RMS: Chapter 26

Chapter 26

When Xiao Hai walked into the study Chen Yuan was sitting on the sofa. The room was not lit, the curtains in front of the windows were pulled towards the sides, and even if the moonlight came in it was not enough to light up the place. Dim, quiet, Chen Yuan’s usual style.

Or rather, was it Master Su’s usual style?

Even while knowing that someone had walked in, Chen Yuan did not look up at Xiao Hai, his hand holding a white jade cigar holder, using an object Master Su had once used to think about the man.

“I checked the boarding records, Master Su was indeed on the plane at the time. Brother Chen, no one can survive a plane accident.” Xiao Hai walked over towards Chen Yuan, “The person who contacted me wouldn’t necessarily be Master Su, it could have been Simon.”

Fingers slowly slid over the stem of his cigarette holder, the corners of Chen Yuan’s mouth lifted slightly as he lowered his head, “Master Su will not die.”

“Brother Chen.” Xiao Hai walked over and squatted next to Chen Yuan, his hand on the man’s knee with his face pressed against Chen Yuan’s leg like a cat, “If Master Su was still alive, if Master Su knew that I helped you deal with him, if he told you to kill me, Brother Chen, would you listen to him and kill me?”

Chen Yuan carefully put his pipe into the sunken wood box and without haste, he put his white gloves back on before reaching over and gently rubbing Xiao Hai’s soft brown hair, “Of course not.”

Hearing a satisfactory answer, Xiao Hai smiled sweetly and rubbed Chen Yuan’s leg, his voice gentle, “Brother Chen, I’ll do anything for your words.”

Just like you would do for anything for Master Su, I can also kill that devil-like man who has bound you for life for you, even if you know later that I killed the man you love the most, even if you kill me yourself for it and hate me for the rest of your life, I would still be willing to do it.

“How is the investigation of the matter I have entrusted to you going?” The man’s face was hidden in the darkness and his expression could not be seen clearly.

“The black box on the plane was salvaged and then transferred to Ye Ziwu, I was a step late, Simon got the memory card inside the black box. This time Ye Ziwu may have came to Hong Kong for Simon. Brother Chen, Simon probably stole the memory card in the black box to find out the cause of the plane crash, but now Master Su is dead …… Master Su’s whereabouts are unknown.” Xiao Hai bit his lower lip and changed his words, “No matter what the cause is, he will definitely blame you for Master Su’s disappearance.”

“I’ll wait for him to come to my door personally.”

Ever since the plane Su Bai was on crashed a few months ago, some people at the Su family headquarters had taken the opportunity to jump out and cause trouble, and it was really thanks to those flies that he had to take time out to return to Europe to get rid of the people who were in his way.

Although Su Bai had been removed for more than a year, he had held the entire Su family for decades, and it was not easy to completely control the Su family in a very short time.

It took him a whole year to get the situation under control, and when he finally got the chance to spend more time with Master Su, a series of accidents happened.

It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t tired.

“Without Master Su behind the scenes Simon is like a pilotless warplane, it will crash even if powerful,” Xiao Hai bristled.

But what if Master Su was still around? There was no doubt that Simon would then be the single most powerful weapon in Master Su’s hands. Chen Yuan had no intention of explaining too much about Master Su to Xiao Hai, his hand gently grasping Xiao Hai’s hair as Chen Yuan gazed grimly at a certain corner of the room.



The day after the auction reception, Tang Xiao and others went to a golf club under the name of Song Chuyun as promised.

This time, Tang Xiao was the middleman, left hand Tang Xiao right hand Song Chuyun. If it weren’t for the fact that there was an unpredictable Su Bai and a white rabbit like Chen Yu behind Song Chuyun, Tang Ka would have liked to take Tang Xiao and Song Chuyun and hold their hands together.

It wasn’t hard to accept the fact that Tang Xiao liked men, but Tang Ka always felt that he could find a man like Song Chuyun who was well-dressed, suave and had a sense of conquest that could still be controlled, or a man like Chen Yu who had a sense of abstinence and was somewhat introverted.

When he felt the gaze from Tang Ka, Master Su raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly, “Ah-Ka is attracted to the Master me?”

Tang Ka instantly made a face as if he ate a fly. Putting his hand on his neck and raising his eyebrows in disdain, “Mr. Su, you think you’re in a gangster movie? Calling yourself Master.” Did he really think he was Master Su?

“You dress so…… tastefully, I think you are more suited to be a pop star, there is a goddess Kaka in America, we also have a flowery Tang Kaka here.” Su Bai swept his eyes up and down the fancy tight leather trousers and big red shirt on Tang Ka.

“It’s called fashion, and old men like you who only know black, white and grey won’t understand.” Tang Ka shot back defiantly.

Tang Xiao, who had always been used to black, white and grey clothes, glanced briefly at his cousin, who had been fighting with Master Su since he left the house and had lost many battles, “Ah-Ka.”

Rubbing his nose, Tang Ka glared at Su Bai and quieted down.

“Apologies for the embarrassment.” Tang Xiao looked across at Song Chuyun.

Tang Xiao and Song Chuyun were chatting over the side, Tang Ka, who had little interest in business matters, was halfway down the street when he was seduced by a pretty female caddie, and ran up to strike up a conversation with her.

