RMS: Chapter 17

Chapter 17


“Before I tell you how to find Simon. D, can I ask you a question?” With a light smoke, Master Su leaned on the chair by the window with his legs crossed. For people like them, sitting by the window was not a good decision, but it was an exception if the glass was presidential-level bulletproof.

“Please.” Tang Xiao sat opposite Su Bai and personally poured a cup of coffee for Su Bai himself.

“Resurrecting from the dead, with the soul returning, is too inconceivable for anyone. Why do you accept with such calm?” Not only that, but also make the most advantageous response in the fastest time. Even if most people could accept this strange occurrence, they were not likely to come to him and make a deal like Tang Xiao did.

“My feelings and reactions do not change what has happened.” Tang Xiao pushed the coffee in front of Su Bai and the corners of his lips curved upwards, “Milk with no sugar.”

Master Su raised his eyebrows.

Tang Xiao explained, “From the last time at the shooting range, I’d assume you don’t like things that are too bitter.”

Su Bai smiled and took a sip from the white porcelain coffee cup. A little bitter within the mellow fragrance, just right. He put down the coffee cup, “The reason for Simon’s ability to escape pursuits from both black and white for so many years, I think you should not simply think that all this has depended on his extremely excellent talent, but as you and I know, everyone has their own weakness. Even if there is no weakness, at least there will be some interests. ”

His index finger knocked on the armrest of the chair. Su Bai looked at Tang Xiao and said, “Simon is a Buddhist. He likes to collect some historical and meaningful Buddhist objects, the most favorite of which is Buddha beads.”

“Hoping to eliminate the evil he has committed?” Tang Xiao chuckled. “The famous Simon. D, is afraid of going to hell.”

“Does Mr. Tang have Buddha beads that are enough to interest Simon?” Su Bai asked.

“There are many beads in the world, but there is only one string that can attract Simon’s attention.” Tang Xiao furrowed his brows with slight frustration. “I know where it is, but it’s not something that can be solved with money.”

“There are always things in the world that money can’t solve.” Su Bai glanced at Tang Xiao.

“But there is nothing in the world that can never be solved. Thank you for your advice.” Tang Xiao stood up from his seat. “Chen Yuan has noticed you. There are no classes anyway. If you don’t mind, you can stay here first.”

“Looks like you’ve got a solution?”

“In two days, the entertainment company I and Chen Yuan are working on will officially announce the reorganization and listing. After the news media meeting, there will be a private wine party. I hope you can give face and attend.” Tang Xiao went to the window with his back to Su Bai.

The private wine party was held in Tang Xiao’s own luxurious castle-like villa. Most of the guests had arrived. They exchanged greetings in the spacious hall at the villa entrance and talked about what changes the emergence of Huan Yu Entertainment, with its strong background and abundant funds, will bring to the entertainment circle now.

Handsome waiters carrying the fine wine were shuttling amongst the people dressed up like butterflies. Su Yiyang casually took a glass of champagne and looked around anxiously, as if looking for someone. Occasionally, he saw a few familiar entertainment stars take their glass to several other familiar investors in A-City, to which he sneered.

“Why are you unhappy? The two big bosses of Huan Yu, one is Tang Xiao who has sent a villa to you, and the other is said to be a powerful person in your Su family. You have something to do with both sides. Yiyang, you will be the first-ranked actors of Huanyu in the future.” Li Ming, an artiste in Huan Yu, followed beside Su Yiyang. Although he was not publicly recognized as the first-ranked actor of the company, he was considered to be so. The relationship between the two was not as good as they seem.

Su Yiyang raised his glass and took a sip of champagne. He was a proud man, and he paid more and more attention to pride in the showy entertainment circle. How can he tell others that besides having a one night stand with Tang Xiao, the man did not pay much attention to him at all. If you want to stand firm in the entertainment circle, besides talent you have to rely on strong support. There was no doubt that the two big bosses were the most reliable in the world.

There was Tang Xiao and Chen Yuan, but neither Tang Xiao nor Chen Yuan could be seen often. Tonight’s reception would be an opportunity. Su Yiyang proclaimed that he was young and had capital, so he did not believe that there would be several men who could refuse the gift.

“Yunsheng is here.” Li Ming looked at the entrance happily.

