RMS: Chapter 25

Chapter 25

“It’s done, boss.” Tang Ka pushed open the door to the lounge, the room smelled faintly of cigars and the lights were dim. In the living room, Tang Xiao was leaning back on the sofa with his legs folded wondering what he was thinking about, in a pensive manner.

“Has Song Chuyun gone back?” The cigar between his fingers had already been extinguished, and Tang Xiao looked over as Ah Ka came over and sat down on the sofa with a grin on his face, tugging on his tie.

Twisting open a bottle of water and taking a sip, Tang Ka lifted his chin, “You don’t have to worry when I’m doing the job. I have already arranged a golf session with Song Chuyun the day after tomorrow.”

“Very well.”

“Boss, I’ll just ask one more question, what exactly is your relationship with that Su Mo?” Leaning over for a gossip, from what Tang Ka had observed over the past few days Tang Xiao was not just treating Su Mo as a replacement for Master Su; the way his boss looked at that man was clearly a look of wanting to eat and holding prey in a grip.

He felt cringe just watching from the sidelines.

“For now, it’s a partnership deal.”

“For now? Ha, you mean you want to turn it into some other relationship in the future?”

Tang Xiao narrowed his eyes and said very frankly, “A romantic relationship is probably a bit difficult, but it can develop into a faithful partnership first before advancing to a bed partner type of relationship.”

“Boss, you can’t do this! I’ve heard from Feng that you haven’t been looking for a partner since you met that guy. Are you really in love? Are you serious?” Mouth open and features twisted, Tang Ka punched the sofa with frustration.

“I’m a serious person, about relationships, and about people.” Tang Xiao replied with a serious face.

No more no more, Tang Ka felt his world begin to crumble, it was one thing to hear someone tell him, it was another to hear Tang Xiao say it in person.

“Seriously?” Carefully and reluctantly, he asked.

“You know I don’t like jokes.”

Tang Ka demoralized and turned limp like mud on the sofa, his cousin’s temper he knows best, determined like a cow which others cannot pull back, but… but how can it be Su Mo?

“Su Mo looks like he isn’t easy to deal with.” Since you cannot change facts, he had no choice but to accept it. Oh, life, can’t you be a little more gentle.

Tang Xiao gave his cousin a helpless smile, if Master Su was a good person to deal with, then there was nothing difficult to deal with in this world.

Love? A person like Master Su wouldn’t be so naive enough to believe in love, even if you pulled out your only heart and put it in front of him, he would still stomp on it with disdain.

Force it? If Tang Xiao really wanted to get that man regardless of everything, he would have tried to get acquainted with Master Su eight years ago.

Accomplice? Well, that seemed like the best way to get close to that man at the moment.

To get a man that powerful, one had to make every move deliberately, like a chess game, one mistake was a total loss.

“He doesn’t believe in love.” It was even subconsciously resisted, Su Bai didn’t want to fall in love with anyone.

“Boss, you believe in love?”

“I do, but it’s hard to believe in a love that can last a lifetime.”

This was not only Su Bai’s worry, even Tang Xiao himself could not guarantee that he would still love this man until fifty years later, but the problem now was that even though at the moment, they were “partners” and Su Bai was treating him well, Tang Xiao had a strong intuition:

The man was too suspicious and too deep, not someone who would easily trust others.

Tang Xiao had no expectations to gain Su Bai’s emotional favour now, it was hard enough to gain the other man’s trust.

“Holy shit, you still want to live with him for the rest of your life! Boss, I could never see you having masochistic tendencies, living with that kind of person will turn you crazy.”

Tang Xiao gave the frantic Tang Ka a look of “You don’t understand”.

“Okay, okay, I really don’t understand the tastes of successful bigots like you, it’s too fucking much!” Seeing that Tang Xiao was lost in thought again, Tang Ka poured himself a glass of wine out of boredom.

He didn’t understand anything about the details, he only understood hot E-cup girls like Anna.

How could the mysterious boss of the mercenary organisation, T, chase a man that until now, there was not a single fuck, let alone a kiss?

Tang Ka took a sip of strong wine, he had to think of ideas to help Tang Xiao, what are feelings, are they not all made for show?



The other side of a certain lounge:

Su Bai casually glanced at the photo on the phone and gave it back to the other party, “Delete it.”

Without a word, the silver-haired man immediately deleted the photos from his phone, and the image of the man in beige and white on the screen was quickly erased.

From the start, Master Su had raised three children, except for the first year when he had let the three children get together, from the second year onward he stopped letting several of them see each other.

Even if they knew of each other’s existence, many times they did not know what each other looked like.

To avoid forming cliques and for their safety from each other.

