RMS: Chapter 29

Chapter 29

The Chen family mainly engaged in smuggling business in Hong Kong. In recent years, with the economic development of the mainland, the Chen family began to focus on its huge market. The Song family was rooted in the southeast area of the mainland, which provided smuggling channels for the Chen family, giving them a fixed source of smuggled goods in Hong Kong for many years.

One had connections and the other had goods.

“It takes too much manpower and resources to confront the Chen family head-on. We need to capture the Chen family slowly through indirect means. The cooperation between the Chen family and Song Chuyun was achieved by Chen Tianhe’s exchange using Chen Yu. The deal was also a powerful weight in supporting Chen Tianhe’s position in the Chen family. We start from two ways: one is to destroy the relationship between Chen Tianhe and Song Chuyun; the other is that I take the initiative to cooperate with the Chen family, through a veteran there. “

On the small meeting table, Tang Xiao began to assign tasks.

“Ah-Ka, the day after tomorrow, Chen Tianhe has a batch of cars with smuggled goods to be transported from the port to Huizhou. Go and tell the people of the General Administration of Customs, sell them the information and earn a favor.”

With his fingers crossed in front of his chest, Su Bai secretly gave Tang Xiao a good evaluation. He was ruthless with the enemy he was going to deal with, yet was able to make some friends with the lawful. As expected, the title of top commander of the mercenary organization was not for nothing.

“No problem! Leave it to me!” Tang Ka replied with charm.

“Su Mo and I will take the other way.” Tang Xiao looked at Master Su.

Although Tang Ka was usually full of nonsense, when it comes to work he does his business cleanly. After receiving the task, he immediately went to plan with his men. At that moment, only Tang Xiao and Su Bai are left in the study.

“Master Su seems to have something else to say.”

“What people want is only a word: profit. If we want to crack down, it must be done thoroughly.” Master Su smiled gently. “The foundation of the Chen family lies in smuggling, with its advantage lying in its sources. Your two strategies are good, but if you cut off its source of goods, the Chen family could not live even if they wanted to.”

“The Chen family has a long history in Hong Kong. It’s not going to be easy touching its sources.”

“Who do you think the suppliers will choose when compared with the Su family, which is entrenched in Eurasian forces?” The man threw out the sentence lightly.

Tang Xiao frowned, “I know water can’t flow into outsiders’ fields [benefits cannot be given to outsiders], but what you do now will only strengthen Chen Yuan’s power in the Su family.”

He got up, walked over and patted Tang Xiao on the shoulder. Master Su said with great sincerity, “You need not worry about me. Since I can think of this method, I naturally have means of follow-up.”

“Master Su, I’ll admit you’re smart, but I have to remind you that you fell in the hands of Chen Yuan.” And died once from, a sentence Tang Xiao politely refrained from saying.

His fingers angled up the man’s jaw. Su Bai narrowed his eyes, and the bottom of his eyes flashed with danger, “I won’t make the same mistake again.”

If it had not been for the plane accident, the Su family would still be firmly in his hand.

The last mistake was due to his unwillingness to deal with Chen Yuan, was due to the “education” of the children he picked up. Each one of them used the methods he taught them to deal with himself.

He took out a delicate little card from his pocket. Su Bai shook it in front of Tang Xiao, “Chen Yuan invited me to dinner tonight.”

“Are you going?” Although he had guessed that Su Bai would contact Chen Yuan sooner or later, Tang Xiao was still very uncomfortable, not only because he was worried about Master Su, but also because any man would not be happy to see the person he liked have dinner with his rival.

“I should be seeing him too.” Fingers gently smoothed Tang Xiao’s furrowed brows and Su Bai raised the corners of his mouth provocatively, “Why, is President Tang jealous?”

“We didn’t have dinner together once.” Not counting the humble house in City A, it was a lunch together at noon.

“And you’re expecting me to ask you out?”

“I wonder if I have the honor to have dinner with you alone tomorrow night?” He immediately invited.

The hint was already given, and although he knew it was Master Su’s usual trick to win people’s hearts, yet it was also Tang Xiao’s weakness. If Master Su deliberately wooed him, he would love for it to happen everyday.

“I like a location with good scenery.”

“Going out now?”

“You don’t have to pick me up later.” He turned and walked towards the door.

“I’ll send someone to protect you.”

“No, I’ve found the best bodyguard.”

After Su Bai left, Tang Xiao looked at the closed study door and sighed, “Master Su, have you been plotting against the Chen family since I told you to get the chip?”

He turned on the computer and began T’s work. To catch up with Master Su, he had to have enough power to stand beside the man.

Best bodyguard? Who could be the best bodyguard in the world other than T?



It was sunny today, a good day for going out for a date.

Outside the big iron gate of the Tang family villa, someone had already prepared the transportation tools for the outgoing Master Su. Su Bai saw the bright smiling face he had not seen for months — Ye Ziwu — who still smelled of clean sunshine. When he approached, he found that the man seemed to be a little more tan than usual. It seems that he had been running outside in recent months.

“Mr Su!” Like a large and lively Samoyed dog, he welcomed him with open arms. Master Su was hugged with strength, Ye Ziwu’s enthusiasm was as usual.