Hearing a familiar name, Su Yiyang looked as well and saw Liu Yunsheng. Liu Yunsheng’s father was a financial tycoon in A-City. Su Yiyang and Liu Yunsheng had been together for some time. It was originally agreed that everyone would get what they wanted, but later Liu Yunsheng did not want to break up with him. Su Yiyang simply told him to hook up and lead his annoying brother, and if he succeeded, he would reconcile with Liu Yunsheng.

What started as a joke had an unexpected turn as Liu Yunsheng took it seriously and cheated his stupid brother. Seeing Liu Yunsheng coming to his side, Su Yiyang’s heart was complicated. Although he hated Su Mo, he did not expect Su Mo to jump into the sea. Su Yiyang had not seen Su Mo for several months. Besides hearing that Su Mo gave the villa to Chun Yan, he also heard that the man was losing weight.

“Yiyang, you will be fine with so many people waiting for you.” Li Ming said somewhat sourly.

Looking at Liu Yunsheng who was getting closer and closer, Su Yiyang just smiled lightly. If there was no way to catch Tang Xiao or Chen Yuan, at least Liu Yunsheng was a good spare tire, but this guy is too sticky.

“The last agreement…” As soon as Su Yiyang spoke, he was interrupted by Liu Yunsheng.

“Where is your brother? Where is Su Mo?” Liu Yunsheng asked as soon as he opened his mouth. He looked a little impatient.

“What?” Su Yiyang did not understand.

“Su Mo, I went to the sunset mountain to find him. He has moved away. Do you know where he is? I have something to speak with him.” Before Su Yiyang answered, Liu Yunsheng asked again.

Su Yiyang looks puzzled, “You’re looking for Su Mo?”

“Yes! Su Mo! I’m looking for him!” Liu Yunsheng seemed to be in a bit of a bad mood. He took a deep breath, his eyes searched for something in the crowd eagerly, and murmured, “Is he here? Did you see him?”

“Liu Yunsheng, what are you talking about? How could Su Mo be here? Our agreement is over. Although I don’t like Su Mo, he is my brother after all. Are you still bothering him?” If things got worse, it would not benefit anyone, and Su Yiyang misunderstood Liu Yunsheng’s meaning.

“I didn’t mean to trouble him!” Liu Yunsheng denied.

“Then what do you want him for?”

“I… I’ve come to apologize to him, Yi Yang. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I really like him. I’ve really fallen for Su Mo.” Liu Yunsheng looks at a loss. “He’ll forgive me, won’t he?”

Su Yiyang thought he probably hallucinated. What did Liu Yunsheng say? He fell in love with Su Mo?!

It’s not too hard for Master Su to attend a wine party once in a while. He just did not like to put too much energy and time into playing and talking with strangers, but would not refuse some necessary social activities. Su Bai could guess why Tang Xiao took him to a private reception to celebrate the reorganization and listing of Huan Yu entertainment. However, when Tang Xiao reached out to Su Bai, he could not help twitching slightly.

“Mr. Tang, I don’t remember you saying that I would attend the reception as your partner.” Coldly glancing at Tang Xiao’s hand, Su Bai held himself back on accepting it.

Today, Tang Xiao did not wear a full black suit. The combination of dark gray and blue made him look more like an aristocrat with fashionable taste. The tailored suit perfectly outlined the man’s enviable good figure. With Tang Xiao’s handsome face along with his wild and arrogant taste, this excellent man would be the man women want to have.

But it was obvious that Mr. Su was a man from head to toe, who had no interest in being a man’s partner.

Tang Xiao did not take back his hand, but he showed a charming smile. His deep eyes were a little blue under the light. “I didn’t say you wouldn’t attend the party as my partner, Master Su. It’s just acting. I know it’s too weird for you to see men and men join hands in a party, but it’s extremely sparse for the younger generation, and often seen as something brave and fashionable.”

Are you satirizing that my mind is too old or reminding me that I am old? Su Bai squinted. He hated every word Tang Xiao said.

Su Bai did not care about men and men, or women and women. It was just that you let a man who was once highly praised be a partner to another. Su Bai, who had strong self-esteem, was too proud to accept it, and it was more difficult to accept with the purpose of Tang Xiao’s move.

