RMS: Chapter 20

Chapter 20

The leopard print satchel shirt was wide open all the way to the abdomen. Rows of abs were brightly attractive as if the owner was deliberately showing off. Under the messy hair was a handsome face with deep facial features. At the moment, he was lying on the sofa with his eyes closed, in a deep sleep. Several empty wine bottles were standing upright beside the sofa.

Tang Xiao glanced at the room which looked as if it had been ransacked. He strode to the closed window and pushed it open. Slowly, the bright rays of sunshine came in one by one. One by one it stepped on the sleeping man’s face, leaving behind footprints of light.

“Fuck, Anna! Close the window! ” The man scolded out loud and reached out rubbing his disordered nest-shaped hair, before turning over to avoid the sun and buried his face in the sofa.

Without a word, Tang Xiao bent down to pick up an empty wine bottle at his feet and threw it at the man.

“Motherfucker!” A moment ago, the man who was sleeping like a pig jumped up from the sofa like an agile black leopard. His arm propped on the back of the sofa, and his whole body was like an Olympic gymnast, turning gracefully to the back of the sofa, feeling for a gun before aiming it at Tang Xiao.

“If I were a killer, you would be dead by now.” With his hands in his pockets, Tang Xiao stood in a specific somewhat-clean place in the room. Due to basic hygiene awareness, he did not intend to sit down.

“Boss Tang, there’s no killer in the world better than you.” Seeing who the person was, the man put up his gun and threw it to one side, immediately relaxing from his tensed state. Leaning against the wall, he felt a cigarette in his pocket and lit it. He complained incessantly, “I was almost scared to death by you.”

“Ah Ka, get down to business.”

“I don’t think you came to my place in person just to find me to have drinks, Mr. Workaholic,” Tang Ka said, taking a cigarette to try to wake himself up quickly. “Is it about Simon D? I don’t know who taught this guy, his trace is hidden too well. All this time, these people have never found anything. It seems that you have decided to personally do it. ”

“If it can be found so easily, Simon D will not be Simon D.”

Tang Ka held up his cigarette in his mouth and buttoned up his shirt. He complained, “How unlucky. I was hoping to get some information from Master Su by cooperating with Chen Yuan. Who knew that the plane crashed? But wait, did you get some clues from Chen Yuan before coming to me?”

There were some doubts in Tang Ka’s words. He had been tracking down Simon for a long time. As far as he knew, that sly bastard would never come into contact with too many people. According to his own understanding, Simon would not let Chen Yuan become his weakness. Even the incident when Simon gave Master Su mercy, was something that someone found by accident. However, even though this Master Su was known to be so hard that no one could bite him, it was surprising to Tang Ka that the man was taken over by Chen Yuan. Truly, the most dangerous person is the one closest to you.

“Chen Yuan didn’t have any information about Simon.” Tang Xiao looked down at the watch on his wrist, looked up and asked Tang Ka directly, “Can you help me get the white jade Buddha prayer beads?”

“Don’t tell me it’s the white jade Buddha beads hanging on old Chen. That string of beads is his treasure. If you want me to rob that bead, it’d be better if you let me kill his wife with one shot.”

“Can you?” Tang Xiao’s tone was firm.

Tang Ka took a hard breath, frowned and thought for a while, then asked in a deep voice, “It’s related to Simon?”

Tang Xiao continued to look at Tang Ka.

“Okay, I get it. But you have to give me a few days to plan. After all, old Chen is head of the land of Hong Kong. And you also know that we have cooperated with old Chen for a long time, we can’t snatch it openly. It’s easy to snatch it, but it’ll be ugly when others see it. In the future, we might not be able to mix well in Southeast Asia.” Even thinking about it is really a hard job, Tang Ka put his hands up to surrender with a wry smile, “Who let you be my cousin, who let you be T?”

“Boss, what if your identity really got exposed?” Tang Ka squinted.

“There is no what if.”

“So confident?”

“I’m T.”

Tang Ka held his head in his hands for a while, he knew that this was the answer he was going to get. “Really, I thought this kind of thing would make you a little flustered, but it still turned out to be disgusting self-confidence.”

“I can’t change what happened even if I’m in a panic. Come out with me.” Tang Xiao looked at the time, it had been six minutes and fifty-four seconds since he came in. He hoped that the prideful and impatient Master Su outside would not become too antsy.

“There’s a beautiful lady outside?” Unexpectedly seeing Tang Xiao look at his watch twice in a row in such a short time, Tang Ka asked jokingly.

“You’d better not talk nonsense in front of him.” Tang Xiao gave a kind reminder.

Tang Ka blinked and jumped out of the sofa. He put his hand on Tang Xiao’s shoulder and leaned over. “Tsk tsk tsk, I’m more and more curious about what beauty can make our omnipotent T be so careful. I won’t be surprised if you cook for her one day.”

