RMS: Chapter 27

Chapter 27

“Anna, what did you buy so many little daisies for?” Tang Ka walked over, “Darling, I always thought it was fiery red roses that you liked.”

“I do like thorny roses, but I didn’t buy these flowers.” Anna cast a parting glance at Tang Xiao, who was walking beside Master Su.

Tang Ka raised an eyebrow and turned her head to look at Tang Xiao who had little expression on his face, “Yo, boss you’re so romantic, little daisies, pure love, so cheesy!”, claimed Tang Ka, thinking that it was Tang Xiao who had the flowers sent.

“I didn’t buy them.” Tang Xiao’s thin lips slightly pursed, deep eyes with a hint of dark blue swept over the sea of roaming flowers.

Master Su walked over, casually plucking a small daisy and looked around, asking carelessly, “Anna, who sent the flowers?”

“It wasn’t long after you left when someone brought the flowers over, cart after cart of all these little daisies.” Unable to hide the excitement in her heart, Anna said with a parting of envy, “A handsome man in white gloves came, he said he was looking for Mr. Tang, and when I said that Mr. Tang and you had all gone out, he left without saying a word, leaving all the flowers behind.”

“Mr Tang, who was that man? He didn’t come to propose to you, did he!” Anna spoke with astonishment.

Tang Xiao could not help but glare at Anna as Tang Ka grabbed a handful of small daisies and twisted them in front of his cousin, offering the bouquet with both hands and throwing away a wink, “Oh, boss, quite a few flirts I see.”

“He’s not here for me, and the flowers aren’t for me either.” Pushing away the little flowers in front of him, he felt for the first time that it was too easy causing misunderstandings with Chen Yuan’s reticence.

“All these flowers are…” His words were cut off by Su Bai before he could finish.

“Mr. Tang don’t be embarrassed, people are sending flowers to your door, just take them! We won’t laugh at you, Mr. Tang is not young, it’s time to think about life events, men are also good, children can be adopted.” Master Su patted Tang Xiao’s shoulder, sending the dirty water to him.

Tang Ka, who was completely oblivious to the situation, bounced over smugly and raised his chin towards Master Su proudly, “Boss, Teacher Su is so generous, just take it.” He just loved to see Su Bai get deflated and angry, although the latter did not feel like that at all.

Tang Xiao shook his head with a bitter smile, if Su Bai had already made up his mind to plant these flowers on him, he had to suffer with it, but it was not Tang Xiao’s style to just put up with it either.

“You think men and men are good too? Then do you want to consider marrying me? We can go abroad and register, a relationship as married partners is always a little stronger than as collaborators.” There seemed to be something in between these words.

“You’re marrying me?” Master Su smiled and turned to walk into the villa, he did not see half a hint of a joke in the other man’s eyes and did not quite understand what Tang Xiao’s real purpose was in saying this.

Tang Xiao crossed the crowd and walked up in stride, walking side by side with Su Bai, “Master Su, seriously consider my words, my dowry has always been generous and I, Tang Xiao, never joke.”

Keeping distance between companionship and trade partners might be a better way to go with Su Bai long term, but to stay on the conservative side would mean never crossing that thin line, and you could not expect this “jade-faced Yama” to turn into an understanding Bodhisattva just because he died once and reincarnated.

The right amount of probing, the right amount of reminding, and the right amount of love.

“I’ve never seen anyone in such a hurry to marry themselves off, is President Tang’s dowry heavy enough?” Lifting his legs up the steps, Su Bai walked in the direction of the study on the second floor.

“Su Bai, you don’t want to believe me.” For the first time, he called out the other party’s name.

Tang Xiao’s provoking words made him slightly surprised, Master Su stopped at the study door and turned to look at the handsome man with a serious face, “No, I believe you, I just don’t trust you.” Twisting the lock on the study door he stepped inside.

“You can try trusting me.” Tang Xiao followed him in, locking the door behind him with his backhand.

There was something strange about the man today, the Tang Xiao Su Bai remembered had been a man who was good at holding back, good at hiding and not moving, in fact the two of them were able to get along well because they kept a safe line with each other. Neither crossed each other’s personal domain; he used Tang Xiao’s power to help him realize his plans, and Tang Xiao used him to get the chip.

There was no cheating, everyone just took what they needed.

Sitting on the boss’s chair, Su Bai tilted his head to look at the man standing in front of him, “What is making you like this today? Say it out, as your collaborator as well as a senior, I might help you.”

With his eyes narrowed, Tang Xiao strode over, his hands pinned on the armrests on either side of the chair and lowered his body, he came close to Su Bai, looking at the man in front of him, who was described as sophisticated and ruthless, yet exuded deep charm.

“The words should be spoken by me instead, as your collaborator as well as your admirer, I can assist you.”

