RMS: Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Hong Kong, Airport

One by one, a line of neatly dressed men in black came out of a special corridor in a uniform pace. The man in the middle wore a pair of white gloves on his hands and stood out from the crowd of black-clad bodyguards.

The arrogant gesture made many Hong Kong visitors think that this was some kind of celebrity shooting a movie, so they took out their cameras and started taking pictures of the group of black-clad men.

“See that guy with the white gloves, he’s quite handsome, is he a new TVB actor?” An aunt visiting Hong Kong stood on tiptoe, her eyes following the back of the white-gloved man.

Next to her, a young man dressed as an ordinary tourist held up the black-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose and pointed to another man, “The man with the white gloves walks strange, I think the man in the beige and white outfit over there looks better.”

Auntie looked over in the direction the young brunette was pointing and only had time to see a beige and white figure get into a black car, completely missing the man’s face.

“He’s gone, I didn’t see it.”

“I got it on film.” The young man picked up the SLR camera slung across his chest and enthusiastically showed his aunt the pictures he had just taken of the man in beige and white, in addition to the one of the man in black with white gloves.

“Both of them are good looking.” The auntie looked up at the young man who arrived on the same flight as her and praised him, “Young man, you’re no worse than them, you’ll be a hit if you go on a TV show.”

“Thank you, Auntie.”

After putting away the camera and bidding farewell to the enthusiastic aunt, the young man stood in the busy night air and hailed a taxi to a hotel near the airport, went to the reception desk, collected the key to the room he had reserved, got on the lift and entered the room.

He took off his coat, the camera connected to his mobile phone, he opened the transmission command. Watching for two seconds to make sure the transmission was working properly, he then stood up and went to the bar and poured himself a glass of whisky, removed the black-framed glasses that were perched on the bridge of his nose, turned around and walked into the bathroom with the glass.

Reaching into his trouser bag, he pulled out a small packet of what looked like a trial packet of face wash, ripped open the packet and poured the creamy white liquid onto his palms and scrubbed the foam onto his face, the white foam was soon tinted a brownish-yellow colour and he turned on the tap to wash the residue off his face.

Shaking the water from his hands, the man opened his eyes and quickly removed his black contact lenses from his eyes with his fingers, revealing a pair of seawater-blue eyes.

Grabbing the black wig that had been placed on his head and throwing it into the trash, the young man in the mirror had completely transformed from an ordinary Asian man to a white man with great looks, blonde hair and blue pupils.

Grabbing the glass of wine and drinking half of it in one gulp, the man scratched his hair and turned to open the curtain of the bathroom, where a black bag sat in the bath.

Looking around at himself in the mirror, the man put on a pair of disposable gloves and pulled out a bottle of dye, squeezing in the dye and quickly smearing it through his hair. The blonde hair was quickly dyed silvery white.

Finally putting on a pair of gold framed glasses that had prescription, the man shoved all his belongings into the trash.

Carrying the black rubbish bag in stride, the man took the memory card out of his camera and broke it in half, loaded his phone and stuffed the rubbish bag into the travel bag he had brought with him at the beginning, carrying it quickly out the door.

[Time: 8:23:17 p.m.]


[Time: 8:24:15 p.m.]

The door to the room was slammed open from the outside and a line of policemen with guns in their hands rushed into the empty room.

“Damn, he got away again!” Harvey spat fiercely, taking the lead himself and rushing into the bathroom alone, finally running out with a glass with half a glass of wine left in it, shouting at the young man who had just walked in, “Team Leader Ye, he should have just left not long ago!”

Ye Ziwu turned around and rushed out of the room. Harvey sighed, looked at the glass in his hand and shook his head, giving orders to the group, “Search around, see if the bastard left anything useful behind.”

“Harvey, aren’t you holding the drink the man drank, you should be able to extract fingerprints from it.” A junior constable put away his gun.

Harvey gave the junior officer a “you’re an idiot” look.

“Rookie, the man we’re after is the famous Simon D. You think he’d be stupid enough to leave his fingerprints on a glass of wine?” Harvey turned his head and put the glass down, cursing, “No, what’s the point of knowing the fingerprints, it’s not like we’re going to catch him.”

“But how did Simon. D get to Hong Kong this time, he even arrived on the same day as Chen Yuan.”



[Time: 8:20pm, cocktail party]

“No need to be polite, I’m just not used to seeing that kind of moralistic scum.” Master Su turned around and walked up to Chen Yu and asked worriedly, “Just now what that scum said, you should treat it as a dog barking, there is no need to hang onto it.”