Cooking for Master Su? Su Bai’s mouth is very selective. It is a little difficult for him to be satisfied.

Just as Tang Ka opened the door, Anna’s scream of panic came through, “Ah, let go! Let go!”

“Anna!” Tang Ka rushed out.

Tang Xiao furrowed his brows. He had a bad feeling.

There were several people around the bar. Tang Xiao saw Su Bai at a glance. Su Bai was grabbing Anna’s hair with one hand, and clasping Anna’s delicate neck with the other. It would only take Su Bai a small amount of force to kill the beautiful woman immediately. Several people in the nightclub pointed their guns at Su Bai, who was grabbing Anna.

“What’s the matter? Put your guns down!” Tang Ka cried out.

“Ah Ka, help me…” Anna cried and cried, her voice was as sharp as a chicken pinched by the neck. The strength in Su Bai’s hand increased a little, and Anna opened her mouth as if she could not breathe. Tears flowed down her face and her legs trembled. She looked very pitiful.

Tang Xiao glanced at the two empty glasses on the bar, strode up silently and pushed away the people who surround Anna and Su Bai. Standing two steps away from Master Sy, he reached out and slowly forced apart the fingers that pinched Anna’s neck. Su Bai only glanced at Tang Xiao slightly.

“Anna is his people, I promise you can do whatever you want.” As soon as Su Bai’s hand was released, Anna immediately lost her strength and fell on the ground. Tang Ka stood by and watched. The subordinates on the side did not dare to move when they saw that their own boss did not help big sister Anna.

Truthfully, Su Bai did not hear a word Tang Xiao said. He was good at drinking, but there was also a weakness: that he could not drink mixed liquor. Once it’s mixed alcohol, he would fall to the ground immediately. If Tang Xiao came out any later, he would be drunk on the ground. Su Bai took a deep breath and held Tang Xiao’s shoulder with one hand to prevent himself from falling. He raised the other hand and slapped Tang Xiao’s face. Then he fell down, fully drunk.

Tang Xiao glanced at the gaping Tang Ka and said in his usual natural voice, “Come outside and drive the car.” Then he carried the drunk Su Bai and walked out through the side door of the nightclub.

“Ah Ka…” Anna sat on the ground with a look of grievance.

“Anna, how many times have I told you to hold back!” Tang Ka did not go to Anna and ran out in the direction where Tang Xiao left. What did he just see? Tang Xiao actually got slapped by that man, and the problem was that Tang Xiao did not seem to be angry!

Tang Ka sat in the driver’s seat and occasionally glanced at Tang Xiao and Su Bai in the rearview mirror in silence. He hesitated and asked, “Can I ask who he is?”

“Shut up and drive your car.” Tang Xiao said without raising his head.

It has to be said that Su Bai was good even when drunk. Even in this state, he did not vomit or talk nonsense. It looked more like he was asleep while lying quietly on Tang Xiao’s leg. This was the second time Tang Xiao saw Master Su sleeping today. It was as quiet and peaceful as he imagined. Even when he was drunk, the man always kept calm.

Tang Ka drove into a villa by the sea, and a bodyguard in black came up to open the door. Seeing a man lying on the back seat, he wanted to help him. Tang Xiao just said “Get out of the way” and carried Su Bai into the villa. Tang Ka trotted after him and whispered, “Princess carry, how romantic!”

“You all can leave.” Tang Ka chased all the servants out of the villa and continued to follow Tang Xiao. Su Bai was carried to a guest bedroom.

Tang Ka ran to the door and stood, whispering, “Boss, can I beg mercy for Anna?”

“Let out some hot water.” Tang Xiao pulled up the quilt and covered Su Bai.

“Okay!” Like a little tornado Tang Ka ran into the bathroom, and soon there was a sound of water running. After a while, he said, “Boss, I just heard what they said, it’s Anna’s fault. That woman is just too spoiled by me. You know the rules of Tang Hui. She just forced your friend to drink two glasses of wine.” Tang Ka squatted beside the bathtub and tested the water temperature. After all, Anna had been with him for a while. If he really had to give up the woman, he would still feel some heartache.

“I didn’t know Tang Hui had a rule of forcing people to drink.” Tang Xiao stood at the door of the bathroom.

“Can you make a little noise when you walk?” Tang Ka almost fell to on the ground after being startled by the sudden appearance of Tang Xiao, whose walking was like a ghost floating.

“Can you keep your voice down?” Crossing over Tang Ka, Tang Xiao took a towel and soaked it in the hot water before wringing it dry. “Get some warm milk and food when the water is done.”

“It’s just two drinks. Okay, the rule was set by me, but Anna is our own people after all. Your friend has taught Anna a lesson, can’t you…” Tang Ka stood up and looked at Tang Xiao in the mirror.

