RMS: Chapter 23

Chapter 23

“Your hand, take it away.”

“Everyone is watching, smile.”

With a glass of wine raised in his hand, Master Su smiled. To outsiders, he looked extremely intimate as he touched the back of the man beside him, before two fingers pinched a piece of flesh on Tang Xiao’s back and twisted it hard.

“Darling, so passionate.” The corners of his mouth twitched slightly as Tang Xiao maintained a decent and elegant smile on his face, and the hand that was circled around Su Bai’s waist was obediently put down.

That pinch was way too hard.

“My prey has appeared.” Taking a sip of champagne, Su Bai narrowed his eyes and looked towards the entrance of the reception.

The Song family had been invited, the cold-faced and handsome Song Chuyun was now the successor of the Song family. The family had an old man in the Mainlands, and the Song family’s roots were in the North. This time, Song Chuyun had come to Hong Kong to explore the market on the orders of his own father.

Song Chuyun walked into the reception with his arm around Chen Yu’s waist. Chen Yu looked in his early twenties, not very pretty, but clean looking, with a slightly pale face that made him look a bit pitiful.

The Chen family arrived at the reception early, as soon as Song Chuyun appeared Chen Tianhe greeted him with a smile, and Chen Yu’s face stiffened. Song Chuyun came close to his ear and said something, prompting the young man to leave before Chen Tianhe came to them. Walking directly to the corner of the reception, he was looking very lonely.

Occasionally, some of the people around the area looked at him multiple times, whispering about something in secret.

“When is Master Su planning to strike?”

“Rushing over to strike up a conversation will cause that little cutie to be wary, know what the saying is?”

“What?” Tang Xiao asked, following Master Su’s lead.

“It’s better to send charcoal into the snow than to add flowers to the brocade.” Master Su whispered, “You’re having a fight with me now, and you’re only allowed to move your mouth but not your hands.”

“Sure.” Tang Xiao agreed in one breath, would he dare to hit Su Bai with his hands?

His words had just fallen before a glass of unfinished champagne splashed magnificently on his face, who had said that a fight was only allowed to be verbal but not physical?

“Are you mad?!” A furious shout from Tang Xiao’ imposing voice drew the attention of almost everyone at the reception, including, of course, to his hair dripping with champagne.

When a person’s aura is strong enough, even if he is in a mess after having champagne spilled on him, he will not look bad, and if he is handsome enough, he may even have a little extra sex appeal.

Tang Xiao was the kind of man who would always exude strong hormones no matter what bad situation he was in, no matter where or when.

Let’s see how long you can be dashing and handsome.


Su Bai flung a hand at Tang Xiao and spat out two words, “Shameless!”

Due to his education and background, Master Su was not good at arguing, but what he was good at was slapping, and the people he used to be around were the ones he practiced on.

The people around them thought that the two men might have quarreled over something, but they could not have guessed what the quarrel was about.

What Master Su wanted was a gesture of “being bullied”, although in fact the one being bullied was Tang Xiao.

As soon as he saw Su Bai and Tang Xiao arguing, Tang Ka ran towards them, but their argument was shortlived, and by the time Tangka arrived, Master Su had just “left in anger”, leaving behind only a Tang Xiao who had been spilled with wine and a slap on the face.

“What happened with you guys?” Tang Ka thought that Tang Xiao and Su Bai had actually quarrelled, he walked over to Tang Xiao and looked at the man’s champagne-spattered clothes and asked in a lowered voice, “Why don’t you go and change your clothes first?”

Tang Xiao glanced at Su Bai, who was standing alone against the wall in the corner of the reception. If you act, you must act to the end. He glared “fiercely” in Su Bai’s direction and dropped the wine glass in his hand with a heavy thud on the ground.

“Cousin, you’re spoiling that guy too much.” Tang Ka was very dissatisfied.

Tang Xiao stepped into the separate lounge, his hair sticky and uncomfortable as he took off his stained jacket while heading in the direction of the bathroom.

“It’s part of the plan.” If Tang Ka could be fooled, the others would be tricked without a problem.

But Su Bai was truly an example of “if hands can be used then the mouth is shut”. It was a good thing that the impact was loud but did not actually hurt.

Tang Xiao silently touched his cheek where he had been hit, Master Su must have practiced slapping before.

“What plan?”

Crossing his arms to his chest, Tang Ka leaned against the bathroom door listening to the sound of the rushing water. He felt depressed, he only knew that the wine party was used to lure the fish in but he hadn’t heard anyone say that there was any plan!