“Thanks.” This was the first time someone spoke for him, and Chen Yu looked a little too formal from nervousness.

“Su Mo.” Su Bai calmly extended his hand and gave a kind smile.

“I… My name is Chen Yu.” He rubbed the palm of his hand against his clothes before reaching out.

“Do you want to go outside for some fresh air?”

Su Bai smoothly held Chen Yu’s hand, although it was a question he did not give the other party any room to refuse, pulling Chen Yu out of the hall in stride in front of the public.

“See those people just now? Other than chewing on you from the side, they don’t even dare to let out a fart. As long as you act strong enough, they are in truth just some unpleasant gas that can’t do any harm.” Master Su said to Chen Yu beside him as he walked.

The two soon walked to the garden on the open terrace, the slightly cool night air was invigorating and Su Bai let go of Chen Yu and inhaled deeply.

“It’s much more comfortable here.” Chen Yu unconsciously followed Su Bai’s example and took a deep breath, his chest wasn’t so stuffy anymore, and the corners of his mouth lifted upwards.

Master Su smiled and beckoned towards the waiter at the side, “Two glasses of champagne.”

Chen Yu kept looking at Su Bai, even though this was the first time they had met, he already had a great fondness for the man who had stood up for him, to the extent that he had a strong admiration.

“Su-ge (Ge: Brother), you’re so good, I mean …… that just now, I didn’t even know what to do except to back up, unlike you, you’re really too strong! What you said was really awesome!” He was so excited that his words came out a bit slurred.

“Call me Su Mo.” Taking a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket, Su Bai took one out, “Do you smoke?”

“I don’t know how.”

“Learn.” The older man handed the cigarette to Chen Yu, “There is nothing in this world that you can’t learn as long as you are determined enough. Just like what I just did, what I said, you can do it too.”

Lighting a cigarette and taking a light drag, Su Bai exhaled a ring of smoke, which filled the night and soon disappeared cleanly without leaving a trace.

Turning around and leaning his back on the banister, he looked at Chen Yu and lit his cigarette, Chen Yu took a puff as he had done and then nearly burst into tears as he choked, they looked at each other then both laughed.

“Take the first puff a little slower.”

“It’s a bit choking, but …… it feels weird, and for the first time I don’t think smoking is that hard to do.” Somewhat in love with the feeling of exhaling smoke when smoking, Chen Yu quickly took a second puff, he was a quick learner and accepted it quickly, and now he no longer choked on the smoke or coughed.

“Su Mo, how did you just do that? I mean …… you hit that man.” Chen Yu gestured a slapping motion, the scene between Su Bai and Tang Xiao was so ferocious that it was hard for him not to pay attention. In fact he had been attracted to the man’s strength from the first moment he saw Su Bai slapping Tang Xiao.

When that disgusting man came over to tease him later on, he had mentally followed Su Bai’s example and slapped that man, but in reality he didn’t dare to do that at all.

“I wouldn’t dare to do that.” Chen Yu was very frustrated.

He was just a powerless bastard son who had been given away as a pet by his so-called family… Hitting someone? Forget it, just like that disgusting man had told him, he had no choice in his life at all, he couldn’t escape this place.

“To be someone else’s pet, or to have someone else as a pet; to be stepped on by someone else, or to have someone else stepped on.” Su Bai stuffed the rest of the packet of cigarettes into Chen Yu’s shirt pocket and patted the other man’s shoulder, “People make different choices, and the path they take later will not be the same.”

“A dog will still bark when it is beaten, if a person is bullied and still keeps their head down and doesn’t say a word, do you still expect people to treat you like a human being? In their eyes you’re not even as good as a dog.”

“Chen Yu, do you feel miserable?” Master Su asked.

“I’m just an illegitimate……”

“I’m also a bastard, but these are no excuses.” Su Bai pointed down the building, “There are people down there who are homeless, people who can’t afford to eat, and people in rags and tatters. Everyone has just as much pain, you have to desperately try and find a way to escape from this terrible situation if you’re really suffering. A person who doesn’t even think about making a difference is going to be homeless, underfed, under-clothed and bullied for the rest of his life.”

“No one will bother to sympathize.” Master Su looked down at his watch and finally left a smile on his face, “Think about it yourself, we will meet again.”

Leaving Chen Yu alone, Su Bai walked towards the hall and was greeted by a silver-haired man wearing gold-rimmed glasses, and as the two brushed past the wine glass in Master Su’s hand accidentally clinked over, spilling wine on the silver-haired man’s clothes.

“The three words I never say to people, do you know what they are?”

“Sorry.” A glint of light flashed in the aquamarine eyes beneath the glasses.

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