RMS: Chapter 28

Chapter 28

When Su Bai slapped him, it did not actually hurt that much, but the effect of it was quite exaggerating. Chen Yu tried to cover it with his bangs in the mirror, but his cheeks were extremely puffy and red, which his short hair could not cover at all.

“Forget it.” Looking at the pale and pitiful man in the mirror, Chen Yu smiled bitterly. In this house, he was just one of the many bed companions around Song Chuyun anyways.

Did he want to avenge his mother? Of course, when he knew the truth about his mother’s death, he almost killed the woman with a gun. That was why he was rejected by his father after the failure and sent here as a gift by his so-called brother.

The one who destroyed his mother and his home, so what if he destroyed it himself?

He would not give up even if the chance is little.

When Chen Yu came out of the bathroom, he saw a man sitting on his bed with slippers on, playing with a cigarette case. He quickly remembered that the cigarette case was stuffed into his coat pocket by Su Bai at the auction reception the day before yesterday. After he came back, he only smoked one cigarette and put the cigarette case in the bedside cabinet. How did Song Chuyun find it?

“You know how to smoke?” Song Chuyun raised his head.

“Just learned it.”

“The one who hit you in the face is the one who gave you cigarettes?”

Chen Yu hesitated and remembered that when Su Bai left, he told him to go along with Song Chuyun for these few days. He nodded, “Yes.”

“Don’t smoke again.” Song Chuyun put the unfinished cigarette into his pocket.

“Okay.” Chen Yu lowered his head and replied in a muffled voice. He was not even given a choice.

“Does your face still hurt?” The voice seemed softer.

“Not anymore.”

“Are you afraid of me?” The man patted the place next to him, “Sit here.”

Chen Yu obediently sat down. If it was the normal days, he would have hesitated a little. However, once he made up his mind, he would become different. Song Chuyun seemed very satisfied with Chen Yu’s obedience. He smiled, put his hand around Chen Yu’s shoulder and kissed Chen Yu on his swollen face.

Chen Yu’s eyes flickered with his gentle actions. In fact, he did not understand in some places. When there were outsiders, Song Chuyun either ignored him or was rude. However, when the two were alone, the man’s gentleness sometimes gave him an illusion that the other party loved him.

Song Chuyun reached out and touched Chen Yu’s injured cheek, “Have you told anyone except me who hit you? Or did someone else see Su Mo hit you? “


“It’s me.” He suddenly stared at Chen Yu seriously.

Chen Yu was a little puzzled. What did he mean? Su Mo beat him. Why would Song Chuyun beat him?

“I beat you, understand?” Song Chuyun emphasized it again.

Speaking of it, Song Chuyun beat him several times in front of outsiders. His hits looked heavy, but in fact there was no great damage. In this house, Song Chuyun did not treat him badly other than forcing him to sleep with him every day.

“I understand.” Chen Yu nodded. Perhaps Song Chuyun thought getting hit by other people was an embarrassing thing.

“I’m leaving.” Song Chuyun stood up.

“Oh.” Not spending the night in his room today? That’s nice.

When he reached the door, Song Chuyun stated, “Smoke… One or two occasionally. Anymore and it’s bad for your health.”

Is this concern? Chen Yu did not have time to look at the expression on Song Chuyun’s face before the door closed.

Leaving Chen Yu’s room, Song Chuyun went to the study alone. Entering the password at the door, he opened the door and went inside. The curtains of the study were pulled down, the lights turned on and Song Chuyun sat behind the desk.

From his coat pocket, he took out the cigarette case he had just taken from Chen Yu. Song Chuyun carefully tore the wrapping paper on the cigarette case. There was a row of numbers on the wrapping, which looked like a person’s telephone number.

Song Chuyun took out his mobile phone and found a text message without caller ID:

[It’s in your cutie’s possession. Look for it — Your Grandpa]

Frowning, Song Chuyun deleted the text message. After thinking for a minute, he dialed according to the number on the cigarette case. The phone rang four or five times before the other party slowly picked up the phone.

“What’s your relationship with Master Su?” Song Chuyun took the lead.

[It doesn’t matter who I am. You just have to follow the original plan.]

“Master Su died a few months ago. Now the boss of the Su family is Chen Yuan. How do you want me to believe you?”

[As soon as Lord Su dies, you want to take Chen Yuan’s side? Song Chuyun, don’t be too smart, and don’t forget who the real master of the Song family is. If you don’t understand, you can call your father.] The voice was gentle, but every word was clearly bloodied threats.

“The leader of the whole plan is Master Su, and the Song family will only obey Master Su.”

[Don’t tell me Simon hasn’t contacted you.]

Song Chuyun was silent for a moment and said, “I can’t completely trust you. Once the plan fails, the Song family can’t afford Chen Yuan’s revenge.”

[As long as you obey, I don’t need your trust. Don’t try to challenge my patience. Instead of worrying about the life and death of the Song family and your lovely future, you might as well open your eyes and look at the present, and think about whether Chen Yu, whom you wholeheartedly protect, can see the sun tomorrow morning, or whether your song family can bear the destruction from Simon.]

“What did you do to Chen Yu?!”