“Ye Ziwu and his adjutant Harvey have arrived in Hong Kong, as has Chen Yuan.” The silver-haired man opened his mouth with a standard Chinese accent.

“And Xiao Hai.” The man in the photo wearing beige and white was the little Hai he knew so well. Walking over to the window, the unwavering pupils of Su Bai’s eyes reflected the night lights of Hong Kong. How nice, he had raised three children and two of them had joined together to betray him.

“Why did Ye Ziwu come to Hong Kong?”

“One, to track down my destination for this trip; two, to learn that Chen Yuan had arrived in Hong Kong for; three, to find out about Su Mo being brought to Hong Kong by Tang Xiao.”

Su Bai’s face was cold and chilly as he turned to face Simon, his eyes looking straight into the pupils of the other man’s aquamarine eyes, “Simon, who am I?”

“You are my teacher.”

The icy coldness on his face gradually melted away as Master Su stepped forward and gently patted Simon’s shoulder, “You are my favourite student.”

Simon’s slightly stiff face was slightly moved as he stretched his arms out and gently hugged the man, his voice low, “Teacher, I’m glad you’re still alive.”

There were no unnecessary words, no unnecessary questions, this was the thing that Master Su liked most about Simon, Simon might not be his most satisfied student, but he was truly his favourite student.

He was happy, the one who betrayed him was not Simon.

“Teacher, do you want me to kill Xiao Hai and Chen Yuan?” After a simple hug Simon let go of Su Bai.

“Don’t touch them for now.”

The Su family still needed Chen Yuan to preside over it at the moment, Su Bai’s sudden departure was bound to create quite a stir in the Su family, and if Chen Yuan without warning, it would be strange for the Su family not to be in chaos.

The Su family he had carefully built up could not be ruined by internal strife, and a bunch of tigers and wolves outside were still drooling over that big fat piece of Su family meat.

“Have you found out the main cause of the plane crash yet?”

Simon took out a memory slice and handed it to Su Bai, “The climatic causes weren’t enough to cause the plane crash, according to the contents stored in the black box brought from the police, the direct cause was an explosion in the fuselage.”

That plane crash involved the Su family and Su Bai, the black box recovered from the sea was kept in close custody by the police, Simon was the one who stole the memory slice from the black box before he was targeted by Ye Ziwu.

“Explosion?” Fiddling with the memory slice in his hand, Master Su couldn’t help but laugh.

All of Chen Yuan’s people were on that plane, inside and out, and the only people who had touched the plane were from the Su family, Chen Yuan wouldn’t have wanted to kill him, and at that time the one who had the ability to hide his hands on the plane from Chen Yuan, he could not think of any other person, other than Xiao Hai.

At that time, he was already convinced that there was another person besides Chen Yuan who had betrayed him, but he just had difficulty determining whether it was Simon or Xiao Hai. It was not until he was accidentally reborn after his death, sending a message to Xiao Hai first in A-City, and then Chen Yuan took the initiative to ask him to dance that time.

It was then that he finally confirmed who betrayed him, the real traitor –

Xiao Hai.

Even if a person looked like Su Bai, Chen Yuan would not show affection to that person for no reason, unless Xiao Hai had told Chen Yuan something.

So, did Chen Yuan know about Xiao Hai secretly planting a bomb on the plane?

“Master is blessed with a great life.” With a bright smile, Master Su returned the memory card to the silver-haired man, “Everything will go according to plan, and I will return to the Su family with a brand new identity and return to my seat as Master Su.”

At the end, Su Bai suddenly remembered something, “Simon, what information is on that chip?”

The silver-haired man held up the gold-rimmed glasses that rested on the bridge of his nose, “T, the top commander of the world-famous mercenary organization T. His surname is Tang, which starts with T. This is a clue, and according to the information obtained from other sources, T himself should be a Chinese.”

“What do you think of Tang Xiao?”

“Acts calmly, works hard, appears to be an extremely decent businessman on the outside, a quality single man, I’ve checked his profile and his disguise is perfect, but there are some issues with his supposed American fiancée.” Simon answered truthfully.

“Claiming to the public that it was the mercenary group T that killed his fiancée, and seemingly having a grudge against T. What do you think of that disguise for the real T?”

“Perfect.” Simon looked at Su Bai who was smiling, “Teacher thinks that Tang Xiao is T.”

“Then do you think that as a collaborator, T is qualified?” Master Su turned to ask a different question.

“Not just qualified, T would be an excellent collaborator.” Simon evaluated objectively.

“It’s certainly good to have the support of one of the largest mercenary organizations in the world, but… ” Master Su pursed his lips, his deep eyes drifting towards the city night sky, “I can’t fully trust him yet.”

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