“Tang Ka.” Tang Xiao turned and pointed to his mouth, which was still a little green, and his cheek, which had been slapped by Su Bai.

“Okay, I’ll shut up.” Hands up, Tang Ka let the hot water into the bathtub and left the room. After coming out, he told several subordinates to prepare some hot milk and food. Then he called the nightclub, “Tom, let Anna come to me now, if she still wants to live.”

The curtain of the room was drawn closed. Tang Xiao sat by the bed and wiped away some liquor left on Su Bai’s neck with a hot towel. Su Bai groaned softly, reached out and pushed Tang Xiao’s hand holding the towel away. He frowned and closed his eyes, ordering, “Bring me some water.” His voice was a little dry, but the tone sounds very clear as if he was no longer drunk.

Tang Xiao thought that Master Su woke up. When he took the water and called Su Bai up to drink it, Su Bai responded to him with gentle and even breaths. The man was just saying some silly words habitually and was still drunk.

“Master Su?” Tang Xiao lowered himself and called out softly.


“Su Bai?” A finger lightly touched the tip of Su Bai’s nose.

“ZZZZ……” No response. Still sleeping.

Tang Xiao sat in the bed and looked at Su Bai, who was completely asleep. He hesitated for a moment in silence before holding out his hand to Su Bai and paused for a few seconds in the middle of the air. Finally, the hand fell on Master Su’s smooth forehead. The warm feeling spread through his fingertips to the tip of his heart. His fingers slid down Su Bai’s cheek and finally stopped on the man’s slightly dry lips.

Turning around and taking the cup of water, Tang Xiao ladled a spoonful of warm water and brought it to Su Bai’s mouth. When the warm water touched his lips, Su Bai unconsciously opened his mouth slightly to want more. Tang Xiao suddenly put the spoon aside and gave himself a mouthful of water. Then he bent down and stuck to Su Bai’s slightly opened mouth.

Tang Xiao’s tongue gently pushed forward and guided the water into the other’s mouth. The man who tasted the water opened his mouth instinctively and sucked in his sleep. The warm water was wrapped with something soft. Su Bai rolled the soft and hot thing like he tasted sweetness with curiosity.

“In return for the slap?”

With his hands on both sides of Su Bai’s body, Tang Xiao’s breathing started to become a little heavy and irregular. Until the hot water in his mouth was gone, he slowly opened the distance between them. Seeing Su Bai, who did not seem to wake up, Tang Xiao soon bent down again and kissed Su Bai’s lips, which were moistened by water, then rubbed his lips against the man’s neck until the shirt collar which had two buttons unbuttoned.

That white, white chest.

His Adam’s apple slid up and down along with his action of swallowing saliva. Tang Xiao’s eyes were deep. He lowered his head and gently kissed on the white chest. The too gentle action was a bit cautious. It seemed like he was kissing not a man who can beat him easily, but a piece of fine porcelain that would break when touched lightly.

“Go away -” Su Bai suddenly moved slightly, groaning uneasily. Tang Xiao’s action seemed to remind him of some bad memories. He first shook with unease, then frowned and struggled in his sleep and his hands on both sides of his body grasped the quilt. Occasionally, he said something similar to “Get away”. His body became extremely tense and stiff, and his heart beat faster and faster.

“Su Bai?” Tang Xiao soon stopped and looked at Su Bai with complicated eyes. Su Bai looked very uncomfortable. Although he was obviously troubled by nightmares and was extremely upset, he was restraining himself even in his dreams. He seemed to want to calm himself down, but excessive restraint would only make Su Bai feel worse.

“Are you okay?” Pulling up the quilt and wrapping the man up, Tang Xiao’s frown was not any flatter than Master Su’s. He gently lifted the man from the bed so that Su Bai could rest in his arms. Su Bai struggled for a while first, but soon Tang Xiao’s light touch on his back calmed him down.

Su Bai leaned against Tang Xiao’s chest and fell asleep, holding the man’s clothes unconsciously. When Tang Ka gently opened the door and came in, he saw his always-cold cousin gently stroking a man in his arms.

Tang Ka was instantly petrified. This Tang Xiao must be fake, fake!

A/N: Covering face and running away with tears, please do your best…

[Intermission: please use an animal to describe him him him…]

1. Ye Ziwu

Master Su: The circus dog, tease to play with

2. What about Chen Yuan?

Master Su: The domestic wolf dog that occasionally bites people. Ah, bring me the collar….

3. Tang Xiao

Master Su: A leopard who wants to walk slowly. I walk a leopard while others walk a dog

4. Su Yiyang

Master Su: Stupid rabbit

5. Liu Yunsheng

Master Su: Stupid pig

6. Simon. D

Master Su: Obedient golden retriever

7. Xiao Hai

Master Su: Little poisonous snake

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