RMS: Chapter 18

Chapter 18


Music played, lights dimmed, through the window starlight littered all over, and the obsidian ground sparkled like the night sky.

It made people feel as if they were in the American movies of the 1960s and 1970s. It was luxurious and complicated. In the air filled with the smell of wine, decadent and greedy. Under the suits hid wild animals. Under the dress, there laid seduction. The world of materialistic intoxication leads to the downfall of people.

How many people in this world have been pursuing such a luxurious and rotten life, with gorgeous appearances, valuable jewelry, and hearts of others which have already rotted.

Claps, resounded gently;

Footsteps, fell gently.

If you must act, act all the way, giving up halfway will only waste the effort put in before. Tang Xiao took Su Bai’s hand and slowly went to the center of the hall. The elegant and lazy tango music is deeply hidden in a tangle of dangerous blades. Su Bai liked dancing. The feeling of immersing himself in the music and movements could always help him get rid of the boring reality temporarily.

It is not Master Su’s first time to dance with a man or dance a woman’s part, but often during those times, he was the one asking.

“I have to admit, you dance very well.”

Su Bai heard a little sense of “surprise” from Tang Xiao’s tone, and he slightly raised his eyebrows. “Oh– did President Tang always thinks that a man over 40 years old like me will only play taijiquan in the park, drink healthy tea, or dance old disco?”

“Forty is the most attractive time for a man, let alone Master Su who is in your early thirties. I just can’t imagine that people like you will spend time learning the tango.”

“You dance very well, too. Used to dance with your fiancee?”

“Master Su, it’s as hard to find a perfect dance partner in the world as it is to find a perfect significant other.” Tang Xiao didn’t answer.

The elegant, slow and explosive music was like a thorny vine twining between the legs. This was a tango between man and man. The dance steps were elegant and powerful. Although it was close, he and his chest were close to each other, but it seemed to others that both of them wore a sharp sword at the waist, which will hurt each other’s chest at any time. Yet in the next moment, they were intertwining with each other.

Such contradictions, and so unforgettable.

Maybe Tang Xiao was right. It was too difficult to find a perfect dancing partner. Just like Su Bai did not expect that one day dancing would become one of his battlefields, where they were like beasts and trainers in the Colosseum. One is chasing and the other is luring.

One uses sharp fangs to bite the other’s throat, one dances a red cape that keeps retreating but hides a sharp dagger behind.

It was a war, and in the end one will be conquered.

The song stopped before the war ended.

Tang Xiao slowly released his grip on Su Bai’s hand and chuckled, “Someone is coming to you.”

At the corner of his eyes, he saw Liu Yunsheng walking towards him. Su Bai left Tang Xiao and turned to the side door of the villa. He did not want to stage a farce in the eyes of the public.

On the other side, Li Mingjia, who witnessed what happened just now, glanced at Su Yiyang, who was alone wearing an ugly face, and pretended to be surprised and said, “Yiyang, what’s the matter? I thought Tang would invite you to the first dance.”

It was hard to catch a chance to make fun of Su Yiyang. Before leaving, Li Ming added, “Liu Yunsheng has a good eye. He actually takes a fancy to President Tang (Tang Zhong)’s person. By the way, didn’t you tell me that your brother is a fat and stupid old man?”

Although he wanted to go on, seeing Su Yiyang’s cold eyes, Li Ming wisely left him. Everyone in the company will know that Su Yiyang was out of favor in the morning.

Chen Yuan was sitting in the back of the car. The darkness of the night and lights outside the window pulled into black and white lines.

“Buzz buzz-” The mobile phone in his pocket vibrated, and the hand in white gloves took it out and answered the call.

“Have you checked?” Chen Yuan’s tone was unchanged.

[I can only find 18 of Master Su’s 99 accounts. Fortunately, one of the 18 was moved two months ago. ]

“Can you find out who moved it?” The hand holding the mobile phone tightened slightly.

[The other party is very cunning. I can only find out that the fund flowed to A City at the end. Brother Chen, after all, he is the person who raised us… ] The other party sighed.

“Xiao Hai, I will not hurt him.”