It wasn’t long before Tang Ka came out of the lounge, and as planned he personally received Chen Tianhe, who also introduced Song Chuyun to him, and the three men walked into the other lounge together in good conversation. Before walking into the lounge, Song Chuyun glanced slightly in Chen Yu’s direction.

Song Chuyun should have something more than just playing around with Chen Yu. His small gesture fell into Master Su’s gaze.

Su Bai was leaning alone against the wall with a glass of champagne in his hand, looking like a man waiting for an invitation of comfort, but given his strong performance just now and the “don’t come near me” aura he was giving off, no one within a five metre radius dared to approach him, let alone strike up a conversation.

Compared to Su Bai, whose aura was so strong that people were afraid to talk to him, the lone Chen Yu’s confused expression made him look like a lost duckling waiting for someone to come and take him away.

Su Bai did not have to wait long, as a man from the front of the room walked over to Chen Yu’s direction with two glasses of wine in his hand.

From an outsider’s point of view, he looked like a polite man who was inviting Chen Yu to drink, but the more well-dressed he was, the nastier he could be.

Chen Yu’s expression was very ugly, his lower lip was bitten to the point of bleeding, his hand hidden under his sleeve had gradually become a fist, and Su Bai could imagine what nasty words that well-dressed gentleman was saying at the moment.

If Chen Yu sulked and punched the man now, there was no doubt that the people at the party would only favour the well-dressed gentleman. This was not a nice paradise where you helped with reason and not by relation, but a dirty hell where you helped money and not poverty.

Chen Yu relented and he tried to avoid the gentleman who had invited him to drink.

Su Bai was quite satisfied with Chen Yu’s behaviour, being able to hold back at least proved that Chen Yu was also a man with a brain, but now it was his turn to take the stage.

“Please stay away from me, I don’t drink.” Chen Yu frowned and took a few steps back, only he was already standing in the corner of the area, and there was no place to retreat any further.

“What’s with the noble and reserved act, who doesn’t know you’ve been slept with by Song Chuyun, want to try it with me? My ** abilities is not inferior to his, how about it, make a price?” The man licked his lips, he had been noticing Chen Yu for a while, although his looks were not much better, but a little wild food every now and then after eating too much meat was not bad.

“Speak with respect!”

Chen Yu clenched his fist, he wanted to beat up the scoundrel in front of him, but he also knew that he couldn’t afford to mess with any of the people in this cocktail party.

“Respect? I’m respecting you now, by giving you face with asking for your opinion, do you think you’re the second son of the Chen family? When I talk to Chen Shao, do you believe he will send you to my ** tomorrow? Then I can play with you any way I want, or I can watch a group of men play with you from the side.”

The man said extremely unpleasant words, and looking at Chen Yu’s increasingly pale face, he wanted to put the second youngest Chen family member on the ground and fuck him hard, but before he could reach out to touch Chen Yu’s face, someone kicked him to the ground.

It was none other than Master Su, who had come to the rescue like a “hero”.

“Shit– Damn, are you crazy?!” The man crawled up from the ground in annoyance.

“I’d keep my mouth shut if I were you.” Su Bai stood upright in front of Chen Yu, his left hand in his trouser bag, his right hand holding up a wine glass, his eyes cold.

After seeing clearly who had kicked him, the man faintly froze. He had been one of the witnesses to the scene where Master Su had slapped Tang Xiao. The news of Tang Xiao’s recent cooperation with Chen Yuan had long been known, and both Tang Xiao and Tang Ka were not people he could just mess with, the person who could hit Tang Lords was probably not someone he could mess with either.

“This gentleman, can you explain why you wanted to …… suddenly hit me.” He didn’t have the heart to say the word “kick”.

“How much assets does your family or company have in Hong Kong? What is the liquidity, how much do you owe to the bank, and what is your biggest project right now?” Su Bai asked a series of baffling questions.

“Why are you asking this?”

“Because if you don’t have the sense to get lost right away, I won’t just kick you in the face, I’ll get someone to investigate your entire family history within a week, dig up everything you’ve done in the past, and then play with you as much as I want.” Learning from the man’s tone just now, Master Su smiled in a very amiable manner.

“Find a group of men and let them line up to fuck you, or sell you to the war zone as a male prostitute, what do you think of my proposal?”

The man’s face was instantly comparable to a wall of lime.

“Now, get out.” The smile on his face was instantly withdrawn.

The man didn’t dare say a word as he immediately turned around and left the reception in a mess, Chen Yu who had witnessed everything stood by dumbfounded until Master Su turned around and looked at him with a kind smile. The young man opened his mouth and stammered out two words.

“Thank you.”

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