RMS: Chapter 19

Chapter 19


“I thought you didn’t like smoking cigarettes.” With his hands in his pant pockets, Tang Xiao leaned against the door. “Liu Yunsheng has at least two ribs broken. He may have to lie in the hospital for several months.”

There was no light in the room. The open balcony was outside the glass door, with a cool night wind singing in the night, a little decadent and a little distant. A white figure was leaning against the fence of the balcony, in hand a cigarette burning with vague sparks. Occasionally, he spat out smoke. The white smoke spread in circles until it integrated into the night. Even asSu Bai wore a body of white, there was still no clear and happy feeling, just as someone in a police uniform would not necessarily be a good public servant of the people.

In Su Bai’s body, Tang Xiao always felt a strong sense of cynicism emanating from him, sharp as a knife.

“Even if one doesn’t like it, it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to.” The cigarette butt fell from Su Bai’s fingers onto the ground, before getting crushed to dust.

Master Su turned around. He was indistinct in the moonlight night, with eyes that were as bright as obsidian. He took out a pair of black leather gloves from his pocket and put them on his hands. He raised his chin slightly to Tang Xiao, “I remember you said that your actual combat experience is no less than mine. Let’s practice hands.”

Tang Xiao’s eyes fell onto the leather gloves. He stepped forward and closed the door behind him. Taking off his coat and throwing it on the sofa, he rolled his shirt sleeves and asked, “Is it the tradition of the Su family for the power holder to wear a pair of gloves?”

As a response to Tang Xiao’s question, the man was met with Master Su’s heavy fist. Tang Xiao’s eyelids twitched and he quickly avoided it. Although the fist did not fall directly onto his nose, it managed to brush by his ear and felt slightly sore. Strands of black hair flew back in an arc, carried by the winds from the punch. Su Bai did not give Tang Xiao any room to react, performing a side kick afterward.

“You didn’t say start.” Tang Xiao waved his arms forward to block, and the huge force made the two people bounce back and opened a safe distance between them.

“Will you shout before you shoot, like ‘Hey, I’m going to shoot you’?” Su Bai said ironically. His calf was numb, Tang Xiao’s arm was as hard as a steel block, but the other party probably did not feel any better.

Tang Xiao smiled, and his tightly closed mouth turned up with the sharp smell of bloodthirst. He clenched his fist and rushed towards Su Bai. They fought like two beasts smelling the scent of blood. If they were elegant and strong in the hall with soft light, then now after taking off their gorgeous skins, they fought wildly and directly.

Su Bai was not a person keen on fighting. He often felt too embarrassed and ugly because of the wounds. However, in order to defend himself, he had also made great efforts in learning how to fight. All his moves were directed at the most vulnerable places of the enemy, and the hits were the most painful and difficult to defend. Obviously, used by others this way of fighting seemed to be negatively cunning, but with Master Su, it was as if he had this ability to make you think he was fighting with elegance.

However, Su Bai’s advantages were not so obvious against a man like Tang Xiao, who has experienced many battles and was full of tough tendons, especially for the Su Bai who was still controlling his diet and exercise.

After getting a fist in the abdomen, Su Bai fell to the ground with a dull thump. After a moment of darkness, he gradually felt the faint moonlight outside the window.

Tang Xiao breathed heavily on Su Bai. Fighting was very physically taxing. It was often an exaggeration of real-life for one person to beat hundreds on TV. He trapped Su Bai’s hands with one hand, and lifted himself slightly off the carpet with his other hand. Master Su’s fists were fierce. He did not even beat Su Bai’s face, but the man always punched directly at him.

Well, a bruise at the corner of the mouth was better than a nosebleed.

“I have no energy left.” His chest heaved up and down because of shortness of breath. Su Bai opened his mouth slightly like a drowning fish, panting. Occasionally, he swallowed his saliva which pushed his Adam’s apple to slide up and down with a gulp.

Tang Xiao’s eyes flowed along Su Bai’s closed eyes down to the man’s fluctuating chest. The white shirt had two buttons unbuttoned, revealing a white chest. The weak moonlight licked a layer of delicate luster on it. Tang Xiao licked his dry lips and said, “Your diet should be back to normal. It’s obvious you have no strength after eating so little.”

“Hmph.” Su Bai snorted, “I’m sure you’ve beaten people to death with those hands of yours.”

“You didn’t.” Tang Xiao found that his eyes seemed to be glued to the white flowery chest. He could not tear them away.