In the car, Ye Ziwu looked at the man in the passenger’s seat whenever he could, and the upward arc of the corner of his mouth went up every time he looked.

“I know I’m handsome and unmatched, but you don’t have to stare at me all the time.” Su Bai leaned his elbow against the window and clubbed his jaw, giving Ye Ziwu a gentle smile.

“That’s because Mr Su, you look great after losing weight.”

“Oh, I used to be ugly when I was fat?”

“Of course not!” He immediately denied it and quickly explained, “Mr Su is very cute when fat, and you look good even when slimmed down. I like both Su Mo’s very much.”

Su Bai pretended to smile reluctantly.

“Mr Su, are you still worrying about Chen Yuan?” Ye Ziwu leaned his car against the side of the lane, crossing the road was a blue sea. It was also on the beach where he ran and chatted with Su Mo every day.

Although those days were short and simple, Ye Ziwu missed it the whole summer. Later, when he came to China to investigate the Su Bai plane accident, he immediately went to City A to see Su Mo. As a result, when he arrived at the sunset mountain villa, he only saw Chunyan around cleaning. It was then he learned that Su Mo went to Hong Kong with Tang Xiao shortly after the school holiday.

As a rich and single rich man in Asia, how did Tang Xiao manage to get along with Su Mo?

Soon after, the headquarters heard that the black box memory card from Su Bai’s plane was stolen by Simon D. Chen Yuan of the Su family also rushed all the way to Hong Kong from Europe, where Ye Ziwu arrived.

He was going to find Su Mo, but he had a task alongside his presence here. He was still struggling to decide, but now that all the people he wanted to investigate were in Hong Kong, he could also stop by to find Su mo.

“I… I just didn’t expect to encounter such trouble after losing weight.” The innocent appearance practiced in front of the mirror for a long time finally came in handy. This helpless and troubled expression was most suitable with Su Mo’s “old good face”.

Although Su Mo is similar to Su Bai when he was young, compared with Su Bai’s cold and sharp facial features, Su Mo’s face appears much more amiable and soft.

Ye Ziwu frowned. After he arrived in Hong Kong, he used some authority to get Su Mo’s contact information. Just after talking on the phone, Ye Ziwu did not think that the reason why Su Mo was brought to Hong Kong by Tang Xiao was that Su Mo looked like Su Bai when he was young. Chen Yuan even targeted Su Mo for this reason, and Su Mo had to come to Hong Kong with Tang Xiao in order to avoid the man.

As for how Su Mo met Tang Xiao, Su Mo said on the phone that it was because his brother Su Yiyang was an international entertainment star. After meeting Tang Xiao unexpectedly, the other party offered to protect him.

“Mr Su, you can go back with me to Lyon, France, where Chen Yuan will never dare to touch your hair. I will be your bodyguard!” The young man patted his chest with confidence.

Master Su was amused by Ye Ziwu’s exaggerated appearance, “If you can be my personal bodyguard, it’s Chen Yuan who should be worrying.”

“In fact… Chen Yuan invited me to dinner tonight.”

“Mr Su, you couldn’t have said yes to that bastard? Don’t be cheated by them. They are too dangerous. They are a group of poisonous snakes!” He criticized impolitely.

“Ye, I have agreed to Chen Yuan’s invitation,” Su Bai bit his lower lip and said seriously. “I think he may have been hit by Su Bai’s sudden departure, and seeing that I look like Su Bai, he might have took me as a substitute. I’ve wanted to talk to him face-to-face before, but I was a little afraid.”

Master Su raised his head and looked straight at Ye Ziwu. His eyes reflected in the sun, “Maybe he will let me go after I talk to him, don’t you think?”

Of course not. How could those poisonous snakes be reasonable, not to mention the madman Chen Yuan?

“Well, Mr. Su, you can go if you want. He doesn’t dare to touch you with me around.” Looking at those clean and clear eyes, Ye Ziwu could not bare to extinguish Su Mo’s hope. This man was too simple and naive, so he jumped into the sea in despair after being betrayed before.

“Ziwu have you seen Master Su before?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

“Do I really look like him?”

Ye Ziwu stared at Su Bai’s face for a while, pretending to be profound and said, “In all honesty, the similarity is not much. That man Su Bai is a little gloomy. The only resemblance is the eyes. And Mr. Su, you are much younger than the old man Su Bai.”

Old man——

Master Su felt a place somewhere in his heart began to collapse, old man! Ye Ziwu said he was an old man. Even if he was over 40, he would not look old at all!

“Mr Su, why does your face look unwell again? Are you worried about meeting Chen Yuan at night? Don’t worry, leave it to me! I’m a super Interpol officer, and Chen Yuan won’t dare to do anything.” A complete misunderstanding.

“Oh, thank you, Ziwu.” A complete lie from the truth in his heart.

T/N: Hello everyone! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Fish would like to take some time to write a note here to talk with you all. As you may have noticed, updates for RMS is very unstable and take months to appear, and for this, Fish would like to give their sincerest apologies. Sorry for not being able to keep up with responsibilities, and leaving everyone hanging with each chapter (´;ω;`) (Though, things will likely remain unchanged, lol)

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