RMS: Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Su Bai did not sleep for too long. Two hours later, he opened his eyes and heard a slight typing sound. Looking towards the source, he saw Tang Xiao holding a laptop dealing with work. Several magazines and newspapers were placed on the table beside him, which all seemed related to finance, finance and current politics.

“Did I wake you?” As if sensing Su Bai’s stare, Tang Xiao stopped his work.

Very sensitive, evaluating on Tang Xiao’s action in the heart, Master Su took a deep breath to let his chaotic brain clear up as soon as possible.

“How long did I sleep for?” He sat up with his hands on both sides and leaned against the bed frowning, pinching his eyebrows.

Tang Xiao poured a cup of warm water and went to the bedside, handing it over: “Only for two hours, do you want something to eat?

“Yes.” Su Bai drank a mouthful of water to moisten his throat. looks like Su Mo not only looked like his younger self, he even had the same weakness to mixed alcohol.

After drinking two mouthfuls of water, Su Bai put the cup aside. Glancing at Tang Xiao who went to take food, he touched his lips. When he was dreaming, it seemed that someone was kissing him. Su Bai took a look inside his shirt collar. His chest though well-built, was very pale, it was clean and without any traces. It did not look like someone had kissed it.

Was it a wet dream? Possible, he had never looked for “human warmth” since he became Su Mo. Although he was a man with extremely shallow desire and expectation, but there were still some basic physiological needs as a man.

After sleeping and eating something, Master Su felt quite comfortable. As expected, a young body is healthy. Although he was not too young at the age of 32, it was still much better than the him in the early 40s with many bullet injuries. At least if he was drunk in his old self, he would have to lie down for a day to clear up.

“Why did you drink? Someone like you can’t be controlled by someone easily.” Tang Xiao sat on a chair beside him with his legs slightly open. If Su Bai could grab Anna with guns pointing, then he would have been able to hold onto Anna’s weakness at the beginning without having to drink those two glasses of alcohol. He really could not understand Su Bai.

“I haven’t been drunk for a long time.” Su Bai smiled carelessly, leaning on the bed, “Where’s that woman?”

“Kneeling outside.”

“Why is she kneeling? Let her get up. I’m a man of pity.”

Not long ago, the man who pitied and cherished jade almost scared people to death by grabbing her hair in one hand and clasping the neck in the other. He really was headstrong and liked to play with people’s hearts. After making such a scene, Anna dared not provoke Su Bai any more, along with Tang Ka and the others.

This move of master Su’s was really high and mighty. Remembering that he was slapped by Su Bai, Tang Xiao bitterly chuckled in secret. Su Bai was sure that he would not be angry or fight back at that time. Tang Xiao took out his phone and dialed a number, “Let Anna get up.”

“Are you feeling any discomfort? Want to sleep a little longer?”

“I want to take a bath.”

“The hot water has been prepared.” Tang Xiao stood up and was about to go out when Su Bai called out.


“Change of clothes and bathrobe, as well as the shampoo and body wash you are used to, are already ready.” Tang Xiao thought Su Bai was going to talk to him about this.

“I don’t have much strength. Carry me there.” He was too lazy to move now. There was a President Tang who he could order around standing in front of him anyways. If he did not make good use of it, it would be too wasteful. So what if half of him pretended to be drunk, he would not have been forced to drink if Tang Xiao did not take him there.

Either way, Master Su did not like Tang Xiao. It was satisfying to slap him and it would be nice to order Tang Xiao to bathe him too. Su Bai was in a good mood.

Tang Xiao stood and looked at Su Bai for a while. He did not move there until he confirmed the teasing in Master Su’s eyes. Ah, how could there be such a terrible man.

Tang Xiao’s stupor and hesitation became a kind of “unwillingness” in Su Bai’s eyes. Seeing that Tang Xiao still came, Master Su proudly raised his eyebrows. He used to punish Chen Yuan like this. At least from Su Bai’s point of view, it was an insulting trick to let a man of no low status serve another man.

Well, Su Bai really thought so. From the perspective of normal people, he was not wrong. The question is, were there any normal people around him? Master Su had missed on this point.

Su Bai was not shorter than Tang Xiao, but it was also obvious that Tang Xiao did not spend too much effort picking him up. Tang Xiao’s expressionless face did not reveal the slightest bit of “humiliation” or reluctance, which more or less made Su Bai not very happy, so when he got to the bathroom, Su Bai let Tang Xiao stay.

