RMS: Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Four o’clock in the morning Beijing time; nine o’clock in the evening Berlin time.

“Edward, the Western European Conference will be held in three days, inform all the key European officials to make sure they attend.”

Hanging up the phone, the man in his pajamas walked out of the study, turned off the light and locked the door. Walking across the corridor, he gingerly opened the door to the bedroom, where the bedside lamp was on and there was no one on the wide bed except for a slightly messy bed of sheets.

The man who was still well asleep when Tang Xiao left the room was casually draped in a loose white nightgown, holding a glass of freshly poured wine in his hand. It did not look like Su Bai was too interested in drinking, as he never drank out of it.

“Did I wake you up?” Tang Xiao walked in, with a voice so gentle and intimate if Tang Ka heard he probably would have shouted again. No one could have expected there would be a day where the always iron-fisted and ruthlessly sensible T could show a doting expression. Completely two extremes; either too heartless or too affectionate.

It would probably take a long time for Tang Ka to accept the fact that his boss was in love.

As for Tang Xiao himself, he had never known that falling in love could be so wonderful. At least now when he saw Su Bai sitting lazily on the sofa in his pajamas, it made him feel so warm that he wanted to freeze time in this moment.

“I’m hungry.” It did not feel good to drink on an empty stomach, so Master Su put down his cup after two sips.

Despite Su Bai’s euphemism, Tang Xiao still heard the truth hidden beneath the man’s words: Su Bai was woken up by hunger. When he said that, Tang Xiao suddenly felt a little hungry too.

The fierce battle in the car consumed almost all their energy and they both collapsed in a cuddle in the afternoon without eating, so it was normal for them to be hungry in the middle of the night.

Tang Xiao rolled up his sleeves, “I’ll go see what else is in the kitchen that I can make.”

“You can cook?” A certain someone glanced over suspiciously.

There were still some simple items in the fridge, Tang Xiao squatted down to pick out some of the fresher looking ingredients. Su Bai crossed his hands over his chest and looked at the man carrying a pile of vegetables and some meat into the kitchen, following him and leaning against the kitchen door. Tang Xiao turned on the tap and began to wash the food, his skilled movements showed that it was not his first time cooking.

“Didn’t know you’re such a family man.” Master Su thought that Tang Xiao was deliberately trying to flaunt in front of him, but now it seemed that this was not the case.

“When I’m at home alone and don’t want to go out to eat, I occasionally try my hand at making my own food. Fortunately my talent for cooking is not bad and so far I haven’t burned the kitchen to a crisp. Now my skills aren’t as good as a super chef, but it’s not hard to swallow either.” Tang Xiao put the washed vegetables on the chopping board, picked up the kitchen knife and cut them up, “It’s too late and the maids are all out, so I’ll have to ask you to make do.”

Master Su watched from the side for a while, Tang Xiao’s movements were skillful and clean just like this man’s style. Su Bai watched and suddenly showed interest in trying.

“I’ll come and help too.” Rolling up his sleeves, Master Su walked into the kitchen. Upholding the concept of “a gentleman is far from the kitchen”, he had never stepped into the kitchen in the past decades, even in the beginning after his rebirth, he had Chun Yan to cook for him.

Tang Xiao gave the man a doubtful stare, smiled gently and said, “Go sit outside for a while, I’ll be ready soon.”

“What, you think I can’t do it?” Master Su, who had “lost his virginity” not long ago, glared at the man holding the kitchen knife, striding over and nonchalantly pushing him away from the chopping board. Snatching the murderous weapon from Tang Xiao’s hand and pointing at the half-cut potato on the chopping board, “Just cut it into pieces and that’s it?”

Knowing that this master could not be provoked, Tang Xiao wisely gave up his place and turned to stand aside to guide Su Bai in the cooking.

“Yes, cutting them into cubes is fine.”

As it turns out, a shooting expert is not necessarily a good gun maker, and someone with good knife tricks is not necessarily a good kitchen knife user. Looking at the final pile of potatoes of varying sizes that had been tragically divided, Tang Xiao could only betray his conscience and gave Master Su a thumbs up.Who knew that Su Bai instead got excited and asked Tang Xiao to teach him how to fry rice in addition to brutally chopping up the rest of the vegetables.

“Pour the oil in… Um, that’s a little too much oil.” One-third of the bottle of oil was gone in a second.

“Pour it back if it’s too much then.” Master Su lifted the pan and poured the oil directly into the sink, and the corners of Tang Xiao mouth began to twitch a little.

“Then put the…” Tang Xiao was about to continue his instructions, but Su Bai was already feeling very impatient before he dumped all the chopped ingredients into the wok in a single move and stir-fried them up.

“I know, just throw it in and fry it, you think I don’t even know this?” Master Su had also watched TV, although in his memory there was only the scene where the host poured the vegetables into the wok.

Tang Xiao watched in silence as Su Bai poured a spoonful of salt all over the wok, and accidentally poured more vinegar and soy sauce. When a plate of black fried rice came out of the wok, Master Su handed the plate with the fried rice to Tang Xiao with a gentle and charming smile, “This is what I fried especially for you, there must be no leftovers.”

The doorbell rang and Su Bai picked up a rag and wiped his hands, “My takeaway is here, take your time.” Turning around, he left the kitchen.