Su Bai and Chen Yu followed behind Tang Xiao, with Su Bai deliberately slowing his pace and Chen Yu consciously walking with Master Su, and before long the two of them had put a good distance between them and Song Chuyun.

As they walked, Song Chuyun looked back at Chen Yu behind him. Although he was a bit far away, he could still see that the man who was always quiet and withdrawn seemed to have heard something funny and let out a burst of laughter. How long had it been since he had seen Chen Yu laugh? Even he could not remember.

“The two of them seem to get along well.” Tang Xiao walked beside him and also followed Song Chuyun’s gaze as he looked back in the direction of Su Bai.

“Mr. Tang seems to be extra indulgent with his own kitten.” Retracting his gaze, Song Chuyun continued on his way, it was debatable whether a man who had been beaten up by his lover in public was worth working with.

“Kitten? Haha, he’s more of a tiger that eats people.” With a cheerful laugh, Tang Xiao followed in stride, not minding the faint sarcasm in Song Chuyun’s words. “Su Mo is not my plaything, he’s smarter and better than most. In fact, I’m pursuing him.”

Tang Xiao’s frank words slightly stunned Song Chuyun, he had always thought Su Mo was nothing more than a kitten with claws staying by Tang Xiao’s side.

“With Mr Tang’s qualifications it’s surprising that you still can’t chase a man.” Song Chuyun was not impressed, in his opinion it was clear that Tang Xiao had spoiled Su Mo too much while Su Mo was bullying and deliberately hooking up with Tang Xiao for fun.

Su Mo was certainly not difficult to pursue, but it was Master Su he was pursuing.



“I said we’d see each other again.”

Master Su glanced in front of him, Tang Xiao had already taken Song Chuyun and walked off to play golf somewhere, and now it was just him and Chen Yu.

“What do you want from me?” Chen Yu’s next words took Master Su slightly by surprise.

“What do you mean?” Turning around and walking to sit under the shade of a large tree, Master Su waved at Chen Yu who was still standing to the side, “They play their golf and talk about their business, let’s talk about ours.”

Chen Yu hesitated for a few seconds before walking over, he sat down next to Master Su, his eyes looking at the green grass with some confusion, “I thought about your words after I came back that day. Why did you say those things to me? You can’t get anything from me, the Chen family treats me like a dog and in Song Chuyun’s eyes I’m just a toy.”

“Chen Yu.”



Chen Yu received a solid slap on his face before he could turn around, he covered his face and looked at Su Bai in astonishment.

“Is it infuriating?” Master Su’s face was expressionless.

“Why did you hit me?” Anyone would be a little angry if they got slapped for no reason.

“Didn’t you say you were a dog? I was just beating a dog.” Leaning his back against the tree trunk, Master Su looked askance at Chen Yu, who was full of resignation.

“Do you know how to tame a dog? You hit it lightly, it will hurt but it will also hate you in its heart and want to run over and bite you at any moment; you hit it twice harder, that it becomes afraid and obedient, and it will become a docile dog.” Pointing at Chen Yu, he said, “You are just too scared by their beatings to resist, but are you a dog?”

Chen Yu stifled his voice and did not speak.

“Your mother was tortured to death by Chen Tianhe’s mother, and now you are being sent around like a dog by Chen Tianhe, don’t you want to take revenge? Don’t forget, your surname is also Chen.”

“You can help me?” Chen Yu looked at Su Bai somewhat cautiously, being in his position he always had to be extremely careful. Su Bai’s approach made him inevitably wary, but the charm in this man and the words he said gave him hope that he could not help but want to trust the other party.

Leaning forward, Master Su reached out and gently stroked Chen Yu’s slightly swollen cheek, his voice soft, “No one would help another person for no reason, so we can make a deal.”

“I don’t have anything right now.” Chen Yu unconsciously relaxed.

“After you become the head of the Chen family, you will have everything.”

“What should I do?”

“What do you think of Song Chuyun?” Master Su asked rhetorically.

Chen Yu was silent for a while, he had tried to resist when he was first sent to the Song family by the Chen family, but just like Su Bai said, after being beaten badly a few times he had to become good, whether he was beaten or not he would end up being dragged to **.

Chen Yu’s silence was already an answer to Su Bai.

“How many times a week does he touch you?”

“Every day.” He gave muffled reply.

“Be good and listen to him during this time, go to bed when he tells you to, and during ** you can take the initiative once in a while, but don’t go too far.”

Su Bai’s words surprised Chen Yu a little.

“Men like someone who listens, he’ll treat you a bit better if he’s not a pervert.” Song Chuyun seemed quite normal, and as a man Master Su naturally knew what men liked.

“And,” standing up from under the tree and gently patting the broken grass sticking to his trousers, “Smoke, drink and talk with him, men are also lonely people.”

“Goodbye.” Master Su turned his back on Chen Yu and waved.

A game within a game, who is the bait and who is the prey, only the person who first controls the board can see clearly.

The three men who had just gotten out of the car were immediately taken aback by the huge sea of flowers in front of them, the front of the villa was piled with small daisies in full bloom, if it wasn’t for Anna standing in the sea of flowers waving vigorously at them, they would have thought they had gone to the wrong place.

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