[Why don’t I tell you who I am? I’m Su Mo, someone who is qualified to inherit the Su family and the successor appointed by Master Su Bai. Chen Yuan is just a traitor. Okay, don’t be so nervous. I didn’t do anything to your little cutie and didn’t add ingredients to his cigarette, but you’d better recognize your identity and choose well.]

[Next time, it will not be as gentle as a slap.] The other party hung up directly.

Song Chuyun’s tight nerves gradually relaxed, there was cold sweat on his back, and the smoke scattered on the desk laid quietly on the cigarette shell.



The clock hanging on the wall pointed to 7:10 in the morning. Su Bai glanced at the time and closed his eyes again. The remaining 20 minutes was used to wake his brain up and sort out what must be done today.

At 7:30, he entered the bathroom on time and took a comfortable hot bath.

At eight o’clock, Mr. Su changed his clothes and came out of the bathroom fresh and cleaned up.

“What are you doing?”

“Breakfast together.” Tang Xiao poured a cup of sugar-free soybean milk on the table and looked up at Master Su with a faint smile.

In the morning, the sun, the table, breakfast for two, a simple vase with a few little daisies, and two men sitting at both ends of the table.

“Why don’t you have breakfast with Ah-Ka and the others?” Master Su drank the sugar-free soybean milk.

“I thought a date was when two people eat alone.” Tang Ka considerately handed over a paper towel.

Su Bai took the paper towel and wiped the soybean milk on his lips. He glanced at Tang Xiao sitting on the opposite side. He snorted coldly and did not speak again, following the good habit of “not speaking when eating, not saying a word when sleeping”, and tried not to say anything when eating.

Tang Xiao just smiled, took the newspapers aside and began to read them. When they finished breakfast, it was after nine o’clock.

“Do you have plans for dealing with the Chen family?”

Tang Xiao ordered the servant to remove the tableware and dining table. He sat near Master Su, neither too far nor too close, balancing it very well. He replied, “Old Chen has only two sons. When Chen Tianhe dies, he would only have Chen Yu. Even if he doesn’t like Chen Yu, he has to face a reality: Chen Yu will be his only son.”

“Old Chen is only in his forties. He is not old enough to retire. Even if Chen Tianhe dies, he may be a little better to his other son, but this does not mean that he will pass the Chen family to Chen Yu, let alone the Buddha beads he wears.” Lying on a recliner with a mat in the room, Master Su gently weighed the white jade cigarette gun on his left hand.

Tang Xiao glanced at Su Bai’s direction without the man noticing. It might have been due to the recent hot weather, Su Bai liked to wear comfortable, loose and breathable light cotton and linen home clothes in the house. Two clean bare feet trampled on dark chairs at will. The soft sunlight in the morning fell on his feet, making his skin particularly white, and faint green tendons could be seen on the instep.

“Old Chen can’t alive either.” Pulling his collar, Tang Xiao suddenly felt that the room was very hot.

Su Bai glanced at Tang Xiao slightly and eyed him closely, “Tang Xiao, what’s wrong with your skull? Once Old Chen is dead, Chen Yu is the only one left in the Chen family. Those people under the Chen family are not vegetarian.”

Realizing what he had just said, Tang Xiao smiled bitterly. His brain was not dead, he just stared at someone’s barefoot for a little too long on accident.

“At the end, Old Chen can’t live. He has to be alive now.” He hurriedly changed his words, moved his sight away from the bare feet, sorted out his thoughts a little, and continued, “No matter how strong the dam is, it will collapse as long as it decays inside even without external impact. I just found that there are some elders in the Chen family who don’t like old Chen and are unwilling to be laying their heads under Chen Tianhe. You can start from this.”

Spitting out smoke, a cold light flashed in Su Bai’s eyes and he smiled softly, “Buy some people to provoke the tension between Chen Tianhe and the elders, even better if the tear is unsolvable. Even if it’s reconciled on the surface, in private each party would be ready to kill each other. Once the old people in the gang intend to rebel, Chen Tianhe will die.”

“And concidentally Chen Yu looks easier to control. They will push Chen Yu up first and block the mouth of others.” Tang Xiao slapped his leg with his hand, “Hold up the emperor to order the princes.”

“The mantis catches cicadas first while the yellow finches are behind.” Master Su smiled gently.

“Do you want to take advantage of Chen Yu to control the Chen family?”

Su Bai narrowed his eyes dangerously. He did not deny the intention, “I’ll take down the Chen family within a month.”

He glanced at Tang Xiao, “Take the Buddha beads, I’ll take the Chen family.”

Anyway, with Tang Xiao’s intelligence, he will be aware of his intention sooner or later. Why not be frank to let him see how much of the “proof” from Tang Xiao’s mouth was true.

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    1. my previous comment in mandarin got eaten up haha

      I’m just very glad you translated this, otherwise I wouldn’t have found this gem which almost hits all my buttons! I can read Chinese but I am bad at finding good novels to read (since everything is VIP locked nowadays and just because it’s good at the beginning doesn’t mean the ending will be good). how did you find this fantastic novel? also I hate hate hate hate Chen Yuan.


      1. hi, sorry for the late reply!

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