The reason why Master Su promised to attend the reception was that he knew that Tang Xiao would use this occasion to tell Chen Yuan that Su Mo was on Tang Xiao’s side. Even if Chen Yuan noticed something later, he would at least be afraid of the cooperation with Tang Xiao and would not act rashly.

But Su Bai guessed that Tang Xiao would take him as a business partner, or an indispensable right-hand assistant under the Tang Family. No matter what, Master Su did not think that Tang Xiao was going to let him appear in front of the public as a male partner, a man who has an ambiguous relationship with Tang Xiao. It was enough to make Su Bai angry. Coupled with the fact that he was once put under house arrest by Chen Yuan, this complex male relationship was too sensitive for him.

“You can introduce me as a collaborative partner!” Su Bai was unwilling and tried to change this ridiculous idea of Tang Xiao’s.

“Master Su, you are also a successful person, so you should also know how angry a man will be if he can’t protect the closest person around him. Don’t think about those dignity issues. No one except me knows that you are Su Bai. As Su Mo, you have lost enough face  to jump into the sea for a stinky kid.” Tang Xiao stabbed Su Bai one shot after another in a frank and impeccable way, “What’s more, as Su Mo, who has been mediocre for more than 30 years, it’s more suspicious to be my collaborator than to be my partner.”

In fact, every word of Tang Xiao was very reasonable, although every word also made Su Bai want to shoot Tang Xiao into a honeycomb.

After suppressing the indignation in his heart, Master Su calmed down and analyzed, then sadly found that everything was as Tang Xiao said. Su Mo, who had been an average man for more than 30 years, could not be a collaborator that Tang Xiao paid attention to all of a sudden. However, a Su Mo that lost weight and looked above average could be a target of Tang Xiao.

How could Master Su, who was arrogant, peerless and had a strong sense of self-esteem, commit himself to be another man’s partner? From this point of view, it was enough to cheat Chen Yuan. Even Su Bai himself would not believe that he would become a partner of another man after being humiliated by Chen Yuan.

It was fake, just a play. After saying it silently several times, Su Bai held the impulse to kick Tang Xiao away and slowly put his hand on Tang Xiao’s. Without giving Su Bai any room to change his mind, Tang Xiao firmly grasped Su Bai’s hand in his palm. This made Su Bai feel that it would be hard to escape as the prey of Tang Xiao’s.

As a matter of fact, Master Su has always been the focus of the party in the past. It is not that Master Su is narcissistic and boastful. Nine times out of ten, famous people are either old-fashioned or have a big stomach resembling eight months of pregnancy, let alone someone like Su Bai who was well-maintained and had a good foundation. As long as you are an important person with ‘ok’ looks, you can also be regarded as someone who “stands out from the crowd”.

As the host of this wine party and the boss of Huan Yu Entertainment, Tang Xiao, who was more handsome than his own artists, naturally became the focus of the whole audience. Tang Xiao took Su Bai’s hand and slowly stepped down the stairs from the second floor. At once, Su Bai had a strong feeling that everyone’s eyes were on him after passing by Tang Xiao. If Su Bai’s hand at this moment held a machine gun, he did not mind sending these people to hell.

People who were still chatting soon stopped, looked up to Tang Xiao and Su Bai, and applauded spontaneously.

Tang Xiao stopped and said a few polite words like “thank you for coming”, “make yourself at home” and “have a good time”. Then he moved a little closer to Su Bai, and under other people’s eyes, he whispered in Su Bai’s ear, “Master Su, be a little more natural, does it hurt you so much being with me?”

It was not just hard. I will chop your hand off sooner or later. Don’t think I can’t hear you making fun of me.

Master Su held a small smile, “Not prepared to invite me to dance the first dance?”

“My pleasure.” Tang Xiao stooped and kissed Su Bai lightly on the back of his hand.

I asked you to invite me to dance, not fucking let you kiss me on the back of my hand! The corners of Master Su’s eyes jumped rapidly, he finally could not help swearing in his heart.


AN: Q&A – what kind of existence is Master Su in your eyes? (Will I tell you I’m spoiling?!)

Chen Yuan: God.

Tang Xiao: The perfect companion

Ye Ziwu: Enemies, someone I can’t like but unexpectedly ended up liking

Xiao Hai: My benefactor who raised me, but I’m sorry…

Simon: The most respected teacher

Su Bai: Perfect


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