“It’s too dirty.” Master Su did not like the mixture of blood, meat, and scum splashing on his body. It was disgusting to him.

“How old were you when you first killed?” Su Bai kept his eyes closed and his breath gradually calmed down. If he didn’t move his mouth occasionally to say a few words, it would have seemed like he fell asleep.

Tang Xiao let go of Su Bai’s hands. Instead, he supported himself with his hands on both sides. “At the age of eleven, someone pushed me down the river. I woke up after six months of coma. The first thing was I did was tie the man up and pull him to the high seas. I threw him off to feed the fish.”

“He was someone close to you, and then he betrayed you.”


“I killed for the first time when I was eight years old. Eight years before, a man and a woman left the Su family for love and left me behind. Eight years later, the man had other women outside, and the woman killed the man. Grandpa caught the woman. She was my mother by blood, so I killed her, as she would only suffer more if she lived.” Su Bai’s tone was very flat, as if he was telling someone else’s story. He paused and said, “What a ridiculous love.”

Doesn’t believe in love because of his parents’ betrayal? Tang Xiao’s eyes fell on Su Bai’s face, “You don’t believe in love?” Never married, never had children.

Su Bai didn’t answer and went on. “I adopted them when they were starving and freezing to death on the streets. I taught them all I knew. Not only on how to live in this human-eating society, but also how to become one of the masters of the world. I treated them better than anyone else.”

“Why did they betray me?” Master Su suddenly opened his eyes.

“Maybe it’s because they wanted more and you couldn’t satisfy them anymore.”

“What a failure.” Master Su sneered at himself.

“Come to Hong Kong with me tomorrow.”

Glancing slightly at Tang Xiao, who was resting above his body, Su Bai suddenly punched him before slowly getting up from the ground, grabbing the coat that laid on one side he walked towards the door. Tang Xiao sat up on the ground with his face in his hand and looked at the man’s back and said, “No matter the reason for betrayal, it will not change the fact that it has happened.”

After wiping the blood on the corners of his mouth, Tang Xiao gave a wry smile. Did this mean he was finally treated as a collaboration partner whole-heartedly, or was it just an internal battle of an old fox?

“Su Bai, aren’t you tired?”

… …

… …

The next morning, Su Bai and Tang Xiao arrived in Hong Kong by air from City A.

“Are you sure we don’t want to take a break before we go?” Out of the airport, Master Su pinched his sore brows. Su Mo’s alcohol tolerance was too low. He had a hangover the next day after drinking just a little too much. Before he had a good rest he was pulled up to take a plane. Now he just wanted a soft bed under the warmth of sunshine.

“Time waits for no one.” Tang Xiao stood on the side of the road and stopped a taxi. He opened the door and winked at Su Bai. “Please, sir.”

Taxi? He was really taken over by this Tang Xiao.

Tang Xiao closed the door and got into the car from the other side. He smoothly told the driver an address in Cantonese. Although Su Bai did not understand it, he knew that it was not a hotel.

“Just the two of us?” The smell of gasoline in the car was so disgusting that his head hurt even more.

“Master Su has no confidence in himself?” Tang Xiao’s upper body leaned toward Su Bai, reaching out and rolling up the window. “Blowing your hair like that will only make your head hurt more.”

“I’m not any better now.” Su Bai powerlessly leaned against the seat. Can confidence become bulletproof clothing or invincible armor? Though he was confident, he was not idiotically confident.

Tang Xiao patted his thigh, “Lie down and I will massage for you.”

“What?” Su Bai opened his eyes and frowned.

“It’s going to take a while.”

“Will it work?” Master Su looked at Tang Xiao suspiciously, and succumbing to the pain of his head he laid down on Tang Xiao’s leg. The comfortable warmth came from the thin pants and although the toughness was not as comfortable as a pillow, it gave a sense of security.

With his fingers in the man’s soft and dry hair, Tang Xiao gently rubbed Su Bai’s head, with the latter giving a comfortable hum and really fell asleep with his eyes closed like a great master in the Republic of China. The strength of his fingers rubbing became smaller and smaller until at last Tang Xiao leaned on the back of the chair and put one hand on Su Bai’s waist, stroking the man’s hair as if it was a cat.

The taxi driver stole two glances at the rearview mirror at the beginning. He did not dare to look at Tang Xiao any more after seeing his deep and indifferent eyes. About an hour later, the taxi stopped at the door of a nightclub. It was still early so the door of the nightclub was tightly closed. Only a few people who looked like staff members occasionally came in and out of the side door.