“Surely it’s admiration and not adoration?” They were too close, and the faint smell of smoke on Tang Xiao’s body as well as the hot breath spewing out as the man spoke was burning his nerves.

“……” At that moment, Tang Xiao was a little helpless and frustrated, just like Tang Ka said, falling in love with a man as uncomprehending, selfish and ruthless as Su Bai was a complete search for abuse.

But what is love? Finding a meek and obedient woman or man to live quietly with for the rest of your life? Such a life may be good, but it has never been what Tang Xiao, let alone T, wanted.

The first glimpse of Master Su in his childhood was one of admiration and deep shock at first sight, it turned out that a human being could be as reckless and dashing as Master Su. The more he learned about Su Bai, the more he admired this man’s wisdom and tact.

When he first decided to work with Chen Yuan, apart from wanting to use Master Su to find Simon D and get the chip, the other reason why was the want to see this man one more time.

Was it just admiration? The first time he came into close contact with Master Su, what he wanted to do was not to kneel at the man’s feet and submit to him like Chen Yuan, but to stretch out and wrap his arms around Su Bai and kiss him hard on the lips.

The excitement and endless heartbeat that his heart ran at that moment gave Tang Xiao profound realization for the first time why he was always watching Su Bai’s news all the time, why he always made the other man his target to chase. It was not some damned admiration, but a heart that had completely sunk from the first moment he saw the other man.

“Master Su, do you have the slightest feeling for me?”

“You like me?” Master Su asked rhetorically.

“Do you think I like to be slapped by any random person?” He threw bitter laugh.

“Do you want to fuck me or be fucked by me?”

“That has nothing to do with me liking you at all.” If he had answered that, he would have been rewarded with a slap.

After staring at Tang Xiao face full of seriousness for a moment, Master Su took a deep breath and leaned heavily on the back of his chair, “Chen Yuan sent flowers over and you were so riled up that you ran over to confess to me?”

“Master Su, I won’t betray you.” He admitted that there was that little bit of feeling provoked.

Well, probably more than a little bit. Tang Xiao was not stupid, Chen Yuan, Ye Ziwu, all these people suddenly all arrived in Hong Kong, he vaguely felt that there was a connection with Master Su, a peaceful Su Bai would not be the same Master Su who mastered both black and white.

“Even if I don’t reciprocate your feelings and don’t sleep with you?” Su Bai tried to keep himself calm, but Tang Xiao’s sudden wild confession still messed him up and made him a little dizzy. Was he crazy or was the world crazy? Although he felt that he had charm, he did not think he was the kind who could drive men crazy.

Chen Yuan was one and Tang Xiao was another, should he be “flattered”?

“I liked you the first time I saw you, if I was able to endure for so many years, I will be able to endure for the rest of my life.” Tang Xiao pursed his lips and added, “But I will still be very much looking forward to your response.”

If you wanted to lock me up you had to have the ability to do so too. With a laugh inside, Master Su began to get a bit of a headache, he was good at everything except relationships.

As for feelings, since he grew up in a competitive environment, he only knew how to use means to get what he wanted, he lacked affection and did not understand love.

It was not love, but feelings nonetheless, but look what happened every time he had felt something?

“Then show me, show how believable you are, maybe even make me trust you.” Reaching out to gently stroke the man’s firm jaw, the corners of Master Su’s mouth lifted slightly, “I don’t really reject men.”

Just because they would not reject did not mean they would necessarily accept either. Perhaps even if you opened up a piece of your heart to the other person, they would not give you a comforting answer in the end.

But the reality was that Su Bai’s words of not outright rejection, a little hidden hope was already enough to make you jump into this bottomless abyss, and such a cunning man is the Su Bai he admired, looked up to, and loved.

“I will prove it to you.” With a soft smile, Tang Lords took Su Bai’s hand that was stroking his jaw and dropped a kiss.

He knew that he had too many advantages over Chen Yuan, whether it was his identity as “President Tang” or his identity as the head of the mercenary organization, T. He had no interest in the Su family, nor did he have any hostile relationship with them.

When the time is right, he will confess his identity to Su Bai, but only if Master Su has already gained a basic trust in him.

The multi-identity T had never been one to take the easy way out, except for the man in front of him, too charming, too perfect, too attractive, a man he could hardly refuse, a man he could not give up because of just that little bit of hope. Master Su, a man with too much on his mind and too many concerns, never making decisions easily, and when he did it was a result that no one could change.

Su Bai was not be anyone’s accessory, controlled by no one, and bounded by no one’s possessiveness.

All he could do was try to stand beside this man, on the same front, in the same boat, in a relationship where they could hand each other’s backs to each other for the rest of their lives.

As Tang Xiao left, Master Su walked over to the window and looked at the little daisies being pulled away by the cartload, then suddenly remembered something.

“I actually asked President Tang to rub my back!”

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