Even if he hurt anyone in the world, even himself, he would not hurt even a finger of Master Su’s, but he could not tolerate the man leaving him.

Master, why do you want to leave me? Even though I love you so much.

The other party was suddenly silent. A glint of light flashed in Chen Yuan’s eyes, and his tone was a little hasty, “Xiao Hai, you have more to say, right?”

[Brother Chen, I received a message from Master Su a few days ago. I mean, someone may know how to contact me using Master Su’s method… ] The other side said haltingly.

“What did that man tell you?”

[He asked me to check Tang Xiao’s information. Whether that person is Master Su or not, you must watch Tang Xiao, Brother Chen. ]

“Mn, I know.”

[Brother Chen, can I ask you why we must overthrow Master Su? Although he’s a little grumpy, he has been very good to us, and he has no children. He will definitely pass on the future seat of the Su family to you. Brother Chen, I will support you unconditionally no matter what decision you make, but can you tell me? ]

“Since Lin Fan, he has been secretly reducing my power.”

The car stopped at the entrance of Tang Xiao’s villa at the top of the mountain. Chen Yuan waved to the bodyguard to stop following him. Just two steps later, he saw a familiar white figure coming out of the nearby garden.

“Mr. Su.” Chen Yuan called out.

“Su Mo!”

Liu Yunsheng trotted after him, and in a short time, he lost Su Bai. There were few people in the garden. With a glance, there was a white figure at the corner who left quickly. Liu Yunsheng strode past and started running to the corner before a figure suddenly appeared. Liu Yunsheng quickly halted in his steps.

“Su Mo, do you really not want to see me?” The person who appeared suddenly was Su Bai, who intentionally led Liu Yunsheng out.

“I think you misunderstood. Su Mo is dead. Don’t follow me again.” After a pause, Su Bai leaned against the column of the pavilion in the garden and said coldly, “This is not a suggestion, but a warning.”

Liu Yunsheng looks bleak, “I know that I have done some very bad things before, I’ll apologize to you. I’m sorry, Su Mo, I’m really sorry. But you can’t be with Tang Xiao. People like Tang Xiao won’t really treat you well. I know you won’t be with Tang Xiao just because he has money and power. Even if it’s for revenge, it will only hurt you.”

Su Bai listened to Liu Yunsheng’s words quietly, which was no different from listening to a joke.

Seeing that Su Bai did not speak, Liu Yunsheng thought that Su Bai was really with Tang Xiao for revenge.

“Leave him alone. He plays with others and is not suitable for you.”

“You don’t think he is suitable for me, not because Tang Xiao is not qualified to be with me, but because you think that a man like me, who is no longer young and has no power, is not qualified to be with Tang Xiao.” Su Bai shook his head. “If Tang Xiao is a man who can play tricks on people, what qualifications do you have and what position do you stand to say these words to me?”

“Saying things like hurt, don’t be so funny, okay? You are no longer a child. The so-called hurt cannot be made up with an apology.”

Liu Yunsheng, whose true intentions had been bullseyed, bit his lips tightly, “What must I do for you to forgive me?”

If Su Mo was still Su Mo, will you still stand here today to apologize? How can human feelings be so cheap.

“Die.” Su Ye smiled softly but without temperature. “Su Mo will forgive you if you die.”

Liu Yunsheng was stunned for a moment. How could Su Mo say such cruel words?

“Hesitation means that what you say was nonsense.” As his voice fell, Su Bai came forward suddenly and punched Liu Yunsheng in the abdomen. The man was fell to the ground by this sudden blow.

“Don’t shout, it would be disgraceful to do so.” Su Bai stepped forward and stepped on Liu Yunsheng’s chest, pressing down heavily.

Liu Yunsheng bit his lower lip and made no noise. His chest was about to be crushed. With this, will your anger be reduced slightly?

Master Su’s one sentence was enough to make him feel extremely ashamed.

“If you can keep being arrogant, maybe I will think you’re a human, but right now you’re no better than a dog. Liu Yunsheng, it’s ugly and disgusting.” Looking down at the young man who was curled up on the ground with pain, Su Bai said indifferently and stepped on Liu Yunsheng’s face with one foot, and found that Liu Yunsheng had fainted after kicking two more times.