“I don’t have a thing for watching men take baths.” Tang Xiao turned and closed the bathroom door.

“I don’t have a thing for men watching me bath either. As I said, I don’t have the strength. You can just wipe my back, or you can ask Anna to come in and help me while giving my back a massage?” Master Su began to unbutton his clothes. Tang Xiao, with his back to Su Bai, saw only a smooth white wall, which showed a vague figure of a man taking off his clothes.

Tang Xiao forced himself to close his eyes, he vowed that if he dared to show that he had “sexual interest” in Su Bai, Su Bai would kill him.

The water had been put for a while. The bathtub had the function of heat preservation, and the temperature was kept at a comfortable value. Su Bai took off his clothes and sat in the bathtub, the slight sound of dripping water made Tang Xiao open his eyes quickly. He had a premonition that everything that would happen next was higher than any previous torture and training.

“At your service.” Tang Xiao rolled up his sleeves, grabbed the bath towel and squatted beside the bathtub. He poured the bath liquid, scrubbing up white foam and rubbed it on Su Bai’s back.

“President Tang is doing well. Talents are talents, good at anything they do.” Su Bai was surprised by Tang Xiao’s decisiveness and openness. He thought that people like Tang Xiao, who did not show their powers or weaknesses, would resist a little. Being able to rub his back after being slapped, it seemed he had underestimated Tang Xiao.

“If you like, I can wipe your back every day.” Tang Xiao suddenly came close to Su Bai’s ear and spat out warm breaths. “Master Su, do you have any plans to cooperate all the way?”



“Su Mo. ” The corner of his mouth was slightly raised, putting down his newspaper he looked at the man who had just asked for his name.

Tang Ka repeated his name like a robot, “Su Mo?” A pair of eyes suspiciously looked up and down at Master Su, who was at ease eating Hong Kong style breakfast. Suddenly, he patted his head and looked like he had received sudden enlightenment.

“Ah! I know who you look like. I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere! “

He picked up a shrimp dumpling with his chopsticks and put it into his mouth to chew it. After swallowing it down, Su Bai said slowly, “This is my first time in Hong Kong.”

Well technically it was Su Mo who came to Hong Kong for the first time, not Su Bai. He was just a little curious why Tang Ka said such words as “who you look like” and “seen you somewhere”. As far as Su Bai knew, Tang Ka, as Tang Xiao’s cousin, mostly managed a lot of businesses here in Hong Kong.

“Yes, so I certainly haven’t seen you before. No wonder the boss is so kind to you. If you look carefully, you and he are somewhat similar.” Tang Ka pretended to hold his chin mysteriously, and with exaggerated movements, he stared at Su Bai from left to right. From time to time, he said words like “Tsk tsk, really are similar”.

After eating a few shrimp dumplings and drinking two sips of milk tea, Master Su put down his chopsticks and picked up a paper towel to wipe his mouth. The scene looked quite funny; one tried to attract the other’s attention, while the other was calmly having breakfast, drinking morning tea and reading newspapers.

In terms of pretense and mystery, Tang Ka and his cousin Tang Xiao are not just a little different. The gap between them was as long as the Great Wall, and it was not an exaggeration to say that it was even the distance between heaven and earth. At least now, when Tang Ka talked, it looks like a child standing in front of Guan Yu showing his swordmanship.

Forget it, in order to avoid Tang Ka choking himself to death before his words came out, Su Bai asked, “Who?”

However, the nonchalant look of Master Su turned to “deliberately pretending not to care, but in fact, I care very much” to Tang Ka. The Tang Ka who was frightened by Su Bai’s powerful demeanour yesterday did not want to admit defeat.

“Master Su Su Bai, have you heard of him?” Tang Ka’s eyebrows raised, and paired with his colorful clothes, it was a perfect match.

“It’s similar to my name. I’m Su Mo, and he’s Su Bai.” Master Su turned over a page of the newspaper and said with a lowered head expressionless.

“Not only are the names similar, but your appearance is similar to him too. However, he was a famous person who came from a well-known family. It is difficult for ordinary people to see him.” Tang Ka squinted and rested his elbows on the table.

Master Su turned to a new page, “Is he really that famous? I’ve never heard of this man.”

