.



The light in the living room on the first floor of the villa was still on. When Su Bai went in, he saw Tang Xiao sitting in a corner of the sofa in the living room smoking a cigar alone.


“Even if you tell me you were waiting for me to come home, I won’t be moved.”

The clock on the wall of the living room pointed to one o’clock in the morning. After leaving Chen Yuan, he chatted with Ye Ziwu a little, about Lin fan, and how Ye Ziwu met, fell in love with and broke up with Lin fan, and how he found the once beautiful Lin Fan in the garbage dumps that day.

“I’ll still wait for you.”

Ignoring Tang Xiao, he walked to the entrance of the stairs and said, “You told me that every man’s heart will always have a special place for a special person. If your most special position had been given to your fiancee, don’t provoke me.”

“I said this, but I don’t believe I said that the person who occupies the most special position in my heart is my fiancee.” He got up from the sofa and walked slowly to Master Su standing on the steps. The height difference of the steps made Tang Xiao slightly look up at the man in front of him.

Master Su raised his eyebrow and said, “There was no fiancee at all. Everything was made for outsiders by yourself. Infatuated President Tang.”

“Master Su, I love your intelligence.” He reached for the man’s hand on the handrail of the stairs.

“You lied to me.” Raising his hand, Su Bai was about to fan down.

“I didn’t lie to you. I did have a fiancee, but she died under ‘unfortunate’ circumstances.” Boldly grabbing Su Bai’s hand, Tang Xiao pressed it to his chest, “Now it’s yours.”

Su Bai withdrew his hand and went upstairs without looking back.

Going into the room he locked the door behind him. Tang Xiao had been weird every morning these days, running into the room with either flowers or breakfast he had made.

Su Bai fell heavily on the bed with some fatigue. After a while, he took out his phone from his pocket, scanned the information on it, and pressed a series of numbers.

“Simon.” The phone rang twice before connecting.

“Teacher, I have found something. As you have thought, Song Chuyun wanted Chen Tianhe to die not only for the sake of never having future bloodlines, but also for Chen Tianhe’s past sexual violence against Chen Yu, which had been recorded with a series of photos and videos.”

“You have it?”

“Yes, would you like it delivered to you?”

“Not needed.”

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