Silently taking over the plate, Tang Xiao now understood that Su Bai was deliberately screwing with him, to get back at him for what happened in the car this afternoon. He could only laugh bitterly in silence.

Carrying the “Master Su’s Fried Rice with Love” to the living room, a certain master was sitting on the sofa with the takeaway and waving at him.

“This is for you.” Su Bai tore open the wrapping paper of the chopsticks, in addition to the chopsticks there was a small chip inside.

“I see you almost every day and don’t even know when you’ve been in contact with Simon.” Bending down and picking up the chip, Tang Xiao looked at it and held it in his hand, “Thank you.”

“It’s the end of old deals, and the beginning of new cooperation opportunities.” Legs folded, the man casually leaned back on the sofa, his chest, covered in marks, was visible within the slightly open collar.

Tang Xiao sat across from the man, black fried rice on the table, the corners of his mouth lifting slightly, “I thought we could trust each other more after the further contact we had.”

“Thinking too much is not a very good thing. You don’t think just because I got into bed with you in a moment of carelessness, I have to rely on you for the rest of my life like a martyr girl? Screaming for you to give me responsibility?” Su Bai said with amusement.

“I can take responsibility for you.”

“I don’t need you to.”

“Then let’s talk about cooperation.”

“That is fine.”

“Chen Yuan isn’t stupid, he’ll make a move soon.” Tang Xiao picked up his spoon and hesitated to try a bite of Master Su’s loving fried rice, wondering if he would be poisoned after eating it.

“You have a plan to kill two birds with one stone, I can also turn it into a reality and use bait.” The man blinked with a cunning look, “Dislike my fried rice? If it was Chen Yuan he would have eaten it all without hesitation.”

A hint of hidden anger crossed under his eyes, Tang Xiao took a bite of the fried rice. Fortunately, it was actually not too difficult to swallow except for the heavy flavors. He swallowed it with no expression. Since Su Bai could use Chen Yuan as a joke, it seemed that he had adjusted very well. Even knowing that the other party was deliberately provoking him, he still jumped in without hesitation.

“It doesn’t taste that bad.” Tang Xiao sent warm praise towards Su Bai, “I like everything about you.”

Resisting the urge to kick Tang Xiao in the face, Master Su deliberately countered, “Your skills aren’t that good.”

“We can practice more. Have emotional conversations and talk about our deal at the same time, to increase our understandings of each other.” The conversation gradually moved towards something not suited for young children.

“I’ll see you in Berlin in three days.” The best thing to do was not to fight back but to turn away. Master Su, who was full, casually took out a bottle of beer from the fridge and walked upstairs, reminding Tang Xiao in passing, “Remember to finish it, don’t waste food.”

Tang Liao narrowed his eyes as he looked at the man’s vanishing back at the stairway. Su Bai had just taken two sips of whiskey upstairs, and now he was drinking beer. The corners of Tang Xiao’s mouth lifted as he quickly looked down and gobbled up the “Master Su’s Poison Rice”. A certain man had probably drunkenly collapsed in the bed by now.



The next morning, Master Su came down from upstairs with a cold face.

“Yo, Mr. Su, you’re able to walk today? Don’t you want to rest a little bit more?” Tang Ka, who was already sitting in the living room, shook his legs and stared at the man in a derisive manner.

Su Bai smiled at Tang Ka very “gently”, “You’re going to talk business with the Chen family today.”

“Why?” The corners of Tang Ka’s mouth turned down into an unhappy look, “The Chen family’s business has always been the boss’s responsibility.”

“He can’t go out today.” Sitting down on the sofa, a servant quickly brought freshly brewed, strong coffee.

Before Tang Ka could ask why, the answer had already appeared in front of him – Tang Xiao, whose mouth was bruised, came down from the bedroom upstairs. Last night, he accidentally fell into the trap of Master Su’s “drinking mixed alcohol” trap. When he finished the love poison meal and ran upstairs, the thing waiting for him was not a Su Bai who was waiting for his love and affection, but Master Su, who had energy from his meal and the strength to beat people up.

“Boss, got scratched by a cat again?” Tang Ka held back his laughter.

Tang Xiao glared at his cousin who was holding back laughter and ordered in a cold voice, “Today you’re going to the Chen family with Su Mo.”

Tang Ka’s face was bitter as he babbled on again, saying things like, “Don’t pull in innocent pond fish if the two of you are fighting.”

Tang Xiao walked straight to Su Bai and sat down, whispering close to the man’s ear, “Even if it’s an act, you don’t have to be so dedicated, I have to meet with my subordinates in three days.”

“You can borrow Anna’s concealer.” Master Su reached out his index finger and poked at the man’s steely jaw.

“Why don’t you give me a kiss? It’ll work better than concealer.” Smiling, he lowered his head and kissed the man’s finger.

Tang Ka, who had been treated like air, could not take it anymore and jumped up from the sofa, “Come on, can you two be more reserved in the morning! I’m going to go blind!” He yelled and ran out.

“Let’s talk about it next time we meet.” Pushing away the leaning Tang Xiao, Su Bai turned around and followed Tang Ka out.

Anna took a concealer out of her handbag and waved it at Tang Xiao, smiling with her winks, “Mr Tang, do you want concealer?”

Tang Xiao glared helplessly at Anna before turning around, then covered his stomach and went upstairs. He needed a doctor more than anything right now.

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