“How can a truly powerful person be known by any ordinary person? Ah, what does Mr. Su do for a living?” Su Bai’s uncaring words turned into escape and cover-up of inferiority in Tang Ka’s ears.

“University teacher.”

“Oh, a university teacher.” Seeing that Su Bai was still unmoved, the passive Tang Ka finally moved his chair towards Su Bai’s direction. He carefully looked around, covered his hand on his mouth and lowered his voice, “Has Tang Xiao never told you about this Master Su Su Bai?”

He could not help but smile, so he folded the newspaper and put it aside. He looked at Tang Ka and said, “Even if that Master Su Su Bai looked like me, what does this have to do with Tang Xiao?”

“Of course it has something to do with it. Does Mr. Su really think that a handsome and rich man like my cousin would see a university teacher for no reason?” Once the words were out he saw Master Su slightly stunned. Tang Ka laughed in secret, see, he shot the bullseye in the end!

Tang Ka, who thought he had stabbed Master Su’s weakness, wanted to add another shot. He leaned close to Su Bai’s ear and said in a low voice, “Mr. Su, in fact, the person my cousin likes is not you, but the Master Su Su Bai who is a little like you. When I say this to you, I hope you can understand the truth and not be kept in the dark. “

“Tang Xiao… likes Su Bai?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows slightly. He remembered the words Tang Xiao said in his ear in the bathroom yesterday afternoon.

“It’s not just like that. When my cousin was a child, he went with his father to talk business, and he happened to see Master Su. He has worshiped Su Bai since then.” Tang Ka returned to his seat and took a cigarette from his shirt pocket to light it.

It turned out to be worship. Su Bai leaned on the back of the chair and cocked up his leg. His fingers tapped his knees. His admirers were always many.

After smoking a cigarette, Tang Ka continued, “If he has nothing to do, he will collect information and photos about Master Su from other people everywhere. Unfortunately, Su Bai mainly stayed in Europe. Although he often does business in various places, it was usually handed over to his subordinates and after his success, he seldom came out to talk about business, so Tang Xiao couldn’t see him.”

Tang Ka quietly looked at Su Bai’s reaction as he said it. Master Su listened with great interest. He laughed twice and sighed, “So it’s like this. It’s true Tang Xiao hasn’t told me about it.”

Thinking that Su Bai was pretending, Tang Ka, who did not know how to be flowery, simply said, “Mr. Su, you should not be too fierce. In other words, you are just a substitute, not the real Master Su.”

“If it’s the real Master Su…” After saying this, Su Bai came forward and suddenly reached out to the Tang Ka. Tang Ka’s back tightened and he frowned slightly, resisting the impulse to avoid. Su Bai chuckled and said, “Don’t be nervous, it’s not like I’m going to hit you.”

“Smoking early in the morning is bad for your health.” Taking off the cigarette from the corner of Tang Ka’s mouth, Su Bai threw the cigarette butt into the water cup on the table. Seeing that Tang Ka had been looking at himself, he explained, “I have no habit of smoking second-hand smoke.”

“Go on, if it’s the real Master Su Su Bai, does that mean your woman can be killed at will and nothing will happen?” Su Bai glanced at Anna, who sat on the opposite side farthest away from him. Anna, who had previously been silent and was drinking water, suddenly spouted a mouthful of water. Turning around, she lowered her head and coughed.

Tang Ka looked at Anna who was frightened, and then looked at Su Bai, who had a gentle smile. He laughed, “Mr. Su, you are powerful. We can pretend that those words said were not heard or spoken. How about it?” Tang Ka was frustrated and depressed. He wanted to help Anna win some face, but failed. Now Anna is probably afraid of Su Bai to death.

“What are you all talking about?” Tang Xiao, who had just taken a bath, came down from upstairs feeling fresh.

“It’s nothing. Ah Ka asked Anna to apologize for what happened yesterday. I said it was not needed.” Su Bai smiled and looked at Tang Xiao who came towards them.

“Really?” Tang Xiao took a look at Tang Ka. Wasn’t this rascal always extremely protective?

“Anna, come apologize to Mr. Su in person.” In the first round, the little fox was defeated by the old fox.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Tang. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it yesterday. I was wrong. I really know it was wrong…” Poor Anna was about to cry.

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