Tang Xiao had been sitting still, still maintaining his action: one hand on Su Bai’s waist, and the other gently stroking the man’s hair while he looked down at Master Su who is asleep. What he was thinking about was unknown.

After about ten minutes, the taxi driver was a little worried when he saw that Tang Xiao still did not get off. He looked back and saw that Tang Xiao retrieved a wallet from his pocket, took out a pile of money from it and handed it to him. Tang Xiao looked at Su Bai and put his index finger on his lips in a hush.

Master Su was awakened by hunger. Tang Xiao’s massage was very comfortable. After a short sleep, his head was not as uncomfortable, but he was a little hungry.

“We’re here?” Sitting up, Su Bai saw the nightclub across the street at a glance. The sun was shining brightly in a nearly-white sky.

“Let’s go.” Tang Xiao opened the door and got off, with one leg a little numb.

As soon as Su Bai got out of the taxi, the taxi driver sped away without saying a word, which surprised him a little.

“What did you do to him?” Su Bai asked, amused.

“Secret.” Tang Xiao begrudgingly spat out one word and went straight to the side door of the nightclub. Su Bai glances at the name of the nightclub – Tang Hui.

Standing at the side door, Tang Xiao said something to the people inside. He then looked at Su Bai and motioned for the man to follow him. Master Su went over and walked into Tang Hui together with Tang Xiao. Like most nightclubs, Tang Hui was also decorated with luxury. Although most of the lights in the nightclub were off at the moment, one could imagine how extravagant it would be at night.

“As your partner, do I have the right to know why we are here?”

“Meeting an old friend.” Tang Xiao paused, slowed down his pace and drew closer to Su Bai, then added, “Hong Kong has what we need, and we need help from the people here.”

A strong dragon who does not pressure a local snake? Su Bai glanced at Tang Xiao with a sense of warning. If you dare to do anything out of line, I will definitely make you die ugly.

“God, am I dreaming!” When they got to the dance floor, a tall red-haired woman came from the bar on high heels. From the perspective of ordinary men, she was a hot beauty.

“Tang, it’s really you. What brings you to Hong Kong? Why didn’t you inform me in advance?” The hot beauty opened her arms and gave Tang Xiao a big hug. She kept talking with Tang Xiao. It seemed she was determined to treat Master Su as air.

Su Bai was not interested in watching the drama in front of him. He went straight pass Tang Xiao, who was enjoying a beauty, to the bar and sat down. Then he heard the woman’s exaggerated howl again, “My god, what’s wrong with your face? Who did it! ”

“Anna, is he in there?” Compared with the passion of the beauty, Tang Xiao’s response was cold. As a man, Tang Xiao pushed Anna away and moved forward a step further to get away from her. He glances at Su Bai, who was sitting on the bar chair with his legs crossed and eyes cocked. The man was looking at him with a playful eye and looked very punchable.

“Had too much last night. He’s laying inside.” Anna curled her mouth.

Tang Xiao came to Su Bai and said, “Wait for me here for a moment. I will come out soon.”

“I assume you’re not going to tell me who you’re going in to see, and what you both are going to talk about.”

“Maybe I’ll tell you one day.” Tang Xiao laughed and said, “Do you want to eat something? It seemed that you just drank some water on the plane.”

“Is it not enough for me to take a taxi? You want me to eat the garbage here?”

“Alright, I’ll treat you to what you want later.” After Tang Xiao finished, he looked at Anna, who was looking at the two of them and said, “Anna, he is my friend.” Su Bai thought that Tang Xiao’s words had some meaning of warning. So it seems that this hot beauty was not easy to get along with?

Anna came over with a smile and with cat-like steps, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this kitten for you.”

Kitten? Su Bai regretted not punching Tang Xiao again last night.

“Then I’m going in,” said Tang Xiao.

“You don’t have to say it several times. Get in quickly and get out early.” Master Su said angrily.

Just like a cat. Tang Xiao smiled and quickly walked into a door near the bar. When Tang Xiao just walked in, Su Bai smelled a strong perfume. She wasn’t even a White with naturally strong body odor, what’s with all this perfume? Su Bai looked to the woman who came to him.

“You and Tang are close?” Anna pointed to the bartender who was cleaning the glasses, her bright red nails long and pointed. “Tom, two glasses for Mr. Tang’s friend.”

“It’s not good to drink at noon, so there’s no need.” Master Su refused.

Anna smiled charmingly at Su Bai, but her tone was the opposite and full of coldness, “It’s against the rules to not drink when coming to Tang Hui.”


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