“I’ll send you an apology as well.” He kicked Liu Yunsheng into the grass and with refreshed vigor, he walked out of the garden with a hum. He got revenge for Su Mo, and his skills have improved recently. It seems that hard work really is effective.

A familiar voice called out to him before he took two steps.

“Mr. Su.” Does it really have to be this coincidental?

“President Chen.” Su Bai stopped, and Chen Yuan quickly came to him. He really wanted to beat Chen Yuan as well.

“Is Mr. Su alone?” Chen Yuan glanced at the direction of the garden.

Su Bai gave up wanting to pull Tang Xiao into the whirlpool, “No, I just came out to take a breather.”

“Really?” Chen Yuan pursed his lips. “Then, shall we go in together?”

“Of course.”

Su Bai turned to the direction of the gate but was held by someone at the next moment. He looked back at Chen Yuan’s smiling eyes and hesitated for a second. Su bai held himself back from shaking off Chen Yuan’s hand.

Entering the hall, Su Bai soon saw Tang Xiao, the son of a bitch who was his supposed boyfriend today, drinking and chatting with some beautiful women in enchanting clothes.

“It seems that President Tang is very busy now.” Chen Yuan glances at Tang Xiao, who is surrounded by beautiful women, and suddenly pulls Su Bai to the center of the hall. Many people at the scene had not seen Chen Yuan, but not Master Su. Although Chen Yuan’s cold air did not let anyone near, it was also enough to attract.

There, Tang Xiao was surrounded by beautiful women. Here, Su Bai was led by an unknown man. Everyone stood as bystanders and watched everything unfold like a play.

“May I have the honor of inviting you to a dance?” Chen Yuan suddenly knelt down on one leg and held Su Bai’s hand with both hands before kissing the back of it. Master Su suddenly had goosebumps all the way to his head.

There was a commotion around him. Tang Xiao looked at the scene resembling romantic drama at the center of the hall with his glass in one hand. He took a sip of red wine and narrowed his eyes.

With soft music, Chen Yuan held Su Ye’s waist and swayed slowly on the dance floor.

A woodblock like Chen Yuan even knew how to dance. This was the first thought after Su Bai and Chen Yuan danced for the first time. Before, he also took Chen Yuan to all kinds of social dances and Chen Yuan never danced with anyone. Master Su also thought that Chen Yuan could not dance because he did not know how, and did not realize that Chen Yuan could dance.

“When I was 18 years old, I made a wish to dance with the person I love one day. I waited for a long time, but even after I had him, I didn’t achieve this wish. I always wanted to tell him that I loved him and could give everything for it.” Chen Yuan’s voice was low and slow.

“I just want to be with him. As long as he wants to be with me, I can do anything for him, and I can learn everything that makes him happy.”

“President Chen, why do you want to talk to me about this?”

“He’s already dead. If I told him I loved him earlier, would he forgive me?” Chen Yuan held Su Bai’s hand tightly and his voice trembled. “No, he won’t forgive me. I have so many things to tell him, but he left. He will never forgive me.”

All of a sudden, Su Bai did know what to say. Is this a confession? For a long time, he thought about the cause of Chen Yuan’s rebellion, which may be that Chen Yuan realized that he was weakening Chen Yuan’s power, that Chen Yuan wanted to be the leader, or that Chen Yuan’s worship of him had reached a kind of abnormal state.

Is it love? What kind of reason is this for betrayal.

“I’m sorry I told you all this. I think of him when I see you.” Chen Yuan looked sad.

“He will forgive you.” Strange if he did.

Chen Yuan looked at Master Su, eyes shining like a lovely puppy, “Really?”

“En.” The answer was duplicitous.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…” Before the end of the song, Chen Yuan leaned on Su Bai’s neck and kept whispering.

Su Bai silently patted Chen Yuan on the shoulder. There was only coldness under the dim lights.


TN: Changed honorific Zhong to President so it flows better. Sorry for not